What the Work

Cars 2 is about Lighting Mcqueen and crew go to Japan.they must face the evil Professor Z.Soon they learn Sirs Miles Axelord is behind the bomb.

Who is the CaNditate

Miles Axelord

What Has he done

He ordered Professor Z to torture a car for information.

FReUduan Excuse

Unsure if he has one,if so,Comment to let me know.

Mitagatog Factors

He shows no care about anybody but himself.

Heinous Stantards

Plans to hurt all other cars simply because they were laughed at for being older models. After they buy up one of the world's largest oil reserves, Professor Z develops a weaponized camera that causes the alternative fuel Allinol to explode and decompose, and Axlerod orchestrates him to use it on the racers of the Grand World Prix, severely damaging the cars, to paint alternative fuels as dangerous and drive the world back to oil, which will enrich the villainous duo. Z personally murders two spies, crushing one and torturing then exploding the other, on Axlerod's orders before the two try to murder the last user of Allinol, Lightning McQueen, planning to make his best friend Tow Mater watch before killing him as well. When their weaponized camera fails, the two plant a bomb on Mater and try to detonate it in a pit stop, uncaring that it is filled with dozens of other cars, and even when their plan fails, Z spitefully activates a timer on the bomb to destroy whoever he can.

Final Verdict

I think he  qualfies a comeplete monster.what do you think?

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