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  • RustedRusher4455

    Well, I seemed to have missed the PE Proposal for this guy, but if it were still up, I'd have downvoted it. Doesn't help that the user who proposed him has proposed many failures who were obvious non-keepers.

    Metal Sonic is a major antagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Comics series. He's a robotic copy of Sonic made by Eggman as an evil counterpart to him. He was temporarily the leader of the Eggman Empire.

    Ultimately, he doesn't do enough to count. Most of his villainy is quite generic, mostly being attempts to kill but having no actual bodycount or some other generic villainy. Not much he does is worse than the usual villain of his kind. He doesn't really come off as messed up like a PE villain usually would. And IDW Sonic does have a…

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  • RustedRusher4455

    Well, looks like this is my first proper PE proposal. I figured that now that I'm on the whitelist, I might as well propose who I find to be one of the most detestable villains I've ever seen: Dr. Fuyuiko Date, better known as The Doctor.

    Note that I'm doing this proposal from memory, but I have played the game and I remember enough of the events to say that this is mostly accurate and I'm not exaggerating his crimes.

    Cave Story, known in Japan as Doukutsu Monogatari, is an indie game released in 2004. It is about a robot who wakes up in a cave in a floating island, and meets a village inhabited by a race of rabbit-like creatures called Mimigas. It starts off lighthearted, but gets much darker from there.

    Dr. Fuyuiko Date starts off as being a …

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  • RustedRusher4455

    About Marcus

    January 16, 2020 by RustedRusher4455

    This isn't really a Pure Evil proposal or removal, it's just something I'm wanting to be made clear. Marcus is listed as Pure Evil, despite the fact that only one obscure version of him counts and his main version is an obvious non-keeper.

    Shouldn't there be a separate page for the Pure Evil version in this case? It seemed to be the case with Bellum, Ganondorf and Ogura. I never read that manga, so I wouldn't be able to make that page though.

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  • RustedRusher4455

    Prometheus Black

    January 10, 2020 by RustedRusher4455

    So, a rather weird situation has happened. Queen Misery has removed Prometheus Black from Pure Evil without discussion, and when Jester of Chaos re-added the category stating that you need to discuss PE removals, Misery re-removed PE, again without discussion. Since QM is an admin, I think we're going to need a formal discussion about this character. I personally think he is fit for Pure Evil.

    For those who don't know, Prometheus Black, better known after his mutation as Meltdown, is a reoccurring villain from Transformers Animated. He stands out as one of the most dangerous and most evil humans in the franchise. Queen Misery's arguments against him counting were that the heinous standard for Transformers was too high and he's just mook tie…

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  • RustedRusher4455

    Admittedly, I haven't read this particular Transformers universe, but I have a sister who did. But either way, I'm making this removal proposal for Megatron (All Hail Megatron), or more accurately Megatron throughout the entire IDW Comics 2005-2018 Transformers universe.

    The reason why this version of Megatron doesn't count has nothing to do with his appearances in All Hail Megatron, it's the whole universe that matters. Thing is, he gets redeemed over the course of Dark Cybertron, More Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light. This version even has a page on the Heroes Wiki.

    Easy cut

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