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    Hey guys so I want to hear your thoughts on something. There is a lot of argument on the Batman movie villains, including the Dark Knight films. The first film in the series was pretty clear, the Big Bad is Joker. But with the second film we have three antagonists: Penguin (clearly the true Big Bad), Catwoman and Max. Many consider Catwoman an anti-heroine though, but I don't. She never did anything heroic at all. The third film is complicated as well. We have two Big Bads Riddler and Two-Face. Riddler is clearly the Biggest Bad but he and Two-Face work together. Now the fourth film is the most complicated. We have Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze. Freeze is the most antagonistic threat towards our heroes and the final boss but Poison Ivy is the …

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    My top 50 Female villains (At the moment). No order except for my top.

    • Mystique (X-Men)
    • [[Catwoman]{ (Batman)
    • Poison Ivy (Batman)
    • Harley Quinn (Batman)
    • Pansy Parkinson (Harry Potter)
    • Baroness (G.I. Joe)
    • Evil Queen (Snow White)
    • Pussy Galore (Goldfinger - James Bond)
    • Elektra King (The World is Not Enough - James Bond)
    • Queen Ravenna (Snow White and the Huntsman)
    • Rachel Gattina (One Tree Hill)
    • Theodora (Oz the Great and Powerful)
    • Evanora (Oz the Great and Powerful)
    • Vegh (Fast & Furious 6)
    • Riley Hicks (Fast & Furious 6)
    • Talia al Ghul (The Dark Knight Rises)
    • Alicia Hunt (Batman)
    • Muriel (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters)
    • Charmcaster (Ben 10)
    • Victoria (Twilight)
    • Icy (The Winx Club)
    • Femme Fatale (Powerpuff Girls)
    • Sedusa (Powerpuff Girls)
    • Xenia Onatopp (GoldenEye - James Bo…
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