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"I want you to release all the monsters. I want the earthlings to see they're infants. They are nothing more than livestock. We shall destroy their civilization. Their long chair of civilization is about to be wiped out. The poor humans. It's almost sad."

Controller X is pure evil.

What's the work

Controller X is the main antagonist of the 2004 kaiju film, Godzilla: Final Wars. GFW is the final instalment of the Millenium series of the Godzilla franchise. It is also the 50th anniversary film of Godzilla.

Who is he

Controller X, or just X, is a member of the race called the Xiliens led by the Controller of Planet X, who revealed themselves to Earth under the guise of saving them from an asteroid, although they are actually just trying to survive off of humans' mitochondria. The Controller of Planet X wanted what was best for his people and wanted to do it as peacefully as possible, keeping his capture of human leaders in secret. However X has his own plans - actually wanting to use Earth's monsters as well as their superior weaponary to bring humanity to their knees. He then kills the Controller, becomes the ruler of the Xiliens and mind controls the monsters, using them to conquer Earth.

Heinous factor

X is arguably the most evil Godzilla villain, and shares many similarities with King Ghidorah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Throughout the film he commits multiple atrocities.

  • He kills his former leader in cold blood so he can become all powerful over the Xiliens.
  • Turns the Xiliens into his own mindless slaves and henchmen and has them kill for him.
  • He enslaves all Earth's monsters and sends them to destroy Earth's cities and locations (Rodan attacks New York City, Zilla attacks Sydney, Anguirus attacks Shanghai, King Caesar attacks Okinawa, Kamacuras attacks Paris, Kumonga attacks Phoenix, Arizona, and Ebirah attacks Tokai), resulting in vast destruction and countless deaths.
  • He views humans as nothing but cattle, and wishes to enslave them and/or wipe them out (implied to be both - turning them into his food supply), and conquer the Earth for himself.
  • Tries to brainwash the protagonist, Ozaki, into serving him. After he breaks free, he attempts to kill him and takes pleasure in harming him when he gains the upper hand in the fight.
  • After he is defeated by Ozaki, he sets his own ship to self-destruct so that they die with him.

Mitigating factors

Unlike his former master, he has no compassion. While he is mentally unstable, it is due to his violence and superiority complex.


He is pure evil.

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