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It's just like they say, tastes like chicken!

Welcome back! As of recent, I have finally gotten into playing Smite as of late (It's a pretty fun game, and it's free too. Check it out!), mostly being interested in it due to my liking of mythology in general. With my recent liking being taken for it, why not make the best of it and propose the needed villains from it who still need to be proposed? This proposal is for Bakasura, one of the playable gods from Smite.

What Does Bakasura Come From?

Bakasura hails from Smite, a third-person MOBA with the theme of every playable character hailing from various religion's mythos. With currently over 100 gods playable in the game spread throughout 15 pantheons, the game has both well-known deities (such as Zeus, Sun Wukong, Thor, Ra, etc) and lesser celebrated figures (Kuzenbo, Olorun, Chaac, Sylvanus, etc). Among the 8 characters currently in the Hindu pantheon, Bakasura is one of them.

Who Is Bakasura?

Like his mythological counterpart, Bakasura is a ravenous demon that loves eating a endless stream of one thing: human flesh! Committing a unspeakable level of ruthlessness and nightmarish deeds, Bakasura is said to have a myriad of triumph again mankind and the following feasting of them. However, not matter how much he ate, nothing satisfied his hunger. However, Bakasura isn't unbeatable, as one tale tells.

In the Mahabharata, the two Pandava brothers and their mother eventually happened on the village of Ekachakra. Staying there in disguise to get alms, they eventually learned of the devious demon's hold over them. Having turned anyone who dared to go into the woods into lunch, the chief eventually had a cart of food sent to the beast every day in hopes to curve its man-eating ways, only for the beast to devour both anything in the cart as well as a side of the "other white meat", if you catch my drift. After learning of one woman's sorrow of having her son be next in line for this, Kunti claimed one of her sons, Bhima, would take his place in delivering it food out of being thankful for the village's kindness.

Inside the forest, Bhima ate the food meant for Bakasura, a offence it didn't take lightly. Bakasura threatened the hero with him becoming the latest snack for it, the demon hunter challenged the beast to come forward and fight, and with that, the two began their duel. After a battle that lasted the entire day, Bhima stood victorious, with Bakasura's corpse being brought back to the village as proof of its demise, much to the confusion and delight of the town.

However, Bakasura didn't stay down forever due to his status as a demon, as he eventually got involved in the Battle of the Gods to try out the taste of other deities. To continue his ravenous habits here, Bakasura is able to devour minions, puke them back up as his minions, and even eat them once more to repeat the cycle. Bakasura also uses his arm blades to slash up his foes and use his passive ability to buff himself with every kill.

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating Factors?

Nothing in either. Bakasura is a man-eating monster with no qualms eating anyone and everyone to satisfy his never-ending hunger, be them mere innocents, enemy minions, his own goons, and although he can't in game, enemy gods.

Heinous Standard?

While there is plenty of evil deities in Smite, not many qualify to be Pure Evil at the end of the day. In most cases, they either have some quality to them that makes them unable to be Pure Evil (Izanami being tragic, Hades being described as "stern but fair", Cthulhu running on "blue and orange morality", Loki willing to help his fellow gods on occasion, etc.) or just don't do enough in their backstories to justify them being Pure Evil. The only gods that are exceptions to these common factors are Bakasura, the already approved Da Ji, and another god that'll be talked about later.


A certified Pure Evil dish straight to you, straight from my kitchen! Bon appétit!

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