Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 20 January 2020

Pure Evil Proposal - Amachi

I have been watching the classic Naruto series that is not really that famous compared to Shippuden. In the mean time, I remembered there was a villain from the filler arcs that I watched around 12 years ago.

Amachi was a medical-nin and scientist that was working to Orochimaru in one of his facilities that is part of latter's Hidden Village of Sound and terrorised the people of the Land of the Sea into making them think the sacred Demon Island was cursed by a demon that spirited away innocent villagers.

As a scientist working to Orochimaru, Amachi was a sick, twisted and ambitious scientist that used Orochimaru's resources to further his own scientific curiousity and had no interested in Orochimaru's cause besides profiting of his support …

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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 12 January 2020

New PE Rules (2020 edition)

Villains Wiki is among the top 10 most visited and edited wikis of fandom, that's a fact. With that said, it's more than normal the staff of this wiki needs to tight our security methods, mainly the Pure Evil Proposal that is now a fundamental part of this wiki to regulate the movement of Pure Evil category. 

These are the new rules of PE category 2020 for now:

You can read all of our rules in our special page.

  1. False Information: It has become very clear some users are writing false information in proposals to "boost" the votes of other users and to push the PE candidate into the category without any debate. The introduction of fake acts and evil deeds in the proposal will result in the immediate deletion of the proposal and 3 days of block t…
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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 26 September 2019

PE Proposal - Ishtar (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

For the second Danmachi villain to be approved as PE, here is Ishtar, the Goddess of Beauty.

  • 1 What's the Work
  • 2 Who is she and what she has done
  • 3 Freudian excuse and mitigating factors
  • 4 Heinous standard
  • 5 Conclusion

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is a fantasy light novel, manga, game and anime franchise that is also known as Danmachi.

The story takes place in the fictional city of Orario to when gods all came down seeking excitement, limiting their divine powers to perceive and experience the hardships that thrives on the lower world. Offering mortals to fight monsters assorted in an underground labyrinth known as Dungeon. Adventurers visit the dungeon to defeat monsters and take their crystal shards, which are used to craft magic…

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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 18 September 2019

New PE Rules

Since it has comes to this, we must be more harsh with users in the wiki. We fixed the issues with new and inexperienced users proposing villains to PE, that's good. But another greater problem appeared that is users joining the wiki only to vote for proposals. We are NOT "Pure Evil Wiki", we are "Villains Wiki" and if you joined our wiki then you must be here to help us or contribuite to our wiki instead of being around only voting for random proposals.

As if it wasn't enough, it has become more than clear that there are some using sockpuppets accounts to vote in proposals to further their own agenda and counter the winning votes. With that said, this is our new rules for PE Proposals' votes:

"To counteract the use of excessive sockpuppetry…

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Sirin of the Void Sirin of the Void 5 September 2019

PE Proposal - Great Overseer of Schicksal

Another villain for Honkai Impact 3rd. By this point, it's unnecessary to have the "What's the Work" section so let's jump straight into the guy.

  • 1 Who is he? What he has done?
  • 2 Heinous Standard?
  • 3 Mitigating Factors?
  • 4 Final Veridict

The Great Overseer of Schicksal was the Bishop of Schicksal organization back in 15th century and was the father of Otto Apocalypse. As the founder of Schicksal, he claimed he established the organization to fight the Houkai but it was revealed he was nothing but an old greedy megalomaniac who tried to take over the world using the power of the Houkai to fulfill his own agenda.

When the Houkai's presence grew up in Europe, Otto's father founded the Schicksal organization, a religious group he created following the dow…

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