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Samuel Blunt is the protagonist villain of the ‘‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’’ series story, “Wonderful Sausages.”

What's The Work

The ‘‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’’ series are a collection of three horror novels that contain a compilation of scary stories, which involves urban legends, supernatural, mundane, etc.

Who is He/What Has He Done?

Samuel Blunt is a butcher-turned-serial killer who grinds up his victims into sausage meat for his wonderful sausage meat.

It began one Saturday afternoon when Blunt got into an argument with his wife over money, which led to him killing her out of temper. He covers up her murder and then grinds her body into sausage meat that he mixes with pork to create a new sausage meat that he names "Blunt's Special Sausage."

When this new sausage meat brings in a high demand for it, Blunt decides to keep it going, killing more people for sausage meat. For years, he causes children, adults, kittens, and puppies to disappear this way, and all the while, no one suspected him.

One day, a fat boy that he intended to grind up escaped, and Blunt chased after him with a butcher knife, however, that was Blunt’s undoing as the sight of this led the people to realize that Blunt was behind the mysterious disappearances and confronted him.

After that day, Samuel Blunt mysteriously disappeared, with no one knowing exactly what happened to him, with various rumors about his disappearance, along with his wonderful sausage meat.

Freudian Excuse/Redeeming Factors


This one in particular, as the children, adults, kittens, and puppies go missing and people start to worry, Blunt shows how unsympathetic he is by continuing to kidnap people and ground them up for more sausage meat, taking away even more from redeeming factors.

Heinous Standard

Compared to the other villainous horrors in the series, supernatural or not, Blunt stands out from them in that most of his killings aren't motivated by revenge, malevolent nature, or predatory instinct, rather it's greed that drives him.

He is also notable for not only making himself guilty, but other people in the neighborhood guilty of cannibalism as well, distributing sausage meat made with human flesh. It is even possible that some people ended up eating the meat of their own family members as well as a result of Blunt’s terrible scheme.

Compared to the other non-supernatural criminals seen in the series, Blunt’s character is more fleshed out, having proper motives, character, and identity.

Final Verdict

Pure Evil, I’d say.

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