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so, I have found myself in a rare position of rushing to a proposal on a character who I just introduced to the wiki but I feel that due to her nature she really can't be placed anywhere but Pure Evil, this happens when certain characters are just so vile they really don't require too much conflict in terms of proposing.. so I bring to you all one of the more sinister and dark antagonists of an already dark setting.

The Quiet Librarian.

The Setting

Are You Afraid of The Dark treats each story as its own self-contained sector, thus it is not officially a shared-universe (though some stories do have Easter eggs to previous ones) - as such the setting varies from story to story but for purposes of this particular story it is set in a fairly average 90s suburban community with child protagonists struggling to get along with each other while completing a history assignment.. which goes horrifically wrong when the malevolent ghost of a serial-killing librarian decides to attack (..ah yes, 90s children's horror.. when such things weren't thought upon as much as they are now).

Who Is She / What Has She Done?

The Quiet Librarian was known as Mercy MacGregor in life as was a strict woman who had no tolerance for nonsense or noise of any kind, she was especially abusive towards children and would lock them up in the basement "Quiet Reading Room" - after her death she became truly malevolent and would haunt the library, capturing any children who made even the slightest noise and stealing their voices before imprisoning their souls in the "Quiet Room" for all eternity, where they would be doomed to suffer in perpetual silence in the musty crypt.

Mercy did this for many years, her victim count is unknown but upon the destruction of her magic box at least several dozen souls were seen fleeing, this means she had captured and killed a great many people - most of them children.

While not the most elaborate in her methods she is still deeply disturbing, first stealing her young victims voices and then locking them in the "Quiet Room", it is shown that her victims are not instantly killed either since her two newest victims managed to survive - this means she leaves her victims to quite literally shrivel away in body, mind and spirit in that room with no hope of escape.

Thankfully in the end of the story the evil ghost is destroyed and her victims set free, though many of them are long dead and thus while a victory is achieved Mercy has still succeeded in multiple murders (quite a rare feat even in this series).

Heinous Standards?

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a horror series, albeit for children, so it is very high and there are multiple characters that by very nature are very much "would harm a child" but I think Mercy stands out as particularly vile, also as stated prior most stories are treated as their own individual work so she should be judged solely by the story itself and not the wider ATFOTD mythos.

Migating Factors

none - she's just a horrible control freak in life turned serial killer and tormentor of souls in undeath, no sympathy is to be found nor is any expected (most antagonists in the series are like this but Mercy is especially so.. being a former human she has moral agency).


while it can be difficult for a series like this to have any true PEs I think Mercy definitely fits.