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Here is the fourth and final TMNT Archie proposal borrowed from Overlord with his blessing.

What is the work?

Let me (PokemonMasterH), explain the work personally, the TMNT Adventure comic series from Archie initially started off as an adaptation of the first TMNT cartoon before it developed into being a different continuity. One of the changes is that several of the villains appearing in this comic are nastier than the cartoon, our candidate here is no exception.

Who is Crainiac? What has he done?

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A little background, this story is set in 2094, the Turtles are still alive (turtles live long) and the world is devastated by climate change, the polar ice caps melted and NYC is flooded. Also despite this series being based on the 1987 cartoon, we see Raph in bed with his girlfriend, a melted a zombie face and other fun things we will get to soon...

Anyway, Donnie has a former assistant named Manx, a mutant cat, who went insane after voluntarily becoming a cyborg and became evil, renaming himself Verminator-X. He has teamed up with Crainiac, a pig-faced alien head hunter who works for other aliens that cannot dream and steals brains for them so they can access their memories to help them dream.

Verminator-X and Crainiac take dead bodies and remove their brains, turning them into zombie soldiers, that they use to gather more brains. The zombies end up killing a security guard.

Craniac observing the comet.jpg

Crainiac reveals to Verminator-X that an asteroid will soon hit Earth, but he has not traveled thousands of light-years to save a dying, worthless planet, he is interested in profit.

Also one of the brains Crainiac is trying to collect is Hitler's brain, so Hitler's brain shows up in this story, making it crazier, fun side note the Turtles go back in time and punch out Hitler.

Anyway, the Turtles confront Crainiac and Verminator-X, where Crainiac reveals he has captured several of Leo's students, planning to harvest their brains, but Verminator-X convinces Crainiac to flee instead (Verminator-X does not want to harvest living people's brains).

Later the Turtles invade Crainiac's lab, seeing several zombies. The zombies attack, but one of them begs for the Turtles to kill him, so it seems like these zombies are alive to feel pain and wish death. Even the brains attack the Turtles, seems like the brains could be in pain as well. Anyway, the Turtles kill the zombies and free the brains, pissing off Crainiac. Crainiac wants to harvest their brains instead, but again Verminator-X tries to stop him, Crainiac gets frustrated with Verminator-X and says he can die with the rest of the Earth and flees. So Verminator-X and the Turtles have to work together to destroy the asteroid.

Is he heinous by the standard of the story?

Not going to lie, the heinous standard is steep in this series, Krang destroyed several planets, Null tried to destroy humanity twice (was likely a rapist), etc.

However, Crainiac is a loner and has fewer resources then villains like Krang and Null. He has his partner Verminator-X (who eventually turns against him) and some tech to harvest brains.

He may not be as proactive as those other villains in terms of body count, but he could have done something to save the Earth, even telling people on Earth of the threat of the asteroid, instead, he is running around, trying to steal Hitler's brain and creating zombies who can feel pain.

I also think his general M.O is pretty nasty, he has no problem killing people to get what he wants, his zombies are in pain and wish death and he has no problem harvesting living brains, only refraining to ensure Verminator-X's assistance.

Any Freudian Excuse or other redeeming qualities?

Survey says.....Buzzt! While he did work with Verminator-X, he has no qualms about leaving the latter to die on earth when he opposed the harvesting of brains from living people. As stated above, he could have put in effort to save the earth, but didn't even do such a thing to prevent the asteroid from destroying it. I also believe that his only reason to work for those aliens who wish to dream was out of his own greed.

Final Verdict?

Depends on whether you think he is heinous enough or not, but personally, I give a yes to that maniac Crainiac and hey at least it's not another Brainiac.

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