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Apollyon Swing

Peace sells, but who's buying?

Welcome back to another proposal of mine! Very recently, I have decided to get into one of the games on my (admittedly large) backlog for video games, and the game I felt most compelled to try out is For Honor (Good game, btw.). Luckily for me as well, the game also has a PE canadite to talk about, so let's talk about it! This proposal is for Apollyon from For Honor.

What Does Apollyon Come From?

Apollyon serves as the main antagonist and final boss of the story mode in For Honor. Being described as "a shooter with swords", For Honor takes place in an alternate take of world history where a great calamity has decimated much of the Earth and caused a deadlock of war between the current four factions of medieval warriors (Being knights, vikings, samurai, and the Wu Lin). The story mode for said game helps explain why conflict has reignited among the various groups to explain the multi-player for the game, with Apollyon sowing the seeds of manipulation between each of the three original clans eventually breaking them out into fighting once more.

Who Is Apollyon?

Apollyon is the leader of the Blackstone Legion, who serve as the catalyst for the events for the story mode, creating the reason why the three groups are at each other's throats to begin with. Knowing the terrors of war through the destruction of her village at a young age, Apollyon eventually molded herself into a war-happy social-darwinist who desires endless war to weed out the "sheep", only leaving the "wolves" behind. Starting her legion as a way to fight off peace, eight warlords rose to power and died before Apollyon claimed her leadership, with all six of her main warlords taking names of demonic symbolism to show their might. Even before the story begins truly, Apollyon shows her might by claiming to have eliminating hundreds of destroyed groups of families, collecting trophies from them as mementos.

Following the true start of the story and The Warden's recruitment into the Blackstone Legion, Apollyon's first deal of work to intend to is to deal with the vikings along Ashfeld. Apollyon's first real onscreen deal of villainy is dealing with some defectors from the Iron Legion, slaughtering a good deal of the men before ordering the execution of the rest. Leading the charge against the Viking threat, Apollyon's forces both best their enemy and destroy/steal almost all of the viking's food surplus, leading to famine and the resulting struggle between them to gain what little is left.

This eventually results in the vikings, mainly The Warborn alongside their various leading men to raid the samurai forces for their supplies. Taking this opportunity, Apollyon rides her forces in, slays the emperor and most of the daimyo, puts Seijuro in charge, and leaves the living daimyo to murder on another in a struggle over power in the swamp. However, in a move she couldn't have seen, the samurai unite, drive back the vikings, and work with those who left the Blackstone Legion out of disgust to take down their common enemy. Marching into the manipulative tyrant's territory, the Orochi marches in with their forces and deals with Apollyon himself. After a long duel, Apollyon is bested and killed, but she manages to get the last laugh herself in the end, with all three groups going into another long war once more, with the fighting continuing for at least seven years.

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating Factors?

While her bloodlust and love for conflict comes from the loss of her home, Apollyon shows no real emotional effects it had on her besides fueling her desire for conflict. Other than this minor concern one might have, Apollyon has nothing. She is a manipulative, genocidal warmonger who manipulates all three factions to ruin one another and head off to war, is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of groups, is cruel to even her own people and members of the Blackstone Legion, and causes damn near everything terrible to happen in the game.

Heinous Standard?

Seeing how Apollyon is, as said, the one behind everything in the game and no other character in the game has actions that hold a candle to everything she did, she easily sets it. Her goals breach all groups and have a effect on every group, with her total kill-count (either directly or indirectly) being far greater than anyone else in the game. Additionally, everyone else in the game has more morally grey morals, but Apollyon's are strictly and firmly evil.


This battle is won in terms of her PE status goes. She's an easy yes.

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