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For this proposal, I'm going to discuss Ryan Weaver from the 1997 movie Turbulence.

What's the Work?

Turbulence is a 1997 American action thriller film directed by Robert Butler and starring Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly. It was distributed by MGM Distribution Co.

Who is he?/What has he done?

Ryan Weaver is a serial killer, also known as "The Lonely Hearts Strangler", who killed and tortured animals such as squirrels, birds and cats as a child, and as an adult, he tortures and kills women. He soon gets arrested and tries to play the victim that he didn't commit those murders. He then gets transported on a plane to Los Angeles to face trial.

While he's being transported on a plane, Stubbs, a man who accompanied Weaver, along with 4 marshals breaks free and starts a shootout which causes a bullet to fire in the fuselage which causes an explosion, then the captain gets fatally shot and the first officer dies as well. Weaver frees himself and attempts to save the last marshal, but fails when Stubbs shoots him dead but only did it to psychologically torture him.

Teri Halloran, one of the passengers is forced to take flight while the pilots are dead and discovers they're heading towards a hurricane, and Weaver, who is drunk, reveals that he on a suicide mission and plans to crash the plane and locks the passengers in the crew's cabin, holding them hostage and rapes a woman that was on a plane and strangles her, fatally killing her.

Weaver then sneaks into the avionics bay and circuitry and destroys the server running the primary autopilot software, which causes the plane to crash while Halloran tries to land the plane to safety. Eventually, Halloran regains control of the plane, but Weaver breaks into the cockpit with an axe and attempts to murder her. Then, Halloran retrieves a .38 revolver that one of the marshals were holding and loads it with a bullet that fell out of the man's pocket and points it at Weaver. Weaver taunts Halloran that she can't kill her because she is against capital punishment, but Halloran says she changed her mind and shoots Weaver in the head, killing him and ending his reign of terror.

Freudian Excuse

He has no excuses for his behavior, he's a remorseless serial killer who takes advantage of women just to kill them eventually by brutally strangling them and he also tortured animals and there was no reason behind that behavior.

Heinous Standard

He appears to be an innocent criminal at first when he gets arrested for a murder and says he didn't commit it, but he was revealed to be lying when he is in fact, a serial killer who tortured squirrels, birds, and cats in his youth and became a serial killer as an adult who targets women and seduces them and then brutally strangles them with no remorse whatsoever, earning him the nickname "The Lonely Hearts Strangler". and gets transported on a plane, and takes control of the plane and puts it on autopilot in a turbulence after the co-pilot is killed and later kills Stubbs trying to save the marshal, but it wasn't out of altruism, but only so he could psychologically torture him later on. He then holds the passengers hostage in the crew's cabin and remorselessly rapes and brutally strangles a flight attendant, Maggie to death, meaning that he was responsible for the murders and continues to insist that the murders that the evidence against him was planted by Vines. He then threatens to crash the plane when he called the FBI control center, not even caring about the people on board, and sneaks into the avionics bay and and destroys the server running the primary autopilot software, and later tries to kill Teri with an axe.

Final Verdict

I think he should be approved.