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Your voice is different, yet... its arrogance is unchanged. Welcome to my new empire, Doctor. It is only fitting that you should bear witness to the resurrection and the triumph of Davros, lord and creator of... the Dalek race.
~ Davros in The Stolen Earth

This is probably the most well known villain I've done a proposal on. Davros is pure evil.

What's the work

Davros is one of the main antagonists of Doctor Who, alongside The Master.

Doctor Who is a long running British science fiction tv show. It follows an ancient alien known as The Doctor, who is a Time Lord - the oldest, wisest and most advanced race in the universe - that regenerates consistently, gaining a new human appearance in the process. He explores the universe throughout time, using a time travelling ship known as the TARDIS, often takes up a human companion, and encounters numerous alien species, most notable the Daleks - an aliens species encased in metal casing who battled against the Time Lords in a war known as the Time War.

Who is he?

Davros is the creator of the Daleks (the main antagonistic faction of Doctor Who), who as stated before, where an alien species that battled against the Time Lords in the Time War. Davros was originally a scientist from the planet Skaro. Due to Skaro being in a War between the Kaleds and Thals, he created the Daleks through genetic engineering, only for the Daleks to wipe out both the Thal and Kaled races, save for himself. The Daleks would become a powerful force in the Universe.

Davros would return many times, improving his Daleks to wipe out or subjugate all other life with himself at their head and achieved the extermination of countless life forms. There would be a Dalek Civil War, between Davros and his Daleks and the Dalek Emperor. During the Time War, Davros led his creations but he was presumed to have perished. However, he was brought to modern day by Dalek Caan via time travel (Emergency Temporal Shift), leading him to create a new race of Daleks.

Heinous factor

Aside from the countless wars for genocide the Daleks he created caused, Davros was truly a omnicidal maniac.

Once his superiors, Davros engineered their extinction. He wished to use the Daleks to wipe out all life with him at the top with ultimate power. He accomplished the extinction of numerous species. Through his creations, he caused trillions of deaths and innumerable wars across the universe. He even betrayed his own Daleks when they brought him back for help with a virus, as he attempted to wipe them out with the virus and develop a new breed of Daleks loyal to him, wanting them under his command. He stated he would also unleash the virus to end all life just because he could.

When he came to the modern world in The Stolen Earth and Journey's End, he captured 27 planets (including Earth) - several of which were populated - and used them for his own ends. He let his Daleks loose on the Earth, murdering, destroying and capturing humans for testing (which would intentionally take their lives). His overall plan was to use the 27 Planets as a giant transmitter for his weapon - the Reality Bomb - a weapon that destroyed all matter down to destroying the atoms. He wished to use this weapon to wipe out all life in the entire universe, as well as every dimension and parallel universe. He wished to destroy all of reality and existence.

Davros would later manipulate the Doctor and take advantage of his guilt and pity to sap his regeneration energy to create Dalek-Time Lord Hybrids.

Davros wants to become a god, and have power as such.

Comparison to other Doctor Who villains

Davros is arguably one of the two most evil Doctor Who villains, alongside Rassilon, and among the most evil characters in all fiction.

His crimes far exceed the Master. The Master let his forces loose on the Earth and wished to "decimate" them, similar to Davros letting the Daleks loose on Earth. However, Davros has committed far more genocides than the Master could dream and his greatest crime of attempting to destroy all of existence dwarfs the Master's actions. He was only rivalled by Rassilon, who brought about the end of time and existence.

Redeeming factor

None. He was motivated by lust of power and control, wanting to ascend to be a god, despite having a Freudian Excuse. He also pretended to be redeemed only as a trick.

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