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What a gruesome way to kill your arch-enemy Megatron, and this isn't even the worst crime he does in the game!

NOTE: This proposal is only for his actions in the Decepticon campaign as what he does in the Autobot campaign isn't vile enough.

Hello everyone, today I got a proposal from the Michael Bay Transformers film series, but not from the movies or the comics, this time I'm taking a look at the video games, and from what I've played and saw online, this candidate seems to easily qualify imo, everyone, say hi to the infamous leader of the Decepticons and the arch-enemy of Optimus Prime and the Autobots: Megatron!

What's the Work?

Transformers: The Game is a 2007 action adventure and sci-fi video game based on the first entry of the Transformers film series, It has two seperate storylines each with different missions to complete. While the Autobots campaign basically follows the first film beat-for-beat with little to no differences, the Decepticon campaign features a wholly original plot featuring the Decepticon members trying to find Megatron and the AllSpark while trying to kill every human and Autobot that they see, with a different ending too.

Who is Megatron and What has he Done?

While in the Autobot campaign Megatron doesn't do much except for trying to kill the Autobots and vague generic conquest, the Decepticon campaign has him do a lot more heinous actions, let's start from the beginning shall we?

Many years ago, Megatron plunged Cybertron into a civil war, which claimed countless lives and basically turned the planet into a wasteland.

Searching for the AllSpark throughout the galaxy, he lands on Earth, where he was frozen and then founded by Sam' Whitwickys grandfather who had the location of the AllSpark on his glasses, however he was then taken to a military base and studied by the scientists alongside the alformentioned AllSpark.

Eventually freed by his own minions, who had caused chaos and destruction at some military bases, various neighbourhoods, a communication centre, and killing Autobots left to right, Megatron proceeds to order the Decepticons to murder all the remaining Autobots and hunt down Sam Witwicky.

Eventually succeeding, Megatron then decides to lure out Optimus Prime, the only survivor of the Autobots who protected Sam and Mikaela by destroying buildings and large parts of the city, killing hundreds of innocent people (we see crowds of them try to run or hide only to get crushed or smashed by Megatron with his feet or wrecking ball), and coldly murdering anyone else who tries to stop him by guns or tanks.

Catching up to Sam and Mikaela, he tries to murder them both before Optimus Prime finally shows up and tries to stop his rampage, in the meantime destroying more of the city and killing more people in the process while fighting Optimus before eventually overpowering and brutally smashing Optimus' head with his wrecking ball. While Sam mourns Optimus' death, Megatron picks up the AllSpark and fuses it with his spark, proceeding to launch a devestating attack on the rest of the Earth that reduces much of it to a burning wasteland. Using the remains of the Lincoln Memorial as his new throne, Megatron orders his minions to finish off Earth and the rest of humanity (the ones that managed to survive at least) before presumably moving on to the next galaxy as the campaign ends here.

Heinous Standards?

Easily passes, nobody gets the amount of bodycount and destruction that Megatron does. Causing a war on his homeplanet that rendered it basically lifeless, destroying most of a city just to lure out his arch-enemy, killing countless people and all the Autobots by himself or under his orders, and eventually reducing much of Earth itself to ruins and ordering his minions to finish the rest of humanity off. Everyone else fails to him because they aren't unique enough. He doesn't need to be compared to the film baddies either because they are in seperate canons/continuities.

Redeeming Qualities?

Zilch. He doesn't really care for the Decepticons, showing apathy to any of their deaths and viewing his arch-enemies and humanity with complete distain and just wanting to destroy them all and conquer Earth basically for himself.

Final Verdict?

Easy yes to me.