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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 16 March

PE Removal - Elesis' Bloody Queen

This is a removal of a character that I proposed back in 2019 but now with fixed translation, it's safe to say this character does not belong in PE category.

From all playable characters in the game, the female character Elesis, has the most heinous Evil Path of all characters, this path is called Bloody Queen. While most of their Evil Path are downplayed as Anti-Heroes, Vigilantes, or Anti-Villains, Elesis' Bloody Queen path is downplayed as a pure and complete villainous version of the heroine with a twisted genocidal agenda and cannibalistic tendencies.

Elesis is Elsword's older sister, and a strong and calculating warrior who travels the world to improve her swordsmanship. At 16, she had already traveled far to become a better swordfight…

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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 19 April 2020

Pure Evil Proposal - Gelorum

  • 1 What is the setting?
  • 2 Who is she and what she does?
  • 3 Moral agency
  • 4 Heinous standard
  • 5 Veridict

Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers is a 2005-2006 computer-animated series of four films produced by Canadian company Mainframe Entertainment, still the best Hot Wheels show out there. Being the sequel of the World Race, the cartoon features two street-racing teams called Metal Maniacs and Teku that get involved in a ultra-dimensional race under the command of Dr. Tezla.

In these cosmic races, the two teams must win to get the legendary Accelechargers, cards that give the vehicles of the racers special abilities. However, it seems Teku and the Metal Maniacs are not alone in these races as two mysterious teams called Racing Drones (ancient robots who desires to us…

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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 25 January 2020

PE Proposal: Scarface (Animals of Farthing Wood) (Archived)

  • Original:

Time for a new proposal, this time, one of my favorite animated villains. Scarface.

  • 1 Who is he and what he has done
  • 2 Heinous Standard
  • 3 Redeeming qualities
  • 4 Veridict

Scarface is a blue fox in White Deer Park, the second most powerful animal after the Great White Stag. But when Fox and the Farthing Wood animals arrive, Scarface takes an instant dislike to them, mainly Fox. After he is forced to give up some land to the Farthing Wood animals, he gets real pissed about it, going out of his way to try and make sure the animals die. This leads to him attacking and killing Mrs. Vole while on Farthing Wood land, breaking the rul…

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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 24 January 2020

PE Proposal - Audrey Redheart (Archived)


  • Original:

Ever since I made this page, I've been waiting to effortpost this character from the recently released indie game, Wandersong. This is a very different type of character than the usual pure evil type, but I believe they count all the same... and it is not due to hate-sink bias. BTW this post has spoilers and this game is rly good so if you dont wanna be spoiled dont read it.

Wandersong is a musical-adventure video game released in September. In it, you play as a bard who learns that every "epoch", the world is destroyed and a new one is sung into existence by the goddess Eya. To destroy the current world, Eya chooses a hero to kill off the seven Overseers, the dieties holding the…

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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 21 January 2020

PE Permission

To be part of PE category in this wiki, you need to have experts working with it selectivity are necessary to keep order in our grounds. This is nothing personal, it's just we want to keep this wiki safe from abuse and do what is necessary to keep this place clean.

  • 1 Permission to make PE proposals
    • 1.1 Punishment
  • 2 Update in Votes
    • 2.1 Punishment
  • 3 Knowledge Update

Discussed in the discord channel, the Villains Wiki will now have a Special List of users that will be allowed to propose PE candidates in order to separate the trusted users from those who are just in this wiki for the PE category--selecting the reliable and the problematic. The users in the list are the ONLY ones that will be allowed to make PE blogposts. The users listed in the list are …

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