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This will be my second proposal, and it's another one-shot villain from the same series as my first candidate.

What's the work?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) is an adaptation of the TMNT franchise, with the main characters being 4 mutated turtles named Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, who were trained by their adoptive father, Splinter, into becoming ninjas and saving the world.

Who is he and what has he done?

The Councilor is the leader of the Brotherhood, a race of lizard-like interdimensional travelers that go to other worlds with seeming benevolent intentions. They would pretend to ally themselves with the peoples of these worlds, only to eventually reveal their true nature as vicious conquerors who would then slaughter and devour their inhabitants.

They continued to do this until they entered the dimension of an advanced race known as the Zodacs. There, the Councilor once again pretended to befriend them, only to have his arms massacre them all. But, they managed to disable their device that allows them to travel to other worlds, trapping them there. The Councilor and the rest of the Brotherhood destroyed much of their civilization and claimed what was left as theirs, even dropping the remains of the Zodacs in a place called "the Forbidden Zone."

At some point, April's (one of the major protagonists) uncle, Auggie, entered their dimension. The Councilor manipulated him into helping the Brotherhood repair the device, saying that they would use it to travel to and help Earth. Auggie events sent a message to Earth, and April and Donatello investigated this by traveling to their dimension.

There, the Councilor greeted them and took them to Auggie. Everything seemed fine, but as Donatello explored the area, he overheard some members discussing the Councilor's true plan to invade Earth and consume everyone on it. Donatello warned his allies about this, so the Councilor ordered all of them to be captured. While they all managed to escaped at first, Auggie was unfortunately captured. The Councilor then forced him to finish repairing the device, threatening him if he refused.

With the device repaired, the Councilor prepared his army for invasion, but April and Donatello tricked them into chasing them into another dimension, thinking it was Earth. But they actually ended up in a dimension of wasp-like creatures, which attacked the Councilor and the soldiers that went with him. The Councilor abandoned his men and tried to escape, only to be confronted and eaten by one of the wasps.

Mitigating Factors

He doesn't really have any. He has a clear power-hungry and manipulative personality and was shown taking amusement in the fact that he planned to kill everyone on Earth and other planets. And while he and the other members of his species do feed on the inhabitants of other planets, nothing indicates that they have to violently conquer and devour billions of people in order to survive. He overall seems to invade worlds because he enjoys conquering.

He also doesn't care about his people, since he left them to die in the end. And of course all of his friendly intersections with others were fake so that he could get people to trust him. So, he had no redeeming qualities, a clear personality, and was taken seriously as a threat.

Heinous Standard

The heinous standard here is rather high. The worst villain being the Utrom Shredder who was responsible for wars and countless deaths on multiple planets and tried to destroy the entire multiverse. The Tengu Shredder tried to conquer all of Japan and turn the world into a corrupted wasteland. There's also the Necro-Monster, who was responsible for the destruction of an entire tribe and has killed thousands of innocent people after psychologically tormenting them.

However, I think the Councilor stands out. His species appeared to have been conquering for a long time, and while his presumed conquest of other worlds was offscreen, we do see him and his army destroy the Zodacs' civilization. And we see the remains of countless members of their species, giving the Councilor a kill count of likely at least millions. And he also planned to kill everyone on Earth and move on to many more planets after that, meaning that likely an incalculable amount of people would be targeted by him and his army.

Since the result of his genocide was shown and he planned to slaughter the populations of many other worlds, the Councilor easily stands out as one of the worst villains in the series, even with the high heinous standard.


I think he's easily heinous enough, but what do you think?