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Waiter, there's a fly in my plane.

Funny story behind this proposal's creation, actually. Originally on the NPE Wiki's Discord, some of thus on there were discussing possible JoJo's Bizarre Adventure NPEs (with one, Forever, being proposed as I write this) when someone (incorrectly) that Forever may have the most kills in his part, until another user commented that another character may actually surpass him. With some talk on said character, one of the users there eventually commented the idea to a user on TVTropes who often makes Complete Monster Proposals there. Said character got approved... and here we are, seeing if you guys seem to agree on if said character is PE, and judging by the title... you know who my subject, don't ya? This proposal is for Gray Fly from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

What Does Gray Fly Come From?

Gray Fly hails from the long-running JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga/anime series, which stars various members Joestar family across time and shape with their adventures to stop evil figures, with most of the series focusing on the characters (be they good or evil) using ghostly summons known as Stands. In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders in particular, we follow the story of the titular Stardust Crusaders and their quest across the world to head to Egypt in order to stop Dio Brando from taking over the world and to save Holly Kujo, Joseph Joestar's daughter and Jotaro Kujo's mother. Along the way, the heroes fight many assassins hired by the vampire to stop them on their quest, with Gray Fly being the very first non-brainwashed antagonist the heroes fight.

Who is Gray Fly?

Gray Fly's actions of causing mass murder and misery go beyond the events of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders itself, with it being said that Gray Fly is responsible for multiple train and plane massacres (with one having a known kill count of three hundred), stealing the dead's belongings and making these cases look like mere accidents in order. He does this though the usage of Tower of Gray, a beetle-like Stand that can quickly move due to its small size and ability to fly, killing its targets by using a razor-sharp prehensile appendage. These actions have made him infamous in the world of Stand Users for his general cruelty, with is shown when Muhammad Avdol recognizing the man he's dealing with. At some unknown point, Gray Fly was then hired by DIO and Enya Geil to assassinate the Joestars, choosing to do so as they are on their way to travel from Bangkok to Cairo by plane.

Using his elderly appearance to mask his intent, Gray Fly first uses Tower of Gray against Jotaro in an attempt to mutilate him in secure a quick defeat. When this fails, we get a true glimpse into how cruel Gray Fly can be when his Stand then proceeds to fatally burst through the heads of several passerby on the plane, using their freshly severed tongues to write out his plan in blood, a simple message of "MASSACRE".

After this, Gray Fly himself stands up in an attempt to seem unsuspicious, pulls an act of being in terror at the site of fresh blood, and is then simply taken out by Noriaki Kakyoin, who then prepares to fight the insectoid summon himself. While Tower of Gray does also come close into mutilating the hero, Kakyoin successfully manages to tear the Stand apart using Hierophant Green, which grievously wounds Gray Fly, now revealed to be the old man.

However, Gray Fly isn't done with his plans to kill even with a torn tongue and a slashed head, as he then proceeds with his final attempt to kill the heroes by having his Stand kill the piolets to cause the plane to crash before rising up to boast of the myriad of dangers ahead if they are not among the incoming crash's victims and his master's power before keeling over. However, while Joseph does manage to avert the crash from actually happening, Gray Fly's prediction of hardship is proved correct by the journey ahead, with events such as Avdol's "death" (which while not a true death, did cause Jean Pierre Polnareff emotional strife), the actual death of Avdol alongside Iggy's and Kakyoin's lives being taken as well (with the latter two especially suffering before their demise), the temporary death of Joseph, further strife being given to Polnareff (being forced to confront his sister's killer, kill a copy of said sister through Cameo's trickery, being stalked by a borderline pedophilic child abuser in a child state, watching two of his friends die in front of him, and lose a few fingers), the deaths of several dogs, and possibly scarring Jotaro for the rest of his life.

Not bad for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure version of The Tower's tarot card, huh?

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating Factors?

Nope. Gray Fly is a wicked old man with a habit of ripping out tongues and is absolutely willing to kill hundreds of passengers on various vehicles, including desiring to take the lives of an entire plane's worth of people just to kill four of them. The closet he has to anything resembling these factors include his reaction to finding blood (not only caused by him, but done to remove suspicion from him) and his devotion to DIO (which is more cultish worship as opposed to true loyalty to him). Even then, on the latter point, their exist some assassins under DIO's employ that are far more indoctrinated into serving him, such as Enya Geil and N'Doul (who choose to die rather than reveal his secrets, with the former doing so even after being betrayed by him and the latter killing himself to avoid interrogation), Vanilla Ice (who is willing to kick a dog to death for merely destroying a sand image of his master created by said dog), Johngalli A (who desires to kill Jotaro and his daughters decades after Dio's demise), and Enrico Pucci (his closest follower, who not only adores him as if he's the God he worships, but executes Dio's Over Heaven scheme while content with causing mass panic and misery from both his enemies and complete strangers all across the world with it purely to reset the universe over and over again).

Heinous Standard?

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders has three PEs already, but compared to those already present, Gray Fly is unique among many in that we know his kill count surpasses that of even most main antagonists (the only ones that may surpass this being Dio and Kars), with it being larger than three-hundred and six people. To compare this act to other PE minor antagonists in the same part, J. Geil (while a serial rapist and murderer) has an unknown kill count, and Terence T. D'Arby doesn't kill anyone (instead opting to steal souls). Furthermore, most minor antagonists in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders only go as far as attempted murder and possible animal cruelty, which while terrible, is nowhere near as heinous as the sheer amount of corpses Gray Fly freshly made during his run. As the cherry on top of this, Gray Fly himself is the one responsible for making the Stardust Crusaders fight almost every single minor antagonist in his part, making it so that if he never stopped the heroes on their way to Cairo, most of the resulting encounters with said minor antagonists would have likely never occurred.


Gray Fly gets a yes on my end.

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