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Greetings people, I am PokemonMasterH, I am intending to propose a character from the original version of Ys III, for this instance I am going to (almost completely) ignore the remake, which replaces the original game in the timeline.

What's The Work

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys is the third game in the eponymous franchise and makes the controversial change from the top-down adventure that the first two games were to a platformer which had several ports, one of which was the PC-Engine version. It was remade into The Oath in Felghana which replaced the platforming gameplay with three-dimensional movement and makes changes to the story.

Who is the Candidate?

Galbalan - Pc-engine

"Brother and sister, dying together... what a nice image!"

The candidate in question is the demon Galbalan (a.k.a. Demanicus), specifically the original version and there are reasons I believe he needs to have a separate page from the one in the remake. Kind of like how Bellum and Ganondorf do for their respective manga counterparts.

What did he do?

In the past he dominated the land of Kenai terrorized the people, leading to the destruction of their peace and multiple deaths in the fires he wrought across the land.


"Think back to your worst nightmare, the feeling a dark isolation encompasses, the feeling that an evil force controlled your destiny. Perhaps we can compare these emotions to the terror that enclosed the people of Kenai."

The PC-Engine version actually shows a visual of him burning a city with several skeletons visible.

Fortunately, the hero Genos, who saved the world from similar destruction, faced the much larger demon in an intense fight to the death that darkened the sky and made the earth shake as the result of Galbalan's savage rage. Eventually leading to Galbalan’s defeat and having Galbalan sealed away with the help of four statues.

Generations later, Adol, who destroyed Darm nearly three years before the story of this game, heads to Felghana with his buddy Dogi (also known as Colin) where they hear about the searing of Kenai’s lands and the town being raided by dark eerie goons. Word of these atrocities boiled Adol’s blood and flowed his adrenaline. This is the start of his next story. His arrival at Sarina/Redmond is where Adol and Dogi (latter having lived there.) hear about the terrible things happening there, such as the poor harvest, violent monsters, and frightening events. Along the journey, Adol collects the statues used to seal Galbalan. In the middle of the journey, he procures a tablet from a chest that couldn’t open despite not having a lock, the effect triggers an earthquake that scares off two of the miners in the vicinity. Adol examines the tablet to find that it shows the fight between Genos and Galbalan. It’s also where Adol learns the purpose of the statues. When Chester and Adol get trapped in a cave by Galbalan’s curse, Adol learns how powerful the demon’s curse is and that it could destroy Valenstein Castle and that the King underestimates how dangerous it is.

When Adol confronts Galbalan's crony Garland, he learns from him that Galbalan lives again prior to their (Garland/Merland and Adol’s) fight. Following the fight and King McGuire’s realization of how foolish he was to believe Garland which led to monsters flooding the castle and the ruination of his kingdom, Adol meets Elena at the bridge where Galbalan telepathically announces his displeasure with the interference of his return and kidnaps Elena and demands Adol bring him the statues that sealed him.

After a talk with the mayor, Adol sails to the island of Galbalan and fights his way to the heart of the land. Adol and Chester scale a flight of stairs where they get greeted by Galbalan and find Elena tied in front of a tower. Chester tries to bargain with Galbalan for his sister's life by taking him instead, but Galbalan refuses the offer and demands the statues. After conversing with his sister Elena, he tells her that Galbalan must be destroyed or they, along with humanity, will be killed by the demon. When Adol offers the statues in exchange for the lives of the siblings, Galbalan summons a platform for Adol to ride towards the demon's chambers. Prior to the fight, Galbalan declares his reign over the world and Adol will taste the demon's true power. Following the difficult fight, Adol flees with Elena while Chester sacrifices his life to have Galbalan defeated for good by destroying the island.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

The original version of the story does not spell out that he was a creation of humans unlike the remake and therefore does not have the potential agency issues that may come with it. He also demonstrates an actual personality unlike in the remake, specifically he is a sadist who relishes in the destruction and death he brings to his victims.

Heinous Standard

As far as I am concerned regarding the original Ys III, the only competition he has is how Dalles and Darm were like (or something like that) at the time of this game's release as well as his (Galbalan's) crony, the original Garland, who was behind King McGuire's cold-hearted actions in his (Garland's) goal to unleash Galbalan himself.

I however think Galbalan can pass as he is a sadist who scorched the land of Kenai in hellfire, claiming many lives in the process, getting a kick at the idea of having two siblings die together, and would've killed off mankind if he wasn't stopped.

Final Verdict

The original Galbalan should be able to be an easier keeper than the modern one.

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