Villains Wiki is among the top 10 most visited and edited wikis of fandom, that's a fact. With that said, it's more than normal the staff of this wiki needs to tight our security methods, mainly the Pure Evil Proposal that is now a fundamental part of this wiki to regulate the movement of Pure Evil category. 

These are the new rules of PE category 2020 for now:

You can read all of our rules in our special page.

  1. False Information: It has become very clear some users are writing false information in proposals to "boost" the votes of other users and to push the PE candidate into the category without any debate. The introduction of fake acts and evil deeds in the proposal will result in the immediate deletion of the proposal and 3 days of block to the user.
  2. Knowledge: To make a Pure Evil proposal, you need to be familiar with the work you are proposing to have complete knowledge of what is truly happening in the work. Writing a proposal without any knowledge of what you are doing will result in inaccurate information. There will be no punishment for these kind of mistakes (unless repeated more than three times) but the proposal will be deleted immediately.
  3. Non-PE Villains: Removal Proposals will be forbidden for villains that are not even marked as Pure Evil in this wiki for obvious reasons. If noticed, the proposal will be deleted immediately. There will be no punishment for these kind of mistakes (unless repeated more than three times).
  4. Flanderization: Proposals that are clearly just trying to beef up / exaggerate a character's actions in order to easily push them into the Pure Evil category will also be considered as texts carrying false information and will be deleted immediately when noticed and in 3 days of block to the user. Remember that proposals should be neutral and personal emotions should be put aside.
  5. Category Removal: In response to the high numbers of villains added to Pure Evil category, not all current articles under PE need a Rejection Proposal unless they are already Approved considering the category has been abused for years and the security was very low before the new PE system. In case you think a villain that was not proposed / debated is under PE and not fit to be in the category, you can inform an admin to remove the category explaining the reasons. Removing the category without informing an admin will result in you receiving a warning from the Mods or admins. A standard block of a day will be added and will increase over time if the user continues to remove the category without permission or knowledge of an admin.
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