I've been thinking a lot about whether Merope Gaunt from the Harry Potter franchise should count as a villain.

Merope Gaunt is the mother of Lord Voldemort. She is a tragic character who was heavily abused by her father and brother. 

Reasons why she may count as a villain.

1) Merope Gaunt used a love potion on Tom Riddle Sr. To make him fall in love with her. He left his fiance and married her instead. This makes Merope a brainwasher.

2) This one is a bit tricky. Merope slept with Riddle while he was under the influence of the love potion. This may make her a rapist. It is debatable, because since he was under the influence of the potion, he wanted to sleep with her at the time. It is definitely ethically wrong, but whether it is actual rape is a matter for debate.

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