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Clown Memento

Aren't clowns supposed to be funny?

Left ya hanging, huh? Well, I put that small teaser in my blog on The Doctor for a good reason. Hope you ain't afraid of clowns, cause this proposal is on The Clown from Dead by Daylight.

What Does He Come From?

The Clown is one of the playable "killers" hailing from the multi-player survival horror game Dead by Daylight. In Dead by Daylight, you either play as one of four "survivors" or play as the "killer" As a survivor, you must team up with your fellow players to escape the clutches of both your killer and The Entity in one of their realms. To do this, you must power enough generators to open the exit gates (or find a key to open the exit hatch, if you are the only survivor left on the map), avoiding the killer all the while. As for the killer, you must stop the survivor's attempts to flee your grasp, wound them, and hang them on one of the several hooks around the map to be sacrificed to The Entity (if no one rescues them in time, of course).

Who Is The Clown?

Born as the far less-intimidatingly named Kenneth Chase, The Clown was born in 1932 with his mother dying in child-birth. Due to this and the father's drinking habits, Kenneth's father grew distant towards him. In school, Kenneth was also a slow learner and despite his talents in sports, refused any sport team at his school's offers to join them. Kenneth did one hobby however, as he collected feathers he found on his way home for school, being mesmerized by the texture and unity of them. Longing to get up close to feel one of the birds that come to his feeder, he made a trap at his feeder with some of the dentist's anaesthetic. Succeeding in knocking one out after some tries, he originally planned to release it once it awakened, but as he felt a live in own hands, a murderous urge overtook him and he eventually strangled the unlucky avian. He then restarted his feather collection with the one taken from the one he killed himself, only using that method from then on.

Ever since then, Kenneth continued to use his anaesthetic traps to not only grow his collection with the feathers of birds, but also extending his collection to include paws he took from larger animals such as squirrels, raccoons and dogs. During the year of 1954, a man who lived in the town went missing, prompting a search from the town. Sometime after this, Kenneth's father accidentally discovered Kenneth's personal "collection" in a cigar box inside his crawlspace. Now only did the terrified man discover the feathers and paws, he also discovered a man's finger, all but confirming Kenneth killed the missing man and took a finger as a memento. Upon Kenneth's return from work to discover that his father finding out of his dirty little secret, he ran away and never looked back.

Eventually, Kenneth joined a travelling circus, took up a job from there, and adopted the alias of Jeffrey Hawk. Now forced to socialize with the circus community, he took on a friendly facade to his fellow workmates. Now able to travel across the country providing a opportunity to lay low, Kenneth experimented with various habits, such as alcohol, junk food and drugs. Like all good horror villains, however, he eventually grew tired with even these and returned to his previous murderous ways. Now with better tools, his new plan consisted of stealing material to take on the false identity of another clown and getting close to unlucky guests (Be them men, women, or children) of the circus before drugging them and dragging back inside his caravan. Once inside and awake, the victims could only look forward to sessions of torture and psychological abuse, their screams filling the night. Just before any of his victims died, however, Kenneth would find their most lovely (and apparently, tastiest) finger before cutting it off, discarding the rest like garbage. With more and more killings, he became more and more in tone with the clown identity of himself, feeling as if he became one with the costume and his new personality. He also grew careless, as one of his victims managed to escape their bindings and beg for help defeating their captor while The Clown slept off some booze. Now with himself found out, he got on his horse and rode off, vanishing in the cover of night.

However, he wasn't done yet with his crimes, as he continued to roam across the USA, hopping to carnival to circus as a sort of parasite, luring his victims, doing his heinous deeds to them, and moving on before anyone noticed the missing person. At some point, he vanished into The Entity's realm, but even though he was home with the evershifting land filled with opportunity, he still continues his killing spree on the survivors, using his "Afterpiece Tonic" to stun and weaken his prey before either sacrificing them to The Entity or continuing his collection of fingers with the survivor's own in his Memento Mori.

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating Factors?

Absolutely none. The Clown has no qualms with drugging, torturing, and killing his victims (be they human or animal) even when he was still in school. On top of this, he also mutilates them before killing them, taking a piece of their body (be it feather, paw, or finger) to add to his own macabre horde. As for his relations with his father or his school-life, we never see it effect him in any known way or know too much about it, making it a factor that can't be considered.

Heinous Standard?

As stated in my previous proposal, despite the good handful of killers, only a select few don't have any tragic elements or don't have any mitigating factors, such as the Demogorgon being a mindless beast, The Trapper being a pawn for his boss, Ghostface being comedic, The Deathslinger's ideas for his inventions being stolen from him and being manipulated, and The Legion doing too little in their runtime, among other cases. The only killers that do not have either of these factors are Michael Myers, either version of Freddy Kruger, The Doctor, and this guy. Due to the fact the first three are guest characters, this makes the only completely original killers with PE potential the last two.


It's no joke, The Clown is a easy yes!

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