the time has come to begin a discussion long in the making.. namely a talk on Sylvanas Windrunner and how she is now well and truly one of the most evil, dangerous and annoyingly successful villains in the current game.. for those few who don't know who this character is she is from World of Warcraft and as of the Battle of Azeroth expansion she lost any tragic past or anti-hero points and became the main antagonist of the expansion..

come the end of Battle of Azeroth she would become Azeroth's most hated villain and like good old Garrosh before her caused a mass-rebellion which ended in her killing one of the game's most important and respect lore characters before throwing a tantrum, declaring all sides to be worthless and abandoning the Horde and Forsaken.

she then tops it off by beating up the Lich King and destroying his helm so as to allow the Scourge to infest the world and break free the mysterious (likely Void Lord related) Jailer and start the events that will be explored in Shadowlands.. where Sylvanas is going to be the main bad guy.. (though as is Warcraft tradition expect an Old God or Void Lord to enter midway and become the true antagonist after Sylvanas).

so what is the discussion for? to see if she truly counts.. I am not doing an official proposal for her yet due to the fact on-going media is notorious for changing things and even Sylvanas may have her Arthas moment but I doubt it..

this is just a sample of things she has done so far:

  • authorized the attack on Alliance and Horde all the way back in Wrath of Lich King which infected both sides with a plague that kills off life and raises the vicims as Forsaken.
  • raised numerous victims with both this plague and other magics.
  • destroyed the Forsaken's capital, also burned the Tauren's capital to the ground and tried to have Baine executed.
  • Baine's crime was giving Jaina's brother back to her, who Sylvanas had infected with undeath and planned to use to torment Jaina.
  • destroyed the Night Elf capital and burned down their sacred tree, this act has basically caused the Night Elves to develop a militant focus on revenge similar to Blood Elves and seriously damaged the whole of Azeroth.. she did so just to show she could destroy hope.
  • fought Saurfang in a one-on-one fight but basically cheated by activating her Jailer "god-mod" magic to tauntingly poison and weaken him, Saurfang then gave her a massive "why you suck" speech and stated that she could never destroy hope and that Azeroth itself would beat her.. he managed to scar the witch's eye in the process.
  • due to Saurfang's last action Sylvanas goes super-tantrum mode, declares the Horde to be worthless (right in front of said Horde), says Alliance are also worthless.. that everyone is worthless and she intends to kill everything - she kills Saurfang and flies off.
  • due to this she has abandoned the Forsaken, who still grieve the loss of their queen, this is equally cruel as this is the second betrayal they feel as a people and thus become more lost than ever.
  • finally she beats up Lich King (again with her "I win" magic borrowed from Jailer) and smashes his helm, which permanently alters Azeroth and sucks it into the Shadowlands - the afterlives of Warcraft lore.
  • the destruction of the Lich King's helm has caused a massive scourge attack the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Wrath of the Lich King and while still in pre-patch the sheer scale and devastation of this Scourge Plague is sufficient that entire city capitals are in chaos.
  • .. who knows what she'll do next (as Shadowlands is coming soon)

I've like missed a LOT of stuff but this list alone makes me feel she is more than qualified and if folk in the know can agree on this maybe this will become more of a proposal.. as I don't see redemption in her future but again Blizz had Arthas semi-redeem come his death so who knows?

she's at least as bad as Garrosh.. probably worse.. she rivals Lich King..  she's no Sargeras but remember that Sargeras had good intentions despite his insane methods (to kill the Old Gods and Void Lords, via burning planets (which in Warcraft contain baby Titans.. something the Void Lords want in order to make physical forms for themselves).

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