For this proposal, I am talking about Biff Tannen from Back to the Future. This will be a bit confusing as Biff appears ]in several different time periods and timelines. However, he is really just the same character with different resources.

What's the Work?

Back to the Future is a science-fiction comedy trilogy about a teenager named Marty McFly and a Scientist named Dr. (Doc) Emmett Brown. Doc invented a time machine in a Delorean and the two travel though time, often accidentally messing up timelines which they then need to fix. On their adventures, they often run into some version of Buford (Biff) Tannen, or his ancestor/descendant. Biff and his relatives are the main antagonists of the series, though Biff is the one they encounter the most.

Who is he/What has he done

As I said, this is confusing because Biff appears in different time periods and timelines, so I will organize him accordingly.


This version of Biff starts out as an ordinary bully who bullies George McFly and and sexually harrasses Lorraine. However, he shows his true colors when he attempts to rape Lorraine. He also physically assaults George, Lorrainne, and Marty.


This is the first version of Biff we see. He is mostly just a bully who forces George to do his work for him. He also destroyed George's car and then tried to make George pay for it.


This is the most tame version of Biff as he was beaten by George and Marty in 1955. To be clear, it is not that he isn;t evil anymore, it is that he lacks resources.


This is by far the most evil version of Biff, as he has the most resouces. His older self (see below) gave him an almanac that told him the winner of every sports match in the end of the 20th century. Biff used this to become rich and essentially take over Hill Valley. He murdered George McFly and then forced Lorraine to marry him. He regularly raped and beat Lorraine, and also abused her children. He is also responsible for the massive increase in crime and murder in Hill Valley, and likely other places in the US. When Marty confronts Biff, Biff attempts to murder him.


This version of Biff is a continuation of 1985B, so is also relatively tame. However, he takes the Almanac, steals the Delorean, and uses it to give the Almanac to his younger self in 1955.

Heinous Standard

Back to the Future has a fairly high heinous standard, which includes rape and murder. Various versions of Biff have committed actual and attempted murder, and actual and attempted rape, among other crimes. While different versions of him are more evil than others, that only reflects on the amount of resources he has. Essentially, Biff is always as evil as his resources allow him to be, which is what makes him so evil.

The orher most evil character in the series is Biff;s great great Grandfather Mad Dog Tannen. While both are extremely evil (and maybe I'll also do a PE proposal for Mad Dog another time), I think Biff, especially from 1985A, is easily just as, if not more evil than Mad Dog.

Mitigating Factors

None. Biff has never shown to have any morality at all. He does not care about his Grandmother or Lorraine. He doesn't even seem to have a tragic backstory, he just is evil. 

Final Verdict

When you consider his willingness to commit murder and rape on multiple occasions, I think he definetly qualifies as PE.

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