Hey, everybody. After the first season of "Heroes Death Battles", I decided to do a villains season, equipped with the lessons from the first season. Think about "Rap Battles of History", except with villains. Each episode, the villains will try to convince you they are better characters than their rivals.

The rules

  • Always be polite and respecting to each other. Bad words can be said toward the characters, not toward other users.
  • Every reason is legit, but you have to use reasons. Votes like "contester A" without mentioning a reason won't be counted.
  • Always learn about both sides before giving your vote. No matter what your reasons are, always learn about both characters.
  • I'm open to new ideas, with the exception of exploitation villains. Hard emotions are a byproduct, not a goal of its own. Also, I might not take your advice, but i'll always listen.
  • Each user can vote only once per episode and change his/her mind only once.
  • I might publish the contesters early, but the votes are closed until I finish the episode.

The jury

This season will use 7 judges, one for each deadly sin. Some of the judges might be contesters themselves, which will make them be replaced for one episode. Here they are:

Episode 1 - Thanos vs King Ghidorah

For the first episode we have two destruction gods, who bring the thunder on earth for their own alien agenda. Personally I like both of them, but my vote isn't relevant. It's all the audience, and the judges opinion is an interesting anecdote.

Thanos - The high commander of the universe and ultimately the overarching antagonist of MCU, Thanos is the almighty general who leads armies more massive than earth itself. He might be not as strong as Darkseid, but only a fool will let it calm him/her.

King Ghidorah - A cosmic dragon and Godzilla's mortal enemy, Ghidorah is the thunder above the universe and what the Midgard serpent always wanted to be. Be careful, Thanos. Three heads might be better than one.

Here we go:

Thanos 1

Bow down before me, freak. Go cry to your mommy

three is a crowd, but it's no much for my army

monsters are nice, but if you want real adventures

join Marvel and fight against the avengers

with my infinity stones, you're out of time

In your final moments, let me teach you how to rhyme

Star-Lord had fought hybrids. For him you're just a flying lizard

Drax had trouble with me, but will destroy you like a blizzard

you're the god of thunder? Tell that to Thor

one blow from his hammer and you shall be no more

King Ghidorah 1

What a lovely bunch. They must be working from free

am I suppose to afraid of a Christmas tree?

Tell your racoon to calm down, or i'll send him on a rocket

Mantis and Nebula are great, but they are still in my pocket

Drax want to destroy? He shouldn't ride my wagon

keep in mind I already fought a radioactive dragon

I was killed by a monster. You were killed by a man

along with your whole army. Go back to Barbie, Ken!

I survived a volcano and almost burned the ocean

you can't even survive a simple explosion

Thanos 2

if I was in max power, you would've been in Payne

Don't think to outsmart me. You have three heads and no brain

you fought against the world. I fought against the universe

compare to my cosmic powers, you're just a simple curse

The Incredible Hulk will eat you like an ice cream

and here, in space, no one will hear you scream

Spiderman already fought a more interesting reptile

your excuse for a plot is merely futile

real kings have advisors. You're just talking to yourself

you're all alone. You can't survive in my turf

King Ghidorah 2

If you want to piss me off, you better have first aid

you can't even win arm wrestling with Darkseid

Captain America's shield and Captain Marvel's flight

are paling compare to my altitude and might

I'll give you true hell! I ain't Kate Blanchette

you can might as well break a rock with a hatchet

when I came to earth, I drank blood like beer

even Godzilla and Rodan were quivering in fear

instead of fighting the guards, deluded you're a master

you should've looked at me and learn from the monster

Who's won? Who's the best? You decide!

Words from the jury

Frollo: "I like how Ghidorah wanted to smite the wicked and purge the sins from our world".

Sofia: "Thanos had a vision. He created a highly dangerous armed force and have a superpowered daughter. He reminds of myself. Ghidorah is just a scaly brute who's too busy at is wrapped concept of enjoyment to create anything".

Pamela: "Thanos reminds me of my dear Jason. He did to Iron Man what Jason did to Alice Hardy. Ghidorah never lost anybody. His anger is pointless".

Nedry: "That's a hard choice. Thanos reminds me of Hammond. Ghidorah is like the hybridized improved version of the dinosaur who spitted at my face. Between a Don Quixote and a creature even Doctor Wu isn't arrogant enough to create, i'll reluctantly give my vote to Thanos. He's the better villain. Just like how Hammond created me with his cheapness, Thanos created a universal war. Ghidorah lose my vote only because he doesn't have a reason. The JP hybrids were ignored/neglected/abused. Ghidorah had it all, and he just wanted to see the world burns".

Joffrey: "Thanos reminds me of my grandfather. He thought he was such a great ruler. Ghidorah knew better. Everyone were his to torment, and that's all he cared about. I love it!".

Moriarty: "It's elementary, people. Thanos is a better character, have a better legacy and being the central antagonist of a better universe. Not everybody likes Kaijus. Marvel is a household because they know how to write characters and keep their universe and money running. Ghidorah lose my vote for the same reason I would downvote Superman and choose Jean Grey instead. Ghidorah's motive is a mystery, i'll give him that, but the mystery is more fun when your rival is both brain and brawn. Ghidorah is all brawn and lightning".

Naraku: "I envy Ghidorah so much. It took me 7 seasons to come anywhere near his awesome powers".


Votes so far: 6 for Thanos (The Pro-Wrestler, AngelOfLight666, Looperreallyreallysucks, Jester of chaos, Numnum22 and Indominus Rex 2016).

The winner is: Thanos. Sorry, Ghidorah. You have many heads, but in the end, the grey matter is all that's matter.

Episode 2 - Dr. Facilier vs Rasputin

For the second episode we have two dark spell casters, both of them are evil incarnated and animated. Personally I like both of them, but my vote isn't relevant. It's all the audience, and the judges opinion is an interesting anecdote.

Facilier - Born in the harsh streets of New Orleans, Facilier played his cards right and became the most dangerous figure in New Orleans' underworld. Will it be enough to defeat a supernatural hermit? Only the cards can tell.

Rasputin - Grew up in the freezing streets of Moscow, Rasputin used to serve the Tsar and his family, until he fell from grace and plunged Russia to times of chaos and bloodshed. Will his dry bones be strong enough to defeat a gangsters with friends on the other side?

Here we go:

Facilier 1

Don't try to run away. You have nowhere to hide

'cause I got friends on the other side

You ain't impressing no one with you hocus pocus, honey

The real power in this world ain't magic. It's money

buckets of it. Now name your price

otherwise someone else will throw your dice

drop the whiskey and the beard. You're not Jack Sparrow

just a bag of bones who thrives on sorrow

you couldn't afford a henchman, so you hired a bat

no wonder a gentle princess kicked your butt

Rasputin 1

In the dark of night you'll be tossing and turning

my demons will swarm you, and you'll be burning

i was once a noble hermit who got people say "amen!"

You are just a shadow who pretends he's a man

puny gangsters like you get swept under my rug

your army is outmatched even by a bug

mess with me and you'll be frozen from head to toe

if you want to stay alive, you should let it go

you play poker, but I play chess

if only you had a queen who'll clean you mess

Facilier 2

Go frog yourself, Ras! I'm getting real mad

if you weren't a corpse, I would've shrunken your head

Don Bluth had a t-rex, yet you're the bigger fossil

you have no real brain, and definitely not muscles

i had the best teacher. All you have is old scrolls

don't buy a phone, because no one will answer your calls

banish the tsar with a curse? What kind of brute would do that?

A real villain bring his friends and stab the ruler in his heart

go play with your bat. Make your goal more tame

I play jazz, poker, people, and know where to aim

Rasputine 2

Tell me when you done pounding on your chest

just like the judge my actor played, i'll lay you to rest

you want to fight me with voodoo? The answer is voo-don't

you wish to die quickly? You should be so lucky, but you won't

what was your plan again? Marry a girl who have dough?

You're as dumb as Homer Simpson, including the doh

you wanted power? Well, congratulation, bud!

You got what you wanted, but you lost what you had

The rich men were right. You worth only a sideway glance

so get out of here while you still have the chance

Who's won? Who's the best? You decide!

Words from the jury

Frollo: "Out of the two sinners, my pick is Facilier. As a man who was kicked out of the military for so called over-aggression, I can see where Facilier's resentment for the high society comes from. In a movie full of flat characters and clueless cynics, Facilier is one the only characters who take action. The only other character who took action was Tiana. The contrast between these two is a perfect symbolism for same starting points who lead one to work hard and become a hero, and another to leach on other people's work and become a psychopath".

Sofia: "Facilier could've been a great splicer, but I have to choose Rasputin. He shaped history and succeeded at killing a whole family. Facilier couldn't even kill a single fat man with heart problems. When Rasputin found out Anastasia escaped, he was pissed-off. When Facilier found out Tiana and Naveen escaped, and they were merely frogs at the time, mind you, he was in complete panic. The history is shaped by cold and steady hands, not by panic-struck panders and failed gambits".

Pamela: "Rasputin was just an hammy royal whinner. Facilier knows the meaning of hard work. He literally manipulated the shadows around him, improvised like not every villain can and observed closely before doing his move. I wouldn't sell my entire city, but other than that, I would've done the same".

Nedry: "Facilier is more interesting and have a better motive. He lived in the streets for most of his life, hoping someday the Hammonds of New Orleans will give him more than just a sideway glance. The society spares expenses about education and wellbeing, and that's how people like Facilier are created. Rasputin was funny and all, but by the end of the day, he's just a living fossil".

Joffrey: "Rasputin used to be part of the king's close cycle. He knows his politics. Facilier is shortsighted and can't think big. He's no smarter than the frogs he chase after".

Moriarty: "It's a close battle. Both are entertaining animated villains with great songs, both are dealing with the underworld and both were defeated by official princesses. I lean slightly for Rasputin. Facilier did more grievous mistakes. For starter, he was almost exposed by a humble servant. A less cunning villain would've been out of business for that. His second mistake was torturing Tiana long enough to lose his talisman. Rasputin lost his soul jar because Anastasia's dog snatched it from his hand, and later he was killed by a human being. Facilier was killed by a frog. And finally, Facilier thought the darkness is working for him. While he was more aware to the forces he's dealing with than some other Disney villains, he still lived his life from one gambit to another. I like a good gambit, but not at the price of basing my strategy on tactic plays".

Naraku: "Facilier had better powers and a better motive. Rasputin killed a whole family out of sheer spite. I can relate to that. But Facilier wanted power and recognition. He knew how to manipulate people and play on their dreams. Rasputin was too busy at being funny and singing to do that".


Votes so far: 6 for Rasputin (Numnum22, Jester of Chaos, X9 The Android, Panzysoldat, Stolen5487 and Misry6).

The winner is: Rasputin. Sorry, Facilier. You're out of business for good, and your friends are taking it really bad.

Episode 3 - Percival C. McLeach vs Cecil Clayton

For the third episode we have two Disney hunters, both of them are master manipulators and should never be in proximity to children. Personally I see Clayton as smarter and McLeach as scarier, but my opinion isn't relevant. It's all the audience, and the judges opinion is an interesting anecdote.

Percival C. McLeach - The scourge of the outback and one of Disney's first slasher villains, McLeach eluded from the rangers for long enough to be a legend. If he didn't drop at third grade and choose to be a low-functioning psychopath, he could've been an engineer. Don't let your pride cloud your judgement, Clayton. McLeach isn't just pounding on his chest.

Cecil Clayton - A man of wealth and cruelty, Clayton grew up in Victorian Britain, and had his whole life to enhance his manipulations. Alongside with Coachman, Clayton might as well be one of Disney's finest slave mongers. Be cautious, McLeach. Clayton isn't a naïve boy.

Here we go:

McLeach 1

Watch your steps, British boy. This is the outback

it's not one of your safaris, so watch your back

don't try to be Mel Gibson. Don't play with me, lad

I'm good at my work. You're just ugly and bad

your ship doesn't impress me, and neither your gun

you're no queen of England. Just raggedy Ann

you are at the end of my line, just a ball on my pool

if I wasn't a psychopath, I could pity you, fool

the ape man played you like sticks and stones

so don't talk as if you're a villain in "Bones"

Clayton 1

Have we met? You seem awfully familiar

for some reason you remind me of Matthew Lillard

don't teach me how to hunt until you'll finish 4th grade

if you want some money, you can serve as my maid

years of fooling the law might've made you bolder

but in the end of the movie, you're just a crocodile fodder

your mental facilities are just twice than your hound

nobody looks for you. That's the reason you can't be found

you have the brain of 10 years old and the class of a hun

just look at the pro and learn how it's done

McLeach 2

Whatever you do, it will be all in vain

I'll catch you and tie you to the wall with chains

I'll cut through the side and rip off your hide

like the animal your are. You'll cry like a child

call your wife and tell her she'll face a big sorrow

i'm ready with my knife. Be prepared to become Ann Darrow

Ramsay learned it all from me. I taught him how to be scary

compare to us, you're no better than Mariah Carey

if my knife and gun won't work, you'll still be eating you hat

'cause there's more than one way to skin a cat

Clayton 2

I could use a challenge. I wish you weren't so squeezy

rounding up a brute like you will be all too easy

get a wife to pick up your phone. There's no man in your house

what kind of villain get killed by Mickey Mouse?

Don't compare yourself to me. You're not that crafty

you're like Beth Whigham, and I'm like Moriarty

i'm numero uno. You're just a bore

I dealt with gorillas. You just fought the kid next door

I have 14 like you, so don't brag you're tough

with all things considered, I think you'll be better of stuffed

Who's won? Who's the best? You decide!

Words from the jury

Frollo: "A harder choice than i'd expected. McLeach is scarier, but Clayton is smarter. McLeach tried to kill a kid 6 years before the good people created the scene where I almost killed the young and ugly Quasimodo, but Clayton manipulated a better hero. I met many people like McLeach when I was younger, but Clayton's trade in slaves is closer to my own vision. I wish I could give them a tie. But it's illegal, so i give 50.001% for Clayton. He's just closer to what most people look for in a villain. McLeach would be a great slasher villain, but i'm forced to choose the sophisticated upper-class villain on that one.".

Sofia: "Clayton is more sophisticated and have an actual vision. McLeach just wanted to catch a supernatural eagle and kill as many people for as long as possible. Scary, but not enough vision for an ideal villain. People like McLeach are working for people like Clayton".

Pamela: "I know some of you would say I pick McLeach because both of us are fitting to slasher movies, but I don't care. He's scary, more cunning than given credit and could be anyone. Just like a realistic villain should be. Clayton seems like the psychopaths from the news, except he's too entertaining. McLeach is real. He also have plenty of unfulfilled potential. He built a super-advanced truck with his bare hands and eluded the law for years, and that's while dropping from third grade. Think what he could do with a better education. A prime example to a fridge horror moment".

Nedry: "Clayton is basically everything Ken Wheatley always wanted to be, including being much smarter. McLeach is like a less sophisticated version of Dodgson. It's a tough choice, but i'll go with Clayton on that one. Slave mongers like him are a stronger commentary about society. McLeach is just a rather skilled serial killer".

Joffrey: "What McLeach did to the boy was deliciously evil. I would've done a lot worse, but he was Ramsay before Ramsay, so he earned my vote. Clayton is more like Euron and Walder wannabe".

Moriarty: "Clayton is more intelligent. For starter, he's the first contester so far who have the brain to flatter me, the guts to compare a fellow villain to a stupid Jill Roberts wannabe and the charisma to pull it off without being too funny. Flattery aside, Clayton was working on a higher scale, showed leadership over 14 brutes like McLeach and orchestrated a masterplan for trading slaves. I do aware his intended victims are technically gorillas, but they act like African tribesmen, not unlike Edgar Rice Burroughs' original intention. McLeach could fit in slashers and westerns, i'll give him that, but rap battles are about wits and mind over matter, so I choose Clayton".

Naraku: "McLeach knows the meaning of being a villain. His smile alone is scarier than anything Clayton ever did. Even I, a demonic hybrid who's motivated by hate, envy and lust for power, would be scared of such smile. I wish I could use him as the 8th member of the killer 7".


Votes so far: 3 for Clayton (X9 The Android, Jester of chaos and Numnum22).

The winner is: Clayton. Sorry, McLeach. The rangers are on their way. Get ready to be murdered in jail.

Episode 4 - Sylvanas Windrunner vs Piper Shaw

For the fourth episode we have two dark ladies, both of them are diabolical masterminds with a tragic background who cause misery to everyone who stand in their way. Personally I see Piper as scarier and Sylvanas as a more radically evolved character, but my opinion isn't relevant. It's all the audience, and the judges opinion is an interesting anecdote.

Sylvanas Windrunner - The former ranger general of Silvermoon and a prime example for an high elf, Sylvanas came back from the dead and influenced the life and death of millions. Her arrows are sharp and quick, and so is her wits. You better bring more than just knives to this battle, Piper. You're playing chess with a queen.

Piper Shaw - Grew up in an orphanage and came back to hunt her mother and sister, Piper carved her way in life with her brain and knife, until she became a news reporter who makes the news. Widely considered as the second most intelligent ghostface, the one with the second best plan and one of the few killers in history who outshined their final girl. Hold on to your bow, Sylvi. Piper already created a death knight, and she'll do so to your troops too.

Here we go:

Sylvanas 1

What are you if not a slave for my torment?

Even your own mother think you're abhorrent

coming to a slasher showdown with no gun?

You're supposed to be smart, but in the end you're just a hun

forget your orphanage. Try to lose your whole kind

but I guess you don't care. Your heart is more frozen than mine

I killed a lich king. You couldn't even kill your sister

don't cry, little girl. I can get you a babysitter

Kieran is just a rat, so you had to play his flute

both of us died twice, but only I got the loot

Piper 1

Watch out, ghost bride! Who do you think you slap?

Do that again and you'll pull back a stump

you used to have the horde, but the horde is nothing

get back to your sarcophagus, and let me do the hunting

i almost opened my sister, but you cant open your heart

you should've learned from Garrosh. His tyranny was an art

i was 9 mm from having it all

your job was acquired only thank to a demented troll

Emma lost her mind thanks to my manipulations

you lost your mind because of lack of sophistication

Sylvanas 2

You're nothing original. Just an envious hater

Roman Bridger did everything before and better

you just taught Kieran to be bad. I taught people to be free

i rule many Forsaken, like you, and crush my foes like fleas

Katniss Everdeen learned it all from me. She got people hail

Kieran learned it all from you, but just got murdered in jail

i got the frozen throne. You just got frozen in a lake

let it go, before i'll burn you like candles on a birthday cake

my sisters are heroes. Yours is just the writers' pet

you could be my bootlicker, or a fly in my net

Piper 2

Before winning a rap battle, try to win a real battle

Without your plot armor, you would be butchered like a cattle

leave your fantasy world and try to kill a single teenager

i swear to Wes Craven i could be a better ranger

you wannabe Daenerys, but you ain't fool nobody

her toenails have more talent than you have in your whole body

unlike your rhyme, her dragons know how to burn

and they got more popularity than you can ever earn

I'm scarier than Garrosh. Give me hell and i'll make you scream

i eat phonies like you like an ice cream

Who won? Who's the best? You decide!

Words from the jury

Frollo: "A tough decision. Two sophisticated witches from the kind I used to meet when I was in the army. Both of them are great villains who could do wonders in a Disney movie. Piper is more symbolic, because she's envy incarnated. Sylvi is closer to earth, because she always knew what she's dealing with and always brought all of her weapons and people with her. My duty as the head judge obligate me to vote for Sylvi. Villains are defined by the heroes they are fighting against, and Piper is falling behind on that aspect, because her heroic mortal enemy is a miswritten character. Sylvi's mortal enemies were a gallery of well-written heroes and villains alike".

Sofia: "At the surface of things, Sylvi and Piper are very similar. Both are pure evil, both could be anything in the world hadn't they chose to become psychopaths, both are combining brain and brawn like every villain should, and both are dark feminism symbols. However, i'm forced to choose Sylvi on that one. Sylvi is more similar to what people want to see in a villain. She have an interesting backstory, shaped the history of her world with her bare hands and went through a character development, for the better and for the worse. Piper is a great killer, but her over the top thirst for blood and petty jealousy make her lose points in my book. Don't get me wrong. She's a great villain who could be a great big sister, at least a better big sister for me than for Emma, but being an expy makes her inferior to an original dark queen by the very definition".

Pamela: "I lean slightly toward Piper. Not just because she's a serial killer just like me. My reason is because Piper was more efficient compare to her resources. It's true even in meta-level. Before the showrunners retconned her as Kieran Wilcox's lover and mentor, she was supposed to be Audrey Jensen's boss. Both Audrey and Kieran were geniuses, and Audrey even proved herself as great both as the redeemed killer and as a great and deep hero. To put it simply, Piper created great villains in every version she had. Plus, the fact she's an expy of Roman Bridger doesn't downplay her like some people say. It's actually highlight her, because she represents the writer's speculations about how Roman and Billy's relationship would look like if Roman was a girl. She's a philosophic and symbolic character. Sylvi have her advantages, but she doesn't have too many versions. If her arrogant nature is anything to go by, I can guess she was cruel and vain long before she was killed and revived. Honestly, there's something scary about a world where people like Sylvi are deposited on keeping us safe from people like Piper".

Nedry: "Out of these two cruel women, my vote goes to Sylvi. I know Moriarty voted for Piper for being more intellectual and more pragmatic than some other horror villains, and I respect that, but he must know that Sylvi have a better vision and more equipped to rise from failures and death. I liked the part where she called Piper out for being spoiled. Dont get me wrong. I have a lot of criticism toward Piper's mother. Unlike Maureen Prescott, who can at least claim she sent her son away because she couldn't bare to see the constant reminder of her rape, Maggie Duval chose the wrong daughter because she was an idiot. With that said, growing up in an orphanage doesn't compare to losing your whole kind. Sylvi was alone in the world for a major part of her franchise. Piper doesn't care, so i'm not sure if losing her whole kind would truly bug her as I wish it would. Even if we disregard the fact Sylvi have a more solid backstory, Piper loses points for being less intelligent than she claims. The most jarring example is her misunderstanding of insults. When Emma said she doesn't have the balls to be a killer, she insulted her as a human being, not as a woman. Sylvi would never fail to understand such insults. As intelligent as Piper is, I don't think she can compete with Sylvi's leadership. Sylvi was a natural born leader, both in life and after death. Even now, when she dismissed the horde, she still have the army of the dead on her side. Piper couldn't even remember to bring a gun".

Joffrey: "Piper is the perfect combination of brutality, thirst for blood and creativity. I like that in a girl. If only Sansa could be more like Piper. The moment Piper put Sylvi in her place and reminded her she's just a Daenerys wannabe was the crown jewel of this rap battle".

Moriarty: "Before giving my vote, I should come out clean. Piper is my second favorite ghostface, second only to the marvelous and underrated Roman Bridger. But that's not the reason I choose her over Sylvanas. The real reason lies in what they did with their resources. I know Nedry voted for Sylvi because he see her as more ambitious and farsighted, but while I respect him as a fellow schemer and an entertaining villain, I take the liberty of informing him that pragmatism is more important than vision. Piper was a normal badass woman who trained a hypercompetent soldier who'll carry on her legacy and make her boring sister look even worse. Sylvi was a dark queen who had it all, but lost any shred of respect from both characters and fans with one single sentence. Piper forgot her gun at home, but Sylvi forgot her brain. People can't just dismiss their own army as nothing, especially not in hearing range from everybody. When a single killer obtaining the complete loyalty of a super-effective single soldier, you would expect a ranger who led people for most of her life would do the same".

Naraku: "Me and Piper are the representors of envy in our respected settings, and therefore I can't help but to vote for her. I know what it is to be hated by your own flesh and blood. Every psychopath can relate to her obsession and willing to kill her worship interest after being rejected. Sylvi reminds me of an evil Kagome. I wish I could turn Kagome to what Arthas turned Sylvi to. Which lead me to my final words on this subject - Sylvi is too confusing for me. She confuse some parts of the audience too, who doesn't understand that she's pure evil. Piper is scary, classic and always cut to the chase".


Votes so far:

5 for Sylvanas (Jester of chaos, Numnum22, DeltaHorizon020, Darkmaster7 and BrandonDarkOne47).

1 for Piper (KGBSpetsnaz).

The winner is: Sylvanas. Sorry, Piper. I know it's a twist you never saw coming.

Episode 5 - Indominus-Rex vs Sharptooth

For the fifth episode we have two serial killers in dinosaurs clothing. Personally I see Indominus-Rex as a more fleshed-out character, but my opinion isn't relevant. It's all the audience, and the judges opinion is an interesting anecdote.

Indominus-Rex - The monster who destroyed Jurassic World, Indominus-Rex was cooked in the lab specifically for being bigger, louder and having more teeth. As a military experiment disguised as an attraction, I-Rex have anything a crazed homicidal dinosaur need to have in order to fit in the modern world and pop culture. Be careful, Sharptooth. You were before time, but now you're out of time.

Sharptooth - The scourge before time, Sharptooth was quite possibly the first serial killer on earth, and a supernatural force on that matter. Don Bluth himself was worried that Sharptooth will mentally scar children, and wrote Sharptooth in the least scary way he could. You have no where to run, I-Rex, and no camouflage will hide you from the wrath of Sharptooth.

Here we go:

Indominus-Rex 1

Finally! A challenge! Or so it seems?

Almighty as you are, you have no theme

your roar is Scooby Doo, your brain is unemployed

you need plenty of education. Don't listen to Pink Floyd

killing a longneck is easy. I would know, because I killed six

you just chased kids and fell for their tricks

you have the eye of the tiger, but none of his depth

good thing you ain't human, or else you'd drown in debts

surviving an abyss, but getting killed by little kids?

I guess you sold your consistency for the lowest bids

Sharptooth 1

I was here before time, long before your CGI

you were an attraction for kids. I made their parents cry

you're all teeth and roar. Never gonna be hardcore

forget the 6 longnecks you killed. The one I killed hurt more

you can change your colors, but it won't change a thing

you inspired a rabid dog. I inspired "Lion King"

before smashing the glass celling, try smashing a rock

and killing real dinosaurs, not just Jurassic Jokes

whenever I appeared, the movie became darker

i'm the dinosaur Joker, and you're just Robert Parker

Indominus-Rex 2

No sophistication, just a senseless obsession

chasing 5 kids out of spite and perversion

you don't know what it's like to be caged and ignored

villains like you, with no backstory, make me bored

chasing victims even in an earthquake is silly

in real life, you'd be more lost than Evangeline Lilly

by the time you found an entrance to the great valley

the kids figured a formula to run you like a rally

for killing me, it took experts and a sea monster

for killing you, it took just killing a boy's mother

Sharptooth 2

Long before you were created, I made children wet in bed

be glad I'm not your sibling, or else you would be dead

you were a hybrid of... what? iPod and Forest Gump?

They say you're part raptor, but you cant even jump

well done for leading raptors, except my expy did it first

he didnt need more teeth. He learned from the best

your killing spree was great, but take in consideration

you killed only in your movie. I scarred a whole generation

a real villain doesn't need to use too many words

just being real and scary, and their legacy will hold

Who won? Who's the best? You decide!

Words from the jury

Frollo: "No rest for the wicked and no easy choice for me. Both have a deep biblical symbolism in them, I-Rex with killing her sibling like Cain did, and Sharptooth with the many theories about TLBT as a purgatory. Both can be argued as incarnations of the sin of wrath. I-Rex is obviously not as almighty as Sharptooth, given she's chained to laws of physics and Sharptooth not, and not as scary as him either, but she have one quality that gives her my vote. I won't mention the fact that she's far smarter, more fleshed-out, make better sense and belong to a better franchise. My reason to vote for her is that the heroes she dealt with are better and more equipped to serious stories. Villains are defined by the heroes they are fighting against. I-Rex went head first against a whole park staff and unique dinosaurs, and gave them a homerun for their money. Sharptooth killed an Apatosaurus and many other dinosaurs, i'll give him that, but being outsmarted by little kids isn't a great honor. He wannabe Pennywise, but Pennywise had real intelligent kids to deal with, not just cartoon dinosaurs who feel at home in musicals".

Sofia: "Sharptooth tried to mock I-Rex for inspiring Indoraptor, in contrast to him inspiring the much more iconic Scar, but this argument is actually biting him in the tail. I-Rex left literal claw marks on her world and continued her legacy to at least 2 more films, plus being a correction to many JP fans who were disappointed from JP3, in emphasis on the Spinosaurus hybrid. Sharptooth was the best villain of his universe, but any installment that came after part 3 is a colorful musical for children. That's not the legacy that a villain want to leave behind him. When people are writing villains, they are more likely to take inspiration from a tragic psychopath who go rampaging and bring the characters to be disillusioned from earlier misconceptions vs taking inspiration from a lunatic who needed many words for showing he's even a villain in the first place".

Pamela: "Sharptooth could be a great judge. If i'll be a contester in future episode, I want him to replace me. One might say his sin is pride, and therefore more fitting to replace Sofia, but the rage running amok in his brain is priceless. With that said, I slightly lean toward I-Rex. Unlike the other longneck hunter, I-Rex had good points both in the rap battle and in her respected movie. Cruel people neglected her, isolated her from any living creature and got the realistic consequences of such irresponsible and inconsiderate behavior. Sharptooth wanted to kill little kids for something he did. I bet people like him are the reason creatures like I-Rex become what they are. Both are great serial killers, but i'm forced to choose the actual character over the tabula rasa brute".

Nedry: "Indominus-Rex is tragic and an actual character with distinctive motives and personality. Sharptooth had to be novelized to be confirmed as more than just a scaly obsessed idiot. We might never know how and why Sharptooth became a narcissistic serial killer. He try to justify it by saying that a real villains doesn't need to use too many words. Technically he's right, except behind all these words about not needing to use to many words, what we have here is a villain without a distinctive motive other than narcissism and sadism. I-Rex had a good point about how Sharptooth doesn't know what it's like to be caged and ignored. He's a madman by choice, not because anything he went through".

Joffrey: "I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I don't care. Sharptooth is my winner here. He was more brutal and scary than I-Rex even without any claws. I-Rex slashed, bitten, eluded everyone and manipulated raptors, but Sharptooth did most what I-Rex did before and scarier. When he killed Littlefoot's mother, he didn't just maul her like I-Rex did with her t-rex and other victims. He ate the longneck alive in two places. There's a subtext of rape here. Killing a mother for protecting her son is worse than killing for sport. I should know. Sharptooth also had a great point about the villains him and I-Rex inspired. Scar did learn many of what he knows from Sharptooth, from killing a parent in order to get to the child to complete lack of empathy. Moriarty will probably judge them as if they were humans, so let me summarize it for him - Sharptooth is like Gregor Clegane and I-Rex is like Karl Tanner".

Moriarty: "I-Rex is easily the winner. First of all, there's the intellect part. I-Rex is a top-tier tactician. It's not just the raptor genes speaking. Doctor Wu say that the base genome is t-rex, a big dose of raptor and the rest is classified, but Owen Grady is closer to reality. I-Rex is indeed not a true dinosaur. Her many human-like qualities, such as killing for sport and being a genius among dinosaurs, are more suitable to a female killer called Sandra Nublar than to any dinosaur. Sherman Creed, on the other hand, is top-tier in strength, not in using his brain. Banging your head in a rock is easy when you can't damage the brain you don't have. Another field where Sandra outrank Sherman is the usage of resources. Sherman is beyond the laws of physics, yet got killed after a couple of kids outsmarted him and drowned him in a lake with a miserable rock to the chest. Sandra worked harder, went through what a real creature would go through and got killed only by the combined work of Rexy, Blue, every heroic human character in the park and a colossal mosasaurus. Even the kids she tried to kill were more talented, not to mention smarter, than Littlefoot and his gang. Sherman is lucky as hell to be supernatural, or else his recklessness would get him killed a long time ago. Joffrey is right in his comparison between the contesters, but wrong in the conclusion. I actually find Tanner as better than the Mountain. Supernatural strength is overrated these days. The world and popular culture are being ruled by Tanner and Sandra, not by the Mountain and Sherman, and it takes only one look outside of the window to know that".

Naraku: "That's a tough one. On one hand, Sharptooth was a special dinosaurs long before hybrids such as Spino-Rex from JP3, Indominus-Rex and Indoraptor. Don Bluth predated Colin Trevorrow by 33 years in many aspects, including killing apatosaurs in a heartbreaking way and being enigmatic. The second TLBT predated JP too, as it had a t-rex couple saving their baby from greedy characters before Crichton came up with something similar. On the other hand, Indominus-Rex stays on top despite ongoing controversies about her. Many villains are washed away because of torn apart fanbases. I-Rex's legacy survives just fine, and I hope her legacy will survive for many years to come. After careful considerations, I decided to give a reluctant vote for I-Rex, because she make more sense than Sharptooth and fitting to a wider spectrum of genres. Sharptooth was great at what he did, but the unfortunate truth is that he was more sophisticated in this rap battle than in his actual movie. If he was sophisticated both in the rap battle and in his movie, I would've vote for him. But that's not the case, so my position as a judge force me to choose I-Rex".


Votes so far:

6 for Indominus-Rex (BrandonDarkOne47, Jester of chaos, Dual89 Proxima, Numnum22, ThatScrewyDuck and Koko Nigel).

2 for Sharptooth (DragonDude83 and Indominus Rex 2016).

The winner is: Indominus-Rex. Sorry, Sharptooth. You ran out of time.

Episode 6 - Indoraptor vs Cujo

For the sixth episode we have two psychotic and tragic dogs. Personally I see Indoraptor as more flshed-out and Cujo as more sympathetic, but my opinion isn't relevant. It's all the audience, and the judges opinion is an interesting anecdote.

Indoraptor - The scaly rottweiler of Lockwood Manor, Indoraptor was distorted in order to become Indominus-Rex's successor, but turned out to be too unhinged to become the ultimate weapon they wanted him to be. As a realistic representation of cruel dogs who kill children, he managed to be both the second scariest villain in his franchise and the most tragic one. Dont be a fool, Cujo. Indoraptor will climb to the sky and dig to the center of the earth until his hunt will be complete.

Cujo - The architype of deranged pets everywhere, Cujo is the personification of the primal fear of being betrayed by your dog. If he wasnt lightyears from sanity, you could wish to hug him and promise him that things will get better in the morning. You better climb high, Indoraptor. Cujo might sink his teeth in more than you could chew.

Here we go:

Indoraptor 1

Get ready to howl and beg for Mother Mary

when you'll become just another pet in my cemetery

all bark and no brain. Was the rabbit worth the chase?

All you got is rabies and people hitting you with a mace

no goal, no planning. Are you even a villain?

Your theme music is Snoop Dog, nothing close to Bob Dylan

most cruel dogs who kill children do it due to abuse

being bitten by bats is a lame excuse

I know what rabies is. Take a look in "The Lost World"

the rabid dinosaurs are a fable that will never get old

Cujo 1

You kill people like a beast and feeling yourself like Belle

but you're black like your soul and sadistic as hell

at least the cutthroat before you made the audience ecstatic

the raptor tossing you around made you anticlimactic

your source is "The Lost World" from what I hear

my source, on the other hand, is a primal fear

your effects are CGI. My effects are deep

That's why Stephen is the king, and roast you like a sheep

a Rottweiler on the roof? More like a fiddler

as far as horror goes, you're barely the Ridller

Indoraptor 2

I am cruel? Said the backstabbing dog!

Your owners loved you, but you acted like a hog

in your nonsensical madness, you bit the feeding hand

if I had owners, I would've been loyal to the end

the little kid you chased was a lousy victim

the 8 criminals I killed never knew what hit them

the 3 civilians you mauled were no reason to be loud

I killed Buffalo Bill. Hannibal would be proud

with my teeth, claws and wit, i scared even my maker

say hello to yours when i'll send you to Hannah Baker

Coju 2

As tragic as you are, you enjoyed yourself too much

inner urge to be evil and insanity to match

being the lesser evil doesnt make you the best

you ain't the most dangerous creature. You're just a pest

the voices in your head were screaming out of pleasure

the voices in my head were strictly peer pressure

your evil chuckles and slasher smile came out silly

you tried to scare Batman, but ended up as just another Billy

when you climbed on the wall, pride came before your fall

get out of the field. It's your time to pass the ball

Who won? Who's the best? You decide!

Words from the jury

Frollo: "The abuse victim who became an abuser vs the primal fear. Clash of symbols and fears. Two characters that are so similar that i wouldn't be surprised to hear they were made by the same person. Now, i have to give my vote for Indoraptor. The abuse he went through is a bigger commentary on society. Primal fears are symbolic, but not to the extent of a commentary on society. I thought Nedry would comment about the commentary on society, but i guess someone have to transcend over basic sympathy and judge by characters and arguments vs personal feelings. I hope he'll forgive me".

Sofia: "What really sets Cujo and Indoraptor apart isn't just the characters themselves. It's mainly the good people who wrote each character. Cujo is the original, created by one of the all-time geniuses of horror fiction, and fiction overall for that matter. Cujo phrased it just fine, even nailed it. Indoraptor is an expy. A great expy, but still. Colin Trevorrow is a great man who have many creative ideas, but unlike Stephen King, he used expies. Indoraptor is only one example. When people being asked about Cujo, they define him as a miserable rabid dog. When the same people being asked about Indoraptor, they summarize him as a dinosaur Cujo. Not a shame, but it does mark Indoraptor as inferior. He's more dangerous and arguably scarier, but he just can't be compared to the original. Another aspect about Cujo that not everyone understand is that despite his less sensible Freudian excuse, he's actually more realistic as a character. His rabies, which was caused by chasing one rabbit too many, bares a subtext of drugs abuse. His addiction subtext only further cements him as scary. In contrast to Cujo, Trevorrow tried to paint Indoraptor as both scary and tragic. Many people doesnt agree with him, seeing Indoraptor as either tragic or scary, but not both. The character is not the one to blame. Trevorrow should've known that JW:FK should've been appealing to everyone, not just JP fans. Stephen King knows how to make his stories appeal to everyone, even to those who miss the point. That's why he's the king. A creator have the great responsibility of being clear about his vision, and therefore understandable to the audience even if it's silly. I feel like Trevorrow wasn't as successful at this department in JW:FK as Stephen King was in his stories".

Pamela: "I have great sympathy for both, but i lean slightly toward Indoraptor. He was right about everything regarding to Cujo's reason to be what he is. Indoraptor became a cruel dog because he was abused since birth and was alone in the world from day one. Cujo lost his mind after getting bit by a bat, which is quite silly compare to Indoraptor's Freudian excuse. Comparing them is like comparing Jamal Elliot and Newborn. One have more distinctive personality, which IMO makes him more tragic than a mute poster boy for tragedy. Both were great, but i have to choose the more sophisticated and fleshed-out one".

Nedry: "Cujo have a good point about the difference between their type of misery. While Indoraptor is the lesser evil in JP universe, he still enjoyed himself in one degree or another, which marks him as less tragic than Cujo. As seen in the original book, Cujo had deep regrets for his actions. Indoraptor had none. Most of his victims, namely Wheatley, had it coming. But enjoying hunting Maisie was still a bad thing to do, even though it's no worse than what the other villains in my universe did. However, Indoraptor have some good points too, namely the fact he didnt betray anyone, and so does the fact he was a more definite villain. A very tight competition indeed. Frollo expects me to vote for Indoraptor due to being a commentary on society, but my winner is Cujo, because he's better at his job as a tragic dog than Indoraptor. Cujo is one of the most sympathetic villains in the history of everything, while Indoraptor is very tragic indeed, but still have some cruelty in him".

Joffrey: "Cujo blames Indoraptor at being brutal and bloodthirsty, regardless being truly tragic. Well, technically Cujo have a point, but this point comes back to bite him in the tail. The fact Indoraptor was both tragic and cruel makes him a better villain, not the other way around. This is also part of the reason that my mother became such an iconic villain. Cujo is iconic because Stephen King is a freaking genius, but Indoraptor is great because the character itself was great. Therefore, i vote Indoraptor".

Moriarty: "This is the first episode so far where both of the competitors are sympathetic. Interesting change of pace. Now, Andrew Lockwood and John Cage are unusual in terms of serial killers. Both wanted love and appreciation, but Andrew lashed out at his abusers/people who got the love he didn't, while John did the biggest mistake of his family's life after losing it completely. Andrew is the more efficient and realistic serial killer, with body count of 8, all of them deserved it. The fact he killed Wheatley, the worst-written villain in the franchise by far, gives him bonus points. John is the more realistic psychotic dog, with body count of 3 civilians and invoking deeper fears. As a person, i prefer Andrew's bloodthirsty cunningness over John's eternal suffering. But as a judge, i have to vote for John. Stephen King was more perceptive about human nature, and knew what's really invoking people. Frollo is right about the need to trancend over human sympathy and personal feelings, but forgot that any true mastermind knows how to operate both in the intellectual and in the emotional field. I'm not saying a thing against Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It was a good movie. Just saying that Colin Trevorrow invested his best abilities in the plot, but not so much at the emotional weight, at least not as much as King did. Therefore, while Andrew is the smarter and better villain, John is a better reflection of human nature and the writer's cognitive abilities".

Naraku: "Both deserve sympathy, but Indoraptor is more fitting to win this episode. For starter, his jealousy toward Maisie is more realistic and make more sense. Rabid dogs can be dangerous, but no real rabid dog would put so much effort in killing people he used to care about. It was a great way to emphasize a primal fear, but still cannot beat a dog who hunts a child after years of abuse and lack of mother. The question which of the psychotic dogs had more emotional weight is up to debate, but what's for certain is that these days, impactful villains are more likely to be abused into monsters than to become villains because of an unexpected event. In all humbleness, i can say that my strong backstory and Freudian excuse, even if inexcusable, is part of why i'm a better villain than many other complete psychopaths that appear in anime shows. Indoraptor outclassing Cujo just like how i outclass Dante".


Votes so far: 6 for Cujo (Jester of chaosBigBadSquidFel AubinDual89 ProximaOrdeaux26 and Numnum22).

The winner is: Cujo. Sorry, Indoraptor. Now roll over and let the old dog teach you new tricks.

Episode 7 - Sofia Lamb vs Margaret Goodnight

For the seventh episode we have two abusing and completely evil mothers. Personally I see Sofia as a better villain and of course hate both, but my opinion isn't relevant. It's all the audience, and the judges opinion is an interesting anecdote.

Sofia Lamb - The visionary ice queen, representor of pride and a living prove that villains can be scary and repulsive even if they don't enjoy themselves. Watch your steps, Margaret. Now you see no evil, but by the time Sofia will end you, it's more than likely that you won't see anything ever again, even if you'll still have your face.

Margaret Goodnight - A deranged abusing mother who spreads the evil she can't see to anywhere she goes, Margaret Goodnight took notes from Margaret White's page and took it one step further. She wasn't created by Steven King, but she could fit in just find in many of his works. Get ready, Sofia. You're about to get a shock of a life time.

Bonus - Sofia's replacement judge

Here we go:

Sofia 1

Good evening, Margaret. Make my night

let's see if you can create more than just blight

you're too much to bear, even in horror

you see no evil? Take a look in the mirror

an inhuman matriarch who gets families torn

what did you make of your son? Just another Newborn

so much hate and misogyny, more than one could Carrie

you're more immature than James Matthew Barrie

no rapture for you. Just an electric shock

don't get on the stage until you'll learn how to rock

Margaret 1

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?

Certainly not you, because you come before the fall

you're one tap in the head away from being in Harry Potter

before fixing the world, stop destroying your daughter

your town is sinking, but your illusions are still floating

Delta shrugged like Atlas and gave you one hell of a roasting

my son lost the battle of want of a nail

your daughter either drowned you or murdered you in jail

corruption is at hand, but yours is not steady

Eleanore chose Delta, but you weren't ready

Sofia  2

You're calling me a bad mother? well, i've learned from the best

except you're the worst, and your son is a mess

Eleanore is both the princess and the witch. That's unique

Jacob is just Quasimodo who became an even bigger freak

his face reflects your soul, which is anything but pretty

thanks to you, his mental state is stuck in "Hello Kitty"

Corruption and creation are what makes the setting

the fact you don't seem to get that is rather upsetting

Jacob will never have anything. No friend, no plot, no wife

your death day must've been the happiest day of his life

Margaret 2

For an educated bully, you're quite ignorant

your arguments are like homeless talking about rental contract

Jacob was like Quasimodo as a tribute to the crowd

my director read Victor Hugo. Judge Frollo would be proud

your delusions of creation are based on Shiva

but your methods are acing to a messed-up bar mitzvah

creating a princess/witch hybrid isn't as brave as you claim

no matter how good your so called creation will aim

trying to break family bonds just got you buried at sea

you should've known better than lecturing me

Who won? Who's the best? You decide!

Words from the jury

Frollo: "It's always good to hear you're a source of insperation for other villains. Margaret made me smile just like she made the audience upset and waiting anxiously to see her die. But flattery aside, i have to give my vote for Sofia. Her twisted creation is similar both to Shiva and the obvious insperation called Ayn Rand. Both abusing mothers can destroy, but only Sofia can create. She has a vision and a deep conflict with great heroes. Margaret, on the other hand, has a rather shallow conflict and couldn't get worthy heroes to face her. A villain can smite the wicked and plung them into the fiery pit only with well-written heroes. With all humbleness, i dare to say i'm a better villain than Margaret too. Both of us had a Quasimodo lookalike, but my Quasimodo is better".

Kain: "For all of her visionary propoganda and delusions, Sofia ends at the short end of the stick. She's a colossal hypocrite, and unlike Margaret, she can't claim she had mental problems. She was dangerous and successful, i'll give her that, but not as much as she thinks. Margaret pointed wisely that she left a bigger impact compare to her resources. Corrupting Jacob means that Margaret was more successful at corrupting her offspring than Sofia was. While she technically has a valid point about Margaret having a son who reflects her hidious soul, it's still not enough for her to have my vote. It's a close call, but i choose Margaret on that one".

Pamela: "First of all, i hate them both. I know 4 of the other judges abused children too, but Sofia and Margaret are disturbing and repulsive even in irredeemable monsters' standards. I just feel like they betrayed their whole gender, and the very concept of the future of mankind for that matter. I can't decide which had the better arguments, so i'll make a personal decision. Margaret made her son look like a more miserable version of my dear Jason. Sofia tried to do something similar, but her daughter was too good and too smart for her traps. Plus, Delta helped to keep her from corruption. In a crooked way, Sofia's failure at corrupting Eleanor gives her points, because her creation came out better than she intended. She also created her own enemy in the shape of Delta, her daughter's true parent, and also served as a conflict to a better hero than the final girl in Margaret's movie. Like Frollo always says, Villains are defined by the heroes they are fighting against. She also has a good point about being an actual creator rather than the strictly destructive person Margaret was. Detroying by creating someone like Newborn is easy. Creating a city and having one's creation better than intended is hard. With all considered, i vote for Sofia".

Nedry: "People who know me already know who gets my vote on that one. But for those who don't know me very well, i vote for Margaret. As despicable as she was, he claims and arguments are closer to the truth. Sofia shares Hammond's false belief that creation is an act of sheer will. It's like saying driving is an act of sheer wheel. The way Eleanor was raised makes me fear of what Hammond and Dodgson's combined effort could turn me into if it wasn't for the dilophosaurus. Margaret only spitted at her son's face. Sofia spitted at everyone's faces, from family to civilians who voted for her, and somehow manages to be at least as bad as an emotionless journalist who sells young girls, if not more so. There's also the part where Margaret is smarter here than in the canon and did a clever use of pop culture reference. Moriarty might vote for Sofia because her arguments are more specific to this rap battle, but he should keep in mind that rap battles are rarely only about arguments and insults. It's also about giving insights and encourage the audience to think".

Joffrey: "With corrupting her miserable son, Margaret had a more brutal way to do things and created a sympathetic villain. People tend to forget that creating a sympathetic villain is hard. Sofia created heroes, and creation is harder than destruction, but writing a villain one can sympathize is a bigger challenge than people give credit for. At the end of the day, i choose Margaret. She had a sympathetic villain at her desposal, and her multiple references to pop culture were rather entertaining. I wish she was that entertaining in the canon too".

Moriarty: "Firstly, i would like to congratuate the newest addition to the jury. It's weird that i'm the only one who has the basic courtesy to congratulate a new judge. As for my vote, both candidates are repulsive on one hand and smart on the other hand. Margaret is cunning here just as she is in the canon, as she has the brain and charisma to flatter a judge. Frollo deserves it. Her second verse shows she could be a genius if she wasn't mentally ill. The cultural references abut "Brave" and "Burried At Sea" were marvelous. She insulted her competitor and a Disney princess who failed where Mulan succeeded at the same time. Not everyone could do that. Sofia doesn't shy away from strong arguments either, and unlike Margaret, she's an actual genius. While her argument about creating a princess who can also be a witch came back wrong thanks to Margaret's rethorical abilities, she does have a point about creating better heroes and holding a more powerful plot. Both are very close in terms of points. However, between Margaret's experties at clever references to pop colture and Sofia's specific arguments for this rap battle's sake, i lean slightly to Sofia. I want to give a tie, but the honor spell that binds the jury prevents me from doing so. Margaret was one of my favorite contestors so far, i'll give her that, but her pop culture references fit better for a judge than for a contestor. Nedry might beg the differ and vote for Margaret because of her meta-level arguments, but i take the liberty to inform him that a judge should vote by more than just entertaining value".

Naraku: "As someone who literally sold his soul to demons in order to get more power, i have to choose Sofia both for being more similar to me and for her deeper understanding of what a villain should be. She created heroes, like i did. Margaret can't create, and her motive is worse. Shaping her own son to be a killer out of sheer mysoginy is messed-up and petty. And it's comming from someone orchestrated the murder of someone who took care of him when he was critically injured. She made me feel like Joker when he realized Red Skull is the most overwelmingly evil character ever, and wasn't even entertaining about it".


Bonus: In this episode we'll have two votes - One for the contester (Sofia or Margaret) and one for the judge who represents pride (Sofia or Kain). Which abusing mother will come out on top? And will Sofia return to her throne, or will Kain replace her from now on? You decide!

Votes so far: 1 for Sofia as a contester and 1 for Kain as a judge (Jester of Chaos).

Episode 8 - The Witches of Wonderland

Episode 9 - PE Clowns

Episode 10 - The Magic Word

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