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Hey, everybody. After watching some interesting videos about different characters' odds of surviving "Squid Game", i've decided to do several tournaments of my own. Here's the playlist of the videos that gave me that idea: Which Dreamworks Villain Would Win SQUID GAME? - YouTube. Now, this installment will be dedicated to Don Bluth villains. For the sake of this episode, i'll focus only on characters i'm certain about. Therefore, characters from movies/shows i don't have a clue about won't appear here. Lame and/or controversial heroes won't appear here.

The rules

  • Always be polite and respect each other. Bad words can be said toward the characters, not toward other users.
  • Unlike "Villains Rap Battles", this is not an open vote. However, while i'm not open to votes on that one, i'm still open to opinions.
  • One might like some characters and hate others. The thing is that we're talking about survival in multiple games here. I'll try my best to not let my opinions corrupt my analysis.
  • In case there are less than 30 villains from a certain universe, i'll add some outside villains who could IMO make sense in the aforementioned universe and explain how would they behave if they were to belong to the universe. Only canon villains can apply to this exception. Only villains who're belong to the specific setting in each tournament are allowed to get to the final stage. In this tournament's context, a character who doesn't belong to any of Don Bluth's franchises isn't allowed to win.
  • Not all villains appearing in this blog post are truly evil. Some of them are good or neutral people who do bad things for relatively relatable reasons, also known as missing in goodness, or MIG for short. Some others are only technically evil. A villain doesn't have to not care at all. They just have to care too little.
  • All villains appearing here are canon to at least one canon universe. No fanon character here.
  • Non-anthropomorphic animals can appear in each episode only if they are written as human alter-egos.
  • The characters don't have any superpowers/game breaking equipment/henchmen.
  • For the sake of this tournament, all characters are readjusted to be human-sized. Some characters are small and some characters are big, but all are in sizes that human beings can be.

The Contesters

1. The Auctioneer from "The Small One" is the very first mean-spirited character which Don Bluth was involved in his creation. Many characters in this short movie were judgemental or worked against the protagonist in one way or another, but the Auctioneer was the only one who made his business into a matter of ego and shamed a child and his donkey in front of a crowd for kicks. The only thing that makes him technically evil and not truly evil is the fact that this movie is relatively light-hearted and the character itself is flat.

2. The Tanner from "The Small One" is one of the boy and the donkeys' adversaries, as his living means the death of animals. Unlike the Auctioneer mentioned above, the Tanner isn't mean-spirited. He's a cultured and mild-mannered man who just happens to skin animals for a living. I'm not justifying his behavior. Neither does the movie. I'm just saying that making a living without any ill will beyond his profession is a better motive than, say, shaming people because they couldn't bring anything one could be proud of himself for selling. MIG.

3. Jenner, a power hungry rat who embodies the worst aspects of mankind, is abnormaly aggressive compared to his fellow rats and a proud social Darwinist. He's not just truly evil. He's the first pure evil character made by Don Bluth.

4. Mordroc is the evil wizard who abducted Daphne using his dragon Singe, and overall serves as an interesting take of the old "dragon kiddnaps the princess" trope. Technically evil.

5. Borf is an alien warlord voiced by Don Bluth himself. His end goal is to turn everyone into infants in order to eliminate any opposition on his way to take over the universe. Unlike some other alien warlords (see below), Borf is comedic and wasn't meant to be taken as anything beyond a cartoonish villain. Technically evil.

6. Warren T. Rat is a cat who disguises himself as a rat, and a con artist who leads a gang of violent cats on the top of that. His comedic parts doesn't distract the audience from the fact that he's selling children to slave labor. If anything, his funny side makes him even scarier, because it shows that he's childish in the worst way possible. Trying to burn the mice out of spite just because they weren't his lackies anymore isn't very mature of him either. Truly evil.

7. Moe (An American Tail) is one of Warren T. Rat's associates. Slavery takes two - One who'll sell the slaves (Warren T. Rat) and the another one to buy. While no worse than his boss, Moe is sadistic in his own right. The only thing that makes him technically evil and not truly evil is how flat his character is.

8. Sharptooth, also known as Sherman Creed in his human alter-ego, is a prehistoric serial killer in his canon version and a serial killer with a fond to kill children in this tournament's context. He's a creature in the movie and truly evil in the novelization. Personally i feel like his novelization version makes perfect sense for his cinematic version too.

9. Carface Carruthers, a bulldog-pitbul hybrid who shares both breeds' most vicious aspects, is Charlie's former business partner who attempted to kill him for having a bigger share of the profits. Abducting Anne-Marie and exploit her in order to put the right bet on race animals every time is already horrible and similar to protitution, but when we take in count the fact that Anne-Marie was voiced by the late Judith Barsi, it makes this symbolism even more unsettling. Used to be truly evil in the original film, but became technically evil after he was degraded by the new main antagonist in the sequel.

10. Hellhound (All Dogs Go to Heaven) is the Freddy Krueger of his universe, serving as a dark reminder for what Charlie could end up if he wouldn't have redeemed himself and become a better dog. While not as dangerous as Red (See below), he's still treated seriously in-universe. Made of evil.

11. Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven) is a card-carrying demon cat who wishes to bring hell on earth using Gabriel's horn. He's essentially the reason for why Carface was demoted from the main antagonist and became less serious. He shares the Hellhound's demonic nature, having more defined moral agency and even more dangerous due to being more active. Truly evil.

12. Grand Duke of Owls is an owl who wants to create an eternal night just because he hates the sun to a cartoonish degree. The good people thought the fact that the protagonist is a rooster automatically means it would make sense if the main antagonist would be a noctornal animal. Technically evil due to his overly cartoonish nature.

13. Grundel Toad is one of Thumbelina's unwanted suitors, and possibly serves as a referrence to the titular Frog Prince from the original tale. In addition to fighting Thumbelina's chosen one instead of respecting her wish, he also forced one of the other villains to help him by pulling off his wings and showed the realistic implication of the strong arm approach. Technically evil.

14. Berkeley Beetle is Grundel Toad's reluctant henchman and the first example to sexual harassment i've seen on television when i was younger. I know he's not diabolical, and i know being blackmailed by someone who pulled off his wings is a more reasonable motives than some others, but sexual harassment in a children's movie is just wrong. Technically evil.

15. Queen Gnorga is the card-carrying queen of trolls who takes delight at her ability to turn things into stone. Her only redeeming quality is caring for her weird dog. Technically evil.

16. Drake (Don Bluth) is, simply put, a penguin Gaston. He's very self-absorbed and wants to have Marina in order to further fuel his already giant ego. His rivalry with Hubie, who truly loved Marina and even learned to deal with Drake with that, is similar to a school bully who hates a geek because the said geek doesn't cower before him. People like Drake are often truly evil, but the comedic and light-hearted nature of his movie keeps him as technically evil.

17. Rasputin is a heavily adaptational villainy version of a historic figure named Grigori Rasputin. Unlike the real Rasputin, who was a good friend with the Tzar and mostly excentric rather than anything else, Don Bluth's rasputin is a petty and hateful monk who became a lich and ignited the communist revolution to hurt the Tzar and his family. Truly evil.

18. Cat R. Waul is Warren T. Rat's successor, and serves as a more sophisticated and somewhat affable rival for Fievel. Unlike some other villains in his franchise, he has some ability to have empathy for others, and also one of the few to appear in more than one installment thanks to appearing in the TV series too. Unlike many others "An American Tail" villains, who're either truly evil or flat characters, Car R. Waul is technically evil for being himself rather than by default.

19. Ozzy is an egg thief who behaves like a drug addict and the more dominant and serious brother. Both him and Strut appear at the same page because both are villains, and neither of them has good intentions.

20. Strut is a reluctant egg thief who prefers a more herbivorous lifestyle and the less dominant brother. While not as serious as Ozzy, the fact that he's voiced by Rob Paulson doesn't contradict the fact he's a bad person in his own right, given he resort to killing just as easily as Ozzy, as shown during the later part of the movie.

21. Pterano is Petrie's renegade uncle and a former messiah claimant who seems to suffer from PTSD after accidentally leading his followers to die at the jaws of a deinonychus pack. Unlike some other villains in the franchise, namely his not so loyal henchmen (see below), he actually means well, but is a bit self-absorbed. Missing in goodness.

22. Rinkus is a pink rhamphorhynchus who fakes the Cowardly Lion's body language (holding his tail in fear, among other gestures), but a closer look shows us that he's actually schemy and fakes obidience only until Pterano could lead him to the cold fire.

23. Sierra is a black cearadactylus who serves as a semi-realistic portrayal of a low-functioning psychopath. People who behave like him in real-life often have an itchy finger on the trigger. Rinkus could restrain him only for pragmatic reasons, and even that held as short as you would think.

24. Mr. Grasping is one of the owners of a cheese factory and one of the few rodents in his franchise to be truly evil. While Cat R. Waul is Warren T. Rat's successor in terms of being a villainous cat who schemes against mice, Grasping can be argued as Warren T. Rat's successor in terms of personality. The fact that he manages to be pure evil and the main antagonist with other 3 PEs at the same movie is kinda disturbing. Another disturbing fact is that while some other characters who're racist towards mice are cats, Grasping is racist towards Native American mice, which makes him racists against other members of his own species just because they belong to different mice equivalents to ethnic groups.

25. Bartok is a white bat who used to work for Rasputin. Honestly, calling him a villain is a stretch. The only evil thing he ever did was helping Rasputin tracking down Anastasia when she was a child, and even that caused more harm than good to his master, as this was the event that got his master frozen almost to death under the ice. Other than that, he's more kinda and happy go lucky than otherwise. Missing in goodness.

26. Dr. Valentine is the leader of National Institute of Mental Health, and therefore heavily involved in the events of "the Secret of NIMH". Not as evil as Jenner, but still dangerous enough due to his resources. Technically evil.

27. Ludmilla (Bartok the Magnificent) is Prince Ivan's backstabbing advisor, who always wanted to make everyone's life harder and beared a special dislike for Bartok. Can be argued as Yzma's predecessor due her cartoonish nature and being at the main antagonist in a movie featuring a friendly and light-hearted person who just happens to work for the bad guy. Technically evil due to her overly cartoonish nature.

28. Drej Queen Susquehana is a highly paranoid alien warlord (or war lady in her case), which hunts down everyone whome she believes that might ever consider the option of threatening her, including (but not limited to) mankind and even her own clones. Throughout the movie she showed no human emotion. Not even sadism. Truly evil.

29. Preed is an alien who represents all of humanity's worst traits and none of the best ones. He was willing to sell out everyone else everywhere just to stay alive, and unlike some other characters, he can't claim to have any Freudian excuse. The shortest way to define Preed is as greed with a P. Truly evil.

30. Joseph Korso, a man who used to be one of mankind's finests, gave in to despaire after the Drej hunted down mankind to near extinction. His despaire led him to swear allegiance to the Drej and being stuck with someone like Preed as a partner. Fortunately, Kyle and his friends nurtured Korso back to believing in mankind, which led him to redeem himself in his final moments. Most certainly missing in goodness.

First Challenge - Red Light, Green Light

The challenge known as "Red Light, Green Light" is a complicated form of the statues game. A big doll turns back once in a while, and if it will catch any of the players moving not on time or failing to cross the finish line before the time ups, it's fiery pit from there.


1. The Auctioneer from "The Small One": Too fat to hide behind other contesters and rather pompous, but he can survive this challenge with his bare skin.

2. The Tanner from "The Small One": Not yet in his element, but he'll survive this challenge. For him it will be just another daywork.

3. Jenner: A rather sneaky guy who can disappear whenever given a couple of seconds. Compared to forming an ambush on Justin after the latter took his eyes off him, standing still and operate under the doll's radar would be easy enough.

4. Mordroc: Cunning, scrawny enough to hide in plain sight and is always willing to push other players aside.

5. Borf: Brutish and not too wise, but he can make it. At least for now.

6. Warren T. Rat: Schemy, intelligent and has a proven talent to stay hidden. Plus, he's an anthropomorphic cat. This challenge is his element.

9. Carface Carruthers: Not too sneaky, but he can be level-heated and cold-blooded when it suits him. He can survive this challenge. Plus, he's a dog, and dogs know how to follow orders.

10. Hellhound (All Dogs Go to Heaven): Thought forms are usually great at the statues game. He'll make it through for the same reason Freddy Krueger will make it through in a horror-themed tournament.

11. Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven): His over the top nature doesn't contradict the fact that he's an anthropomorphic cat who can be great at disguises when he needs to be.

13. Grundel Toad: Not too calculated, but he will make it through. Narrowly.

14. Berkeley Beetle: Quick on his feet even without his wings and knows the importance of standing still. Dealing with a doll is easier for him than dealing with Grundel Toad.

16. Drake (Don Bluth): While his big ego will make things harder on him later on, he can still restrain it well enough and cross the finish line before some of the others for now.

17. Rasputin: Cunning, deceptive and so scrawny that the doll could easily mistake him for a short tree. I know i already said that about Mister Burns in the "Jurassic Park" episode, but it's true for Rasputin too.

18. Cat R. Waul: Quite level-headed and intelligent despite his mental illness, so he can hold on good enough in this challenge. And that's without the fact he's an anthropomorphic cat.

19. Ozzy: Strutiomimus is a small and quick dinosaur by nature, and logic dictates that both him and his brother will be great both at hiding from the doll and at crossing the finish line among the firsts.

20. Strut: See above in Ozzy's paragraph.

21. Pterano: Despite his big ego, he can stay still just fine.

22. Rinkus: More calculated and conniving than he looks. Perfectly able to stand still, and even hide behind other contesters if necessary.

23. Sierra: He has an itchy finger and tendency to get physical even when the situation doesn't call for it, but he can hold still for long enough, especially if Rinkus will guide him to do so.

24. Mr. Grasping: Following instructions and stay still when needed are two things he doesn't like to do, but he has enough self-preservation to be able to do as told if he's pushed to the corner about it.

25. Bartok: Small, agile and level-headed. Perfectly able to stand still and hide behind bigger players.

26. Dr. Valentine: Being brainwashed in his canon movie doesn't contradict his intellect and ability to hide from the doll.

27. Ludmilla (Bartok the Magnificent): Despite her explosive temper, Ludmila can make it through in this challenge. At least unless she'll decide to drink a poition that will turn her into a dragon.

28. Drej Queen Susquehana: Calculated, level-headed due to her emotionless nature and is very hard to be pushed by the other players. If anything, she's more likely to push other players than the other way around.

29. Preed: Sneaky, unpredictable both in-universe (an alien who caught the other characters by surprise because they didn't think that apompous jerk can be evil) and in meta-level (Nathan Lane did a surprisingly good job at dubbing this guy. It's like Timon revealing himself to be working for Scar all along), and just the player to throw other players to the doll's eyesight.

30. Joseph Korso: As an ex soldier who knows when to charge and when to fold it, even if folding it means joining the enemy because he believes he can't beat them, he'll pass this challenge with flying colors. Plus, he's well-experienced with the art of following orders, so he'll know how to do as instructed.


7. Moe (An American Tail): While he can stand still decently enough, he isn't shown to be too agile beyond being strong because he's big, and therefore he'll probably fall behind because the time will run out.

8. Sharptooth: Sharptooth would be great at combat challenges such as the midnight brawl and the final battle. However, one needs to get there first. Unfortunately for him, he's too unhinged, impulsive and petty to make it through. He's so petty that even if he won't move during the red light moments, he'll go back to kill one of the players just to make sure no one would cross the finish line before him, which will make him a sitting duck as far as the doll is concerned.

12. Grand Duke of Owls: Hate the sun so much that he'll struggle to stay still because the sun will dazzle him.

15. Queen Gnorga: Many characters in this tournament have big egos and short temper, but Queen Gnorga has the biggest issues in restraining it. Her Queen of Hearts temper and violent reactions whenever she can't get her way make her unable to follow instructions here, and she might even run to the finish line even during the red light phase just to prove everyone she's above the rules. She isn't. She doesn't have the petrifying abilities from the canon movie either, so she can't cheat.

Second Challenge - Honeycomb

With 26 remaining out of the original 30, we move on to the honeycomb challenge. It requires tones of patience, steady hand and self-control in order to poke out the shape from the cookie without breaking it.


2. The Tanner from "The Small One": This mission is his element, because skinning animals takes patience and a very steady hand.

3. Jenner: He was shown to have a steady hand multiple times throughout the movie, from handling a sword quite good to cutting the line that held that Brisby house and running away before anyone could notice. Only two people in the whole movie are confirmed to know, one realized it only during the final battle, and the other one was killed before he could spill the beans. There's also the part about his detailed and complicated plot to murder Nicodemus.

4. Mordroc: One cannot plot to abduct a princess and working with a dragon without a heavy dose of patience.

5. Borf: Operating a spaceship takes some steadiness, so he can pull it through. Not as well as some of the others, but still good enough.

6. Warren T. Rat: Coming up with schemes, selling children and running a crime organization are all things that take patience. Plus, one can assume that if there were guns in his universe, he would be steady on the trigger, because he needs a steay hand to keep his people in line when charisma and streetsmarts don't work as planned.

9. Carface Carruthers: Showed some dexterity during the film. His hand is steady enough to operate a toy car and shooting a Tommy Gun.

11. Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven): As long as he won't be distracted by enjoying seeing the ones who'll lose the challenge, he'll manage just find. He's got the steady hand needed and enough patience to poke the shape out of the cookie.

13. Grundel Toad: Not too calculated, but he will make it through. Narrowly.

14. Berkeley Beetle: He'll do okay. Not the best, but not the worst either.

17. Rasputin: A man who planned his revenge against the Romanovs for a couple of years and is perfectly aware to the nature of the powers he's working with must be very patient. Dead patient.

18. Cat R. Waul: His schemes and deception take a lot of patience.

19. Ozzy: Holds eggs as a profession. More than steady enough for this mission. Plus, holding young dinosaurs who at least one of them is heavier than him over an abyss isn't the easiest thing.

20. Strut: See above in Ozzy's paragraph.

21. Pterano: Convincing others in one's leadership and restraining two psychopaths for any extent of time take patience.

22. Rinkus: Plotting behind Pterano's back, laying low and restraining Sierra for any extent of time are all thing that take patience. Sometimes, refrain from using a knife takes more steadiness than stabbing. Rinkus knows that.

24. Mr. Grasping: Grasping is indeed great at grasping, from money to people's mind. His profession as a shady businessman makes him perfect at operating the cookie without crumbling it.

25. Bartok: His hands are steady enough, working for someone like Rasputin takes patience, and the events of his own movies further demonstrated his dexterity.

26. Dr. Valentine: As a scientist who must've held stringes and tubes everyday on his job, he's patient and steady-handed, and he's got a degree to prove it. Plus, being the leader of NIMH for a couple of years takes patience.

27. Ludmilla (Bartok the Magnificent): Her hand is just steady enough to survive this challenge.

28. Drej Queen Susquehana: Calculated, level-headed due to her emotionless nature will probably be one of the first to finish the challenge due to her paranoid fear that someone else will finish it first.

29. Preed: With a steady hand on the trigger and learning a few tricks from Korso, Preed will do great at this challenge.

30. Joseph Korso: His military background makes him very collected and more patient than many others on this tournament.


1. The Auctioneer from "The Small One": Calling him impatient is an understatement. He managed to survive the "Red Light, Green Light" challenge with his bare skin, but poking a shape out of the cookie is beyond him. He might even get angry if another player will choose an easier shape, which will make him try to take the cookie just to humiliate the other player, and then he'll get shot by security.

10. Hellhound (All Dogs Go to Heaven): Unlike most thought forms, the Hellhound isn't shown to have hands at all. Therefore, he's more likely to break the cookie than to poking the shape out of it.

16. Drake (Don Bluth): While his hands are steady enough for this challenge, he's very impatient, more likely to break the cookie out of frustration than solving it,

23. Sierra: His itchy finger and impulsive nature are harder to restrain here than in the first challenge. And more importantly for him, Rinkus won't help him this time. He could survive the midnight brawl just fine, but he can't get there.

Third Challenge - The Midnight Brawl

22 survivors left, and now it's time for a big scuffle where it's each player for themselves. Tiredness, hunger and bitterness often do that to people. Just not to the degree seen in this challenge.


3. Jenner: He was shown to be a rather skilled swordsman, from cutting the line at the timing he wanted to partly paralyze one of Justin's hands, forcing Justing fight him with one hand. Just to be clear, Justin is the captain of the guard. He's also well-familiar with dirty tactics, which means he can kill his rivals both head on and from behind.

5. Borf: He's what people call a big guy. He's hard to gang on and can pull it through.

6. Warren T. Rat: He may deliver some punches if pushed into it, but his preferred strategy would be hiding.

9. Carface Carruthers: A bulldog/Pitbull hybrid is as strong as one would expect. Plus, he's a mobster, so he has some idea about brawling.

11. Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven): He can hide quite good, but his preferred strategy would be fighting. He's a better fighter than his over the top nature reveals.

18. Cat R. Waul: Very intelligent and can hide nicely.

21. Pterano: As arrogant as he is, he knows better than fighting people beyond his weight class. He's going to hide.

22. Rinkus: while he can be strong at times, he knows he should hide rather than fight.

24. Mr. Grasping: The most cunning character in his installment and perfectly capable of hiding.

25. Bartok: Small, smart and perfect at hiding.

26. Dr. Valentine: Not a natural born fighter, but he's very intelligent and can hide nicely.

28. Drej Queen Susquehana: Smart enough to hide, and might even land a few blows if anyone will find her too soon.

29. Preed: Fighting people, preferably killing them, is what Preed lives for. He's bloodthirsty and capable of both fighting and hiding. He prefers hiding, but still very dangerous when he goes head on against someone. When Korso killed him in the canon film, it wasn't as easy as Korso made it look like.

30. Joseph Korso: As a former soldier and a mercenary, Korso is in his element in this challenge. He's great both at fighting head on and at sneaking behind someone and snap his neck. He ain't gonna hiding. He doesn't need to. If anything, people like him are the reason some of the other players can survive only if they'll hide.


2. The Tanner from "The Small One": While he's skilled with a knife due to his profession as a tanner, he's not a fighter, and probably doesn't have the reflexes to hide.

4. Mordroc: Fragile compared to most of the other players due to his old age and not the best at hiding.

13. Grundel Toad: Too arrogant to hide and not very skilled compared to many of the others. He's strong, but it's not enough for pushing away multiple enemies.

14. Berkeley Beetle: He's just average, and this level in the tournament, being average isn't enough.

17. Rasputin: Strong for his age and physical state, but he ain't gonna survive a brawl with many rivals at the same time.

19. Ozzy: One would think that his sneaky nature and small size would help him hide. It could've been true, except he and his brother will be ganged on as early as possible. If not ganged on early, it's very likely that he and Strut would bicker and ruin it for themselves. Plus, Ozzy is a bit arrogant.

20. Strut: See above in Ozzy's paragraph, plus being prone to take matters to his own scrawny hands. Not the best move.

27. Ludmilla (Bartok the Magnificent): Not very strong and too arrogant to hide. The only way she could put up a fight in this challenge would be drinking the potion that turned her into a dragon. But in a tournament where the characters are forced to come without special powers/magic and other stuff, she's as good as goner.

Fourth Challenge - Tag Of War

14 survivors left, and now it's time for a tag of war game, with the contesters literally pulling each for his/her direction. This game requires strength and teamwork. The characters won't be divided to specific teams, so we can only measure them by overall abilities in this department. Whoever of them that can't work together will die alone.


3. Jenner: He was very close to fool everyone by mentioning Nicodemus' name. If only he kept his mouth shut when Elizabeth came back, he could stay the leader, and even Sullivan wouldn't be able to overthrow him. However, talking too much is more out of ego and anger than out of lack of teamwork.

5. Borf: Strong enough to compensate for his relative lack of team spirit.

6. Warren T. Rat: Not as clever as some other players, but he can fit in the crowd when it suits him and is able to work in a team when needed. Running a crime organization definitely helps.

11. Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven): He likes being bad, but he also likes to be alive, and therefore he'll fit in a team and pull his weight as much as needed.

18. Cat R. Waul: His mental problems dont contradict his leadership and ability to wrangle up cats (and at some point even manipulating mice) for an extended period of time.

24. Mr. Grasping: He proved himself to hold a relatively successful factory and leading 3 other giant egos who could turn on him at any given minute if he wasn't careful enough. That requires at least some leadership.

26. Dr. Valentine: Leading a big organization like NIMH requires teamwork, so he's good on that aspect. Another factor working on his favor that his ego is rather managible compared to many others.

29. Preed: Working as Korso's first mate for a long time requires some level of teamwork, and the fact he can hide his heinous nature for long and being more intelligent and manipulative than the average member of his race make him a reluctant team player when needed. The fact that he insults people only when he has reasons to believe he can get away with it, unlike his race's tendency to insult people in the middle of negotiation as a habit further cements him as sophisticated and well-adapted to various scenarios despite himself.

30. Joseph Korso: Despite the fact that Korso defected for the Drej after giving in to despair and betrayed his team at one point, he was never a true loner. He knows how to work as a group, has leadership, and his redemption arc shows us that he's a valuable team member both in life and in death.


9. Carface Carruthers: Despite leading a crime organization, his leadership is questionable at best and he isn't great at maintaining the casino when Charlie isn't around.

21. Pterano: Pterano always thinks he knows better than everyone else and once led his whole group to be killed.

22. Rinkus: His cooperation abilities aren't enough for this challenge. He's a schemer and a pragmatist, not a team player.

25. Bartok: With all due respect to his team spirit, he's still relatively weak, and he won't be able to pull the rope with so much counterweight against him.

28. Drej Queen Susquehana: Not a team player at the slightest. She has a severe paranoid personality disorder and constantly killing her own drones at a whim's notice. Exterminating other races just because of her paranoia reduces dramatically the possible allies. She can get forced allies by fear and despair, but it doesn't help her in this challenge. She has no special powers here, and now she'll pay for being an antithesis for teams.

Fifth Challenge - Marbles

9 survivors left, and now it's time for a game that combines marbles and stock exchange. Each player gets ten marbles, and the final goal is taking their partner's marbles. It's possible to win by accuracy, but the most common way is manipulation.


3. Jenner: As manipulative as it gets. Murdering Nicodemus under everyone's noses, convincing people to follow him by the name of a good man he murdered in cold blood and failing only due to neglecting the simple fact that sometimes one shouldn't be talking. However, Sullivan, Elizabeth and Justin aren't in this game, and therefore no one will ruin his rather well-planned manipulations.

18. Cat R. Waul: One of the best manipulators in his universe. He has the leadership, charisma and autority over criminals and civilians alike. Unlike the other two villainous felines in the tournaments, Cat R. Waul's manipulations are deeper and more sophisitcated than just fear.

24. Mr. Grasping: Everything else aside, manipulating 3 others PEs is dangerous. Grasping pulled it off better than some other villains in similar situations.

29. Preed: Manipulations are his modus operandi whenever he doesn't kill people. He manipulated all of the other characters for a while. Even his own commander.

30. Joseph Korso: He has streetsmarts, common sense and overall not being naive. Preed and Susquehana manipulated him in the canon film, but it was more out of despair and being caught off guard. Preed died for doing so, and Susquehana lost a great deal of her powers after Korso came back home.


5. Borf: Despite his ability to fly a spaceship, he's more brawn than brain. The easiest prey out of the remaining players.

6. Warren T. Rat: Manipulates mostly children. He can manipulate adults and greedy people too, but not as well as most of the remaining players.

11. Red (All Dogs Go to Heaven): He can be manipulative at times, but he's no match for the bigger manipulators in this game. Intimidation and singing about how good it feels to be bad won't help him.

26. Dr. Valentine: As intelligent as he is, he's not as manipulative and streetsmart as most of the others. A little convincing is all that takes to get all his marbles.

Sixth Challenge - Glass Stepping Stones

5 survivors left, and now it's time for a challenge which odds of survival are only 1 to 5 at best. Each player needs to pick a number, step on the right glasses and avoiding from being pushed by other players. People who go first are less likely to survive than people who go last. There are only two survivors.


3. Jenner: Despite his big ego, he'll know better than running first. He'll let other people fail, and only then he'll go to the other side.

30. Joseph Korso: After getting rid of Preed, surviving this challenge will be easy for an former soldier who can navigate between astroids and surviving his grave injuries for long enough to help creating a new earth on the Drej's expence.


18. Cat R. Waul: Despite being an anthropomorphic cat, Cat R. Waul won't be able to jump from the broken glass to the normal glass in time. And that's even if he won't be pushed to his death.

24. Mr. Grasping: Wrangling up 3 other PEs in the movie is easier than surviving this challenge. Even if he won't choose the wrong number, Preed will push him to his death.

29. Preed: He has what it takes to survive this challenge despite his big ego, but he'll fail when he'll try to push Korso.

Final Challenge - Squid Game

Jenner is determined to kill and Korso is determined to survive. Now, it all comes down to two resourceful villains who can take and deliever punches and are tasked to kill each other. It's supposed to be a battle where the defender (Korso) is supposed to stop the attacker (Jenner) from touching the flag with his leg, but Jenner is too bloodthirsty to solve things like a normal person, and Korso isn't a sheep either.

The winner is...

Korso. It will be hard and Jenner will give his all, but Korso is better trained, more resilient (bleeding in space and still being a vital part at saving the day, while Jenner got killed after being stabbed by Justin and Sullivan), more pragmatic (Jenner is prone to raise his sword high and forget to block attacks) and not nearly as trusting as Jenner's original rivals. The underrated villain has won. I hope you like it, and see you on the next tournament.