The Category Abuse is still going on despite our best efforts and MANY users are not reading our Rules: thus we are going to start getting stricter until people start respecting the codes of this wiki.

The following protocols should be in place and currents admins are expected to follow as such:

  • RECREATION OF DELETED CATEGORIES (an automatic 1 day ban for each offence - ignorance is no longer an excuse)
  • RULE VIOLATIONS (any rule violations should have a 1 day ban per violation - users who have not read the rules can no longer use this as an excuse, the rules are on the front page and easily accessible: IF YOU DO NOT READ RULES, YOU DO NOT LEARN)
  • DUPLICATE CATEGORIES (delete on sight, AUTO-PROTECT AFTER DELETION - this stops malicious users recreating the category and is not hard to do for admins: same goes for spam pages / titles (such as Kai Lan hoaxes etc)

Now for changes in categories - users MUST read this as we won't accept ignorance as an excuse anymore:

  • Redunancy Must End (this goes for multiple categories in one article that are similar - for example under new rules "Omnicidal Villain" no longer needs "Murderer" or "Mass Murderer" as Omnicidal already implies villain is said "mass murderer" etc.. this will drastically reduce the number of categories needed on a page)
  • Category "Scoring" Stops Now (users who continually add pointless categories to pages with the aim of increasing their edit count will no longer be tolerated (this includes adding a single category per edit) )

Now that I have your attention I'll let you get back to your editting.

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