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I’m back with my third proposal. After seeing the episode “Kill Switch” I immediately thought she could count as PE, but I wanted to wait until finishing the show to properly judge, and after finishing it, she’ll still PE material.

What’s The Work[]

Castle is an ABC dramedy series about Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), a famous mystery writer who gets brought into a police investigation by Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) when someone begins murdering people in the style of murders from Castle’s books. He continues to work with the police, at first because he wants to use Beckett as inspiration for his books, and later because he’s been so essential to the investigations that the police want to have him around.

Who is Carol Jarvis? What has she done?[]

Carol Jarvis is the main antagonist of the episode “Kill Switch.” This is not plagiarism since I am the one who wrote this in her page.

Carol Jarvis works at the Government Accountability Office (GAO). She learns that Latham Pharmaceuticals produced ten million vaccines for a deadly flu variant that only had around 1,000 cases, resulting in many vaccines going to waste, and gets the idea to buy large amounts of Latham stocks, and secretly collaborate with Latham to unleash the virus, drastically raising orders for the vaccine.

Her subordinate, Paul Reeves, while investigating Latham Pharmaceuticals, uncovers Carol Jarvis's plot, for which she has him assassinated. She puts a sample of the virus into the inhaler of Jared Stone, a hacker whose girlfriend had been prosecuted by Carol Jarvis's husband. Carol tricks Jared into thinking that she'll help get his girlfriend released, and tells him to put on a suicide bomber vest and start a hostage situation in the subway, with Detective Esposito coincidentally being one of the hostages. It appears to be a normal hostage situation, with Jared demanding his girlfriend's release, but unbeknownst to both Jared and the NYPD, it's actually a ploy to spread the virus.

Once the NYPD learns about the virus, Beckett begins to look into the epidemic and discovers that Carol is behind it, and she is promptly arrested. She at first denies her role in the conspiracy, but after further evidence to her crimes is uncovered, she gives up and asks to see her lawyer.

Mitigating Factors[]

None. Her sole motivation is profit by any means necessary, and there’s no evidence that she loves her husband.

Heinous Standard[]

She is easily heinous enough. Most of the villains in Castle kill one or two people. There are some others who pass the baseline, such as Scott Dunn (a serial killer who tries to blow up an entire FBI detail), but Carol Jarvis is the most destructive of them all with her plan to start a deadly epidemic.

The only other villain to surpass her in scale is Sophia Turner, a mercenary tasked with infiltrating the CIA and starting WWIII, but it’s intentionally left ambiguous as to whether or not the consequences of Turner’s plan would have been all that catastrophic. With Carol Jarvis, there is no ambiguity as to whether or not her plan would have killed countless people.

Final Verdict[]