This proposal is about Hearts.

Who Is The Villain?

Hearts is the main antagonist in the Universal Conflict Saga from the Super Dragon Ball Heroes series. He is the leader and founder of the Core Area Warriors who wants to destroy Zen-Oh, overthrow the Gods and conquer the multiverse.

What Does He Do?

Similar to Zamasu, Hearts is a self-righteous and arrogant individual, with a self-serving and all-consuming goal. He believes that the multiverse can only truly be free once the Omni-Kings are killed. At the same time, he is somewhat of a hypocrite: While talking about true freedom and peace, he has no qualms about attacking planets and killing countless people, seeing it as all for the sake of being "nourishment" for the multiverse. When called out on his hypocrisy, not only does Hearts admit this fact, but actually seems to welcome it, accepting his hypocrisy with grace. At the same time, however, he does seem to value his comrades, as he has saved them from being defeated whenever pressured by the enemy and after Kamin and Oren died, he promises that their deaths will not be in vain as he had completed the Universe Seed.

Hearts appears to have a composed attitude, not being unsettled by Vegeta and Trunks's unexpected appearances, and keeping his plan as his main priority first and foremost. His confidence was seen as how Hearts willingly questioned Hit about the identity of the strongest mortal throughout the multiverse, and showed zero hesitation or doubts about facing off against Jiren upon learning his identity.

In addition to his arrogance, he stated that he wants to draw out Goku's perfected Ultra Instinct ability.

Final Venedict

He is perfect to be qualified just like Frieza and Zamasu.

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