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This is the second character I am vouching for a cut from Pure Evil. I have gotten permission from AustinDR to carry this one out.

What is the Work

Angel is a work in the Buffyverse that combines supernatural adventure and dark humor in order tell us about a vampire from centuries ago seeking to be redeemed by saving lost souls in the city of LA. Our candidate for removal comes from the episode "In The Dark" where Oz had arrived in LA after receiving a ring from Buffy that has to be kept away from Spike in order for Angel to travel outside in the daytime.

Who is Marcus


When Angel corners Spike at a chain link fence, Marcus makes his debut capturing Angel with a chain.

At his hideout, Spike introduces Marcus as something of an expert, an artist, and a king of torturer of humans, demons, politicians, etc. Spike says it makes no difference. Spike says Marcus invented several classic forms of torture, but Marc kept his lips sealed on which ones.

He is also described as being shy except around children and likes to eat them. After conversing with Angel, Marcus proceeds to torture him over the location of the ring for Spike with Spike sometimes joining the torture.

Soon two of Spike's friends come with a van crashing in to save him.

Marcus then leaves the building with the ring after Angel's friends escape with him and heads to a beach. When Angel remembers Marc's pref for children, he asked Oz (Who drove the van to save Angel) to turn around and pursue Marc before something bad happens.

Once there, they intervene in Marc's attempt on a small group of children at the doc with Angel making a literal leap to push Marcus into the water where they proceed to duke it out beneath the dock.

After Angel reclaims the ring from Marcus, the bald jerk crumbles to dust.

Why should we terminate him?

He suffers kinda the same problems as Majd Addin. For one, he is said to be a master torturer, but Angel was the only individual we see him torture. He also has preference for children as his victims, but we only see him make one attempt on one small group of children.

To get a whiff of worse people in terms of the onscreen scale for the Buffyverse, let's look at these four episodes, three of them from Angel:

  1. In "The Ring", we have a guy who forced enslaved/kidnapped demons to kill each other for sport with enough onscreen rounds to setup a pattern.
  2. In "Billy", Billy himself mind controlled other men into becoming misogynistic killers at every opportunity he can get.
  3. In "Hell Bound", I think Mathias like condemned souls for hundreds of years in the name of a god complex.
  4. In "Anne" from the main Buffy series, we have a guy called Ken who has his slaves worked to death over hundreds of years in his world.

Yeah, I doubt Marcus meets the standard anymore.


Let's stab him out of the category with a stake once we find it.