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Yes. Somehow, this guy got the girl.

Damn, fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure are eating good, aren't they? From the confirmation of a ninth part of the manga, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean receiving his long-awaited anime adaptation, various spin-off manga (alongside new episodes for the Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan TV show) being announced, and a slew of new merchandise to buy, it's safe to say that fans of the series (such as myself) are quite hyped for what is to come in the future. So, while we are in the spirit of this upcoming deluge of gifts headed our way, why not revisit the series for a new PE Proposal, eh? This proposal is for Tamaki Damo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion.

What Does Tamaki Damo Come From?

Tamaki Damo comes from the long-running manga/anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, in particular coming from the second part of the alternate universe and the eighth part overall, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJolion. In the part, the main protagonist Josuke "Gappy" Higashikata is found one day within a nearby fault by Yasuho Hirose without any memory of his past, in which our heroes set out alongside his allies to rediscover who he was in the past life and fight against the nefarious Rock Organisms to break the curse inflicted upon his adopted family. In the part, Tamaki Damo appears as a major antagonist in the part, with him being the leader of the Locacaca Organization's smuggling cartel (known as the Damokan Group).

Who is Tamaki Damo?

The man known as Tamaki Damo is in fact stole his identity from another man, with him using his status in the Locacaca Organization to peddle the destructive fruit to the wealthy alongside managing a dry cleaning business on the side. Damo would first find trouble in 2011, after Josefumi Kujo and Yoshikage Kira (no, not that Yoshikage Kira) steal some Localoca from Aisho Dainenjiyama, the man alongside Yotsuyu Yagiyama climbed aboard the latter's boat to ambush them. Despite Kira's attempts to stop them with his Killer Queen, they both are subdued by Damo's Vitamin C (which has the ability to soften organic matter into a goo-like state) and are then tortured by Damo slicing their bodies with yen bills, cutting out Kira's liver as he tries to get info from them, and taunting Josefumi that his mother shall now die with the two being his. Eventually, Damo makes a deal with the two, that whoever tells them that they stole their property and where they kept it shall live, while the other shall die. Despite this grim situation, Kira is just barely able to use Sheer Heart Attack to distract the villains long enough for them to escape. Despite Damo sending his men after the two to kill, them, however, he is unable to find them before they both perish and fuse together to become Josuke. As Damo's men die in the present, he eventually decides to confront the Higashikatas themselves, manipulating Hato Higashikata into becoming lovers to sneak his way into their household.

As Hato eventually brings her new paramour over, Damo quickly builds a friendly facade to the patriarch, Norisuke, to build truth, making quick work of various residents of the house (including Kei Nijimura, Joshu, and Daiya) as he eventually confronts Norisuke himself, liquifying him in order to interrogate him on who killed his men, the man's knowledge of the Localoca, and the connection Josuke has to Josefumi. As he does this, Damo constantly taunts, threatens), and torments Norisuke, also slicing him with his money while also filming the man's horror as he drops a fish into his body. This goes on until Damo threatens to kill Norisuke's family and slowly kill Hato right in front of him in particular, to which the man cracks and reveals what he knows. After this, Damo then attacks Josuke and Hato, trying to do the same tactic of using his Stand to nullify their threat. However, just as he is able to finish off a weakened Josuke, Hato attacks him with her Walking Heart, striking him with the Stand's sharp spikes in a tearful rage over his deceit. Now wounded, Damo cowardly tries to further manipulate Hato into thinking his actions were but a joke as he flees.

Crawling over to the house's fireplace, an enraged Damo throws the still liquid Norisuke into the blaze, hoping to have the man's screams lure out Hato and force her to save her father at the cost of being affected by the Stand. Despite this, however, Josuke helps Hato with his Soft and Wet into making her know exactly where Damo is, further wounding him as the Higashikatas are restored to their solid form. Attempting to once again flee the scene, Josuke follows the man in hot pursuit, just as he again tries to bargain Josuke into sparing him in order to let him use his spare Localoca to heal Holly alongside aiding him in the future. Despite his method to weasel his way out of danger, his luck runs out as Josuke delivers a final blow to Damo's head, bursting it and ending his life.

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating Factors?

While Damo has many of the qualities that one would deem to be Pure Evil, it is important that I first review a scene in the part that does present some issue.

As Tamaki Damo confronts Josefumi and Kira on the boat, he mentions that he planned to spare them out of a feeling of self-responsibility for letting the secret of the Localoca become known to them and promising not to target the innocent Holy Joestar-Kira. However, both of these claims ultimately falling flat in the end, with Damo calling the deal off when the two escape (with this ignoring the fact he still was just as ruthless and sadistic to the heroes as he tormented them through his deal) for the former and not stopping Yotsuyu from pinning Karera Sakunami (who, as far as he knew, had no involvement with his targets and capturing multiple members of the Higashikata family despite the fact many of them knew nothing about the info he sought from Norisuke (using them as hostages and threatening to kill them all) for the latter. Due to this, the scene in question presents a flimsy argument against Damo that makes his actions hypocritical, and as such, they should be ignored. As for his men, he shows no true compassion to them alongside them being his employees, and as such, nothing about his behavior is defended due to it being vengeful in nature.

Beyond these, however, Damo presents no other issues, as he is a manipulative, cruel man who is willing to torture, maim, and kill for both what he wants and for his own amusement, feign his identity and love life for money, power, and the ability to remove those in his way, and at the end cowardly tries to again worm his way out of trouble with Josuke, showing him to be the cold-hearted bully he is.

Heinous Standard?

For this, let us first note on how within the alternate universe found within the two latest parts, that the events that occurred in the other six parts are non-canon, and as such, should possibly be ignored when covering Damo and future PE Proposals.

Within the alternate universe, while there are many villains who commit evil acts, many of them lack the requirements to qualify as PE, with these including villains who do too little (Yotsuyu Yagiyama, Magent Magent, Alternate Diego, etc.), villains who have tragic/anti-heroic qualities (Diego Brando, Funny Valentine, Jobin Higashikata, etc.), or villains too animalistic to work (with Dododo De Dadada, Obladi Oblada, Radio Gaga being those villains in particular.). However, the alternate universe isn't completely without possible PEs beyond Damo, as the unnamed Soldier and Tooru both exist as possibilities. That said, both of these characters do at least some issues to worry about, with the fact that his murders take place off-screen for the former and having a possibly tragic death and an issue involving his relations with Yasuho for the latter. Damo, while not free of some of these issues, has far less of a problem involving them.


Absolutely, yes.