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Hi everyone! Today I'm going to be doing a proposal on Klorgbane the Destroyer from Regular Show.

What's The Work?

Regular Show is a 2010 Cartoon Network TV series that focuses on a tall anthropomorphic blue jay named Mordecai and a small anthropomorphic brown raccoon named Rigby as they both work as groundskeepers at a park ran by a short-tempered gumball machine named Benson.

Who Is He/What Has He Done?

Klorgbane is an evil demonian who is the "evil brother" of the Guardians of Eternal Youth and his main goal is to defeat Skips and take over the Guardians' realm as the council.

In his debut in "Fists of Justice", he makes his debut as he tries to fight Skips for the throne and even murders Archibald for trying to stand up to him, but failed after being beaten by Mordecai and Rigby.

In "Skips' Story", it was revealed that he was always unpleasant in high school and usually bullied and tortured Skips (whose name was "Walks" at the time) and his own brothers and attacked him and his late girlfriend Mona when they were getting their picture taken and throws Mona away and fights with Skips. Skips' attacks weren't working and Klorgbane punches him and tries to kill Skips by using his rattle on him, but Mona sacrificed herself and died from the ceiling collapsing on her, and Skips, enraged, attacks Klorgbane and knocks him into the stratosphere, and Mona's death causes Skips to become heartbroken.

Freudian Excuse

He has none whatsoever, he was always evil, bullied Skips and his brothers just for kicks, loved no one, not even his brothers and has no qualms about killing to get what he wants.

Heinous Standard

He never loved his brothers or showed remorse for anything he's done as he was revealed to have bullied Skips and his brothers in the past and tried to make Skips fight to get him expelled and later when he and his late girlfriend Mona were getting their picture taken, he attacks them and even attacked his brothers and tried to kill Skips, but killed Mona instead and showed no remorse and what made Skips change his former name "Walks" to "Skips" and vow to only skip and never walk again. And in "Fists of Justice", he even murders his brother Archibald sadistically for trying to stand up to him and was implied to do it to his other brothers too and only terrorizes people for the fun of it.

Final Verdict

I think he should be approved.