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Today i give you a formality post for the fox version of Pied Piper, combined with a great dose of Pennywise, Slagar the Cruel.

What Is The Work?

"Mattimeo" is the third book in "Redwall" series, and the direct chronological sequel of the original "Redwall", written by Brian Jacques. It's a fantasy universe populated with anthropomorphic small animals such as mice, squirrels, badgers etc. In this black and white world, the so called civilized creatures are in constant fight against the so called vermins. The vermins are usually evil, but some are more evil than others.

Who Is The Villain?

Slager the cruel was born under the name Chickenhound. His mother Sela worked as a healer, with Cluny the Scourge being her number 1 costumer. His mother was a sly double agent, giving information to both the Redwallers and Cluny, and taught him to be sly and cunning as well.

When Cluny caught her betraying his combat plans, The rodent warlord ordered to execute both Sela and Chickenhound. Sela died from her wounds (speared by Cluny's forces in the novel, being thrown out to Cluny's hand in the series), while Chickenhound survived by cleverly playing dead. Following his mother's death, which didn't upset him at all, Chickenhound crawled back to Redwall Abbey and appealed to Abbot Mortimer' empathy by faking grief. The Redwallers took good care of him, yet he payed them by stealing valuable items, and killed Brother Methuselah on his way out.

He avaded the Redwallers, but got caught by Asmodeus Poisonteeth. Chickedhound got scarred on the right half of his face, but otherwise survived just fine, planning his revenge on the Redwallers.

What Does He Do?

Somewhere during his adult life, Chickenhound changed his name to Slager the Cruel, began wearing a clown mask to conceal his face and established a gang of slavers. He allied himself with Malkariss the underground dictator, selling him every slave he could catch, focusing mainly on children. His soldiers didn't live too long after each delivery, because he always killed them afterward in order to have all profits to himself. He did it for years, and eventually planned to kill Malkaris as well.

One night, after many years of successful slave mongering and backstabbing, Slagar tricked his way into Redwall Abbey under the identity of a circus performer. He and his crew drugged the adults and abducted the children. As shown in the tv series, not all adults survived the night...

The heroes group were on his tracks, some of them payed with their lives, but the slavers' fate was even worse. Slagar killed his current gang yet again, this time manipulating them into killing each other. One of the few slavers who survived Slagar's latest purge of his own troops, a kid slaver named Vitch, was kept alive only to be sold to slavery along with the captives. Malkariss was stoned to death before Slagar could execute the final phase of his plan, which inspired the latter to lay low. The heroes group were ready to go back to the abbey with the released children, completely unaware that Slagar is still alive and lurking. They were alerted to his presence only after he strangled Vitch with his bolas. After the heroes group found out that Slagar is out there, Slagar ran for his life, until he accidentally stepped on a Loamhedge well, falling to his death. In the tv series, he fell to his death during a final attempt to kill Matthias and Orlando the Axe with a big boulder.

Redeeming Qualities

He have none. Not even as a young boy. Being upset that people knew him as his mother's son rather than as a force in his own right doesn't make him insecure. Just making him narcisistic. Losing his mother doesn's make him tragic, partly because he never loved her. Technically he didn't kill her, but he was willing to kill her with his bare hands in case the opportunity ever present itself. Being bitten by a snake didn't have a lasting effect on his sanity. It changed his face, but not his personality. The education he had in home doesn't make him brainwashed. His mother taught him to be cunning, but still loved him dearly, not to mention he because worse than anything she could imagine. The closest thing to a redeeming quality he have is Tim Curry's semi-comedic portrayal in the tv series. However, the comical moments are neither too common nor played for laughs. Just part of his fox affably evil nature, not to mention he's still treated in-universe as dangerous and dead serious. The novel version isn't even laughably evil. Just a cruel and dangerous creature.

Freudian Excuse

Being bitten by a snake and having a permanent venom burn over the right half of his face. He blamed it on the Redwallers, but that's textbook hypocrisy, because he actually brought it on himself. He got bitten by the snake when he ran away from Redwall after he stole from them, killing Methuselah on his way out and didn't look back. I mean, never looked back. His mother was executed, but it didn't upset him.

Heinous Standard

"Redwall" is a very black and white universe, and yet have a surprisingly high heinous standard. There are 6 other PEs in "Redwall" universe, yet Slagar is still outclassing even them for the following reasons:

1. "Redwall" villains have the bad habit of abusing and wasting their soldiers, but at least they kept the useful ones. Slagar always killed his soldiers every single time they finished another slaves delivery, planning to take all of the money to himself. In some cases he even manipulated them to kill each other. The most jarring example to his maltreatment is abusing one of the main enforcer of the kids, who was a kid himself. Selling him to slavery along with the other kids was actually the better part. The worse part came when they both tried to get away, but Slagar choked him to death. And yet worse, it wasn't even killing a no longer useful soldier. Slagar could perfectly get away with everything, if only he didn't kill his young soldier in a way that will alert the heroes to his presence. In short, hurting people is more important to him than taking care of himself.

2. Even Tsarmina, the only villain who can claim to be equal to Slagar in terms of sheer maliciousness, did her horrible deeds because her father wronged her to an extent. Slagar repaid kindness with theft and murder, and later wanted to hurt the same people who were kind to him because of something he brought on himself.

3. The other PEs were warlords and royalties, and therefore had far more resources. Slagar was a slave monger who constantly drained his own resources for a mixture of sadism and greed.

4. Malkaris, the other big bad, can be considered a scapegoat due to dying slowly by the time the story began. Slagar got far less than he deserved.  


As the most hated character in his universe, and worse even than other 6 complete psychopaths, I would say he's a textbook pure evil.

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