Scottish-Terror Scottish-Terror 4 June 2019

PE Proposal: Female Changeling

decided to try another PE Proposal, this time about one of the most destructive and dangerous villains to ever be introduced in Star Trek - as well as one of the most evil.. Star Trek does have a lot of planet-busters and whatnot but as a whole it is a series that usually has moral greys and doesn't go for the "pure evil" types (though as with all things exceptions do exist).

I think this particular character does go far enough for Star Trek and arguably most other media in her goals and impact to be a strong contender for Pure Evil.

  • 1 Who Is She?
  • 2 What Has She Done?
  • 3 Negating Factors?
  • 4 Setting
  • 5 Personal Notes

the Female Changeling is one of the leading figures of the Dominion, a militaristic facti…

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Scottish-Terror Scottish-Terror 28 May 2019

PE Proposal: Robin Redcap

after reading up on a blog about a demonic right-hand (that may or may not be PE)  it dawned on my there are cases when both a "main bad guy" and their helper can be Pure Evil.. so I think I may finally have a case worth fighting for in the proposal of a character whose very name has become a sort of word for evil in legend: Robin Redcap.

  • 1 Who is He?
  • 2 What has He Done?
  • 3 Reasons?
  • 4 Setting
  • 5 Verdict

Robin Redcap is the right-hand man of the infamous Lord de Soulis, a legendary nobleman and warlock in English folkore, being described as a demon he is a particularly powerful and malevolent member of the already malicious fairy-folk known as the Redcaps and was said to aid his master in mastering black magi…

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Scottish-Terror Scottish-Terror 26 May 2019

Pure Evil Removal: Darin MacNamara

well, here's one for the list.. a removal based on what others have told me on the series and what heinous standards are like, surprised it got put on Pure Evil.

Darin MacNamara is from the Buffy spin-off series Angel and is introduced as a power-hungry and sadist crime lord who runs an underground fighting ring where he forces demons to fight in gladiator battles via the use of magic collars that will disintegrate them if they disobey.

He is most known for shooting his own brother after Angel tries to use said brother as a shield, thinking Darin would hesitate - instead he replied with "now he's my dead brother".

the thing is other human antagonists such as Ryan Anderson have been bluntly state…

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Scottish-Terror Scottish-Terror 11 May 2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Magistrate

well here goes nothing, I wish to propose a character that has truly been on my hated list for a while now : the Magistrate, who appeared in one Hulk story and while he may well lack the massive body-count of other PEs I feel he's petty enough:

  • 1 Who is He/What has He Done?
  • 2 Excuses
  • 3 Heinous Standards
  • 4 Verdict

the Magistrate is a tyrannical ruler of the same species the benevolent Zgorian was from and was as malevolent as Zgorian was peaceful, to the point he outlawed the very concepts of pacifism and compassion : he would enforce this law in the most brutal way possible and exiled Zgorian for years for showing compassion to an enemy.

After several years passed the Magistrate would return and decided upo…

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Scottish-Terror Scottish-Terror 24 May 2018

Crimes Vote

(to maximize the effectiveness of the Discussion)

for anyone wishing to vote on the controversy surrounding the "crimes" section change see here:

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