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What is the setting?


Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers is a 2005-2006 computer-animated series of four films produced by Canadian company Mainframe Entertainment, still the best Hot Wheels show out there. Being the sequel of the World Race, the cartoon features two street-racing teams called Metal Maniacs and Teku that get involved in a ultra-dimensional race under the command of Dr. Tezla.

In these cosmic races, the two teams must win to get the legendary Accelechargers, cards that give the vehicles of the racers special abilities. However, it seems Teku and the Metal Maniacs are not alone in these races as two mysterious teams called Racing Drones (ancient robots who desires to use their powers to destroy their creators and wipe out humanity) and Silencerz (a mysterious military American government) are also participating in this war to get all Accelechargers to meet the Acceleracers' race, an enigmatic god-like species.

Who is she and what she does?

Gelorum, despite taking the form of a female Cyborg, it is actually a giant robot created as the leader of the Racing Drones, a "type" of ancient robots made by the Acceleracers to win their races in different realms they created. Their objective was simple: to win, no matter what. However, their motto "to win, no matter what", became something too unbearable to the Acceleracers as they were simply too good at it and added no true climax or adrenaline to the races so the Racing Drones were deactivated to be replaced by true human racers. Gelorum obviously did not like it and tried to take down her creators with the support of other drones but they were banished to Earth without any possibility of returning to their realm of origin. Gelorum and other drones then hibernated for thousand years, waiting for humanity to evolve so they could have a chance to get their sweet vengeance.

In the modern days, Gelorum created an organization called Clyp Agency to sabotage the World Race and manipulated the young and naive Kurt Wylde into becoming a spy for her purposes, ordering him to sabotage the race in plots that included murder so she could gain the Wheel of Power for herself. When she was revealed to be a robot, she personally tried to kill the heroes, including her pawn Kurt Wylde who was no longer useful to her.

Now rebuilt from her first defeat, Gelorum returned as the leader of the new intimidating faction, the Racing Drones. In a conflict with the Silencerz, she was able to get Wheel of Power, a cosmic portal that can teleport any racers to the Acceleracers' racing realms. With one of the Silencerz [Dr. Tezla] at her mercy, Gelorum orders her drones to brutally kill him. Much later in one of the races, one of her drones knocked out Kadeem out of track in the Storm Realm and captured him. Under her captive, she kept Kadeem as a prisioner, being tortured and slowly transformed into a cruel and brainwashed drone.

At one point, when she went to oversee the construction of a new vehicle called Sweeper that could ensure her victory in future races she destroyed one of her drones for being too slow on the construction of her new machine. During the Junk Realm race, the pilot Wylde was knocked out and captured by her drones to be brought to her HQ where slowly replaced parts of his body with robotic parts but could only rip off his right arm. She then tortured him to give her the location of the Acceledrome, the heroes' HQ. She then led an attack against the Acceledrome and stole all of their Accelechargers to race in the Final Race that will lead her to the Acceleracers' realm. With all her weapons in hand, she vowed to to kill Tezla and then all of his racers when she returned.

When the race was over, the young Vert who participated in the final race, was chosen by the Acceleracers for surviving all races without the help of the Acceelechargers, Of course, Gelorum was not happy about it and discarded her human disguise, revealing her true form and her intentions kill Vert by skinning his body right in front of the Acceleron just to taunt him.

Moral agency

Racing Drones, despite being robots made to race, they are fully sentient and know what they are doing but don't show emotions. Gelorum, however, takes this to another level and shows constant desires of revenge out of hate and spite for her creators and humans for replacing their existence in the races while most drones under her command are emotionless machines.

Heinous standard

The Silencerz barely do anything that could count as vile besides targeting racing drones, avoiding to kill or hurt human enemies and stay on line all the time. Other racing drones, most notable the RD-L1, is merely following her orders all the time and barely act on his own. Even if you gather all the atrocities committed in this show, none of them surpass Gelorum in this regard as she carries most of all evil acts committed in the show.

Transforming two human prisoners into drones against their will, furthermore, the two were conscious and forced to watch and feel everything, killing her own subordinates for little mistakes and then attempting to kill her own creators and commit genocide on all humanity because they replaced her as the true racers of the Acceleracers' realms.

Ah yes, in case you did not notice, this is a kid's show...


From my point of view, easy yes.

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