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Note: This proposal is about the Remake version of Don Corneo, not the original version of Don Corneo from the 1997 Final Fantasy VII.

"Pop quiz time, kiddo! Villains like us only divulge our evil plans... in a certain situation. But what is that situation, hm?"

Don Corneo is a major antagonist in the video game, Final Fantasy VII Remake. He is pure evil.

What's the work?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a 2020 remake of the iconic 1997 video game, Final Fantasy VII. It is set in a dystopian cyberpunk world (initally the city of Midgar) and follows mercenary Cloud Strife who joins the terrorist group AVALANCHE who battle against the corrupt world-destroying megacorporation, Shinra Inc. As the story goes on, Cloud (alongside his allies Tifa, Aerith, Barrett and Red XIII) tries to defeat his arch enemy Sephiroth, a former elite SOLDIER gone insane who wishes to destroy the planet, while also uncovering his own pass. In the Remake, Sephiroth attempts to alter the events of Final Fantasy VII in order to emerge victorious.

Who is he?

He is a Mafiosa-style crime lord who rules over the Wall Market district in Sector 6 of Midgar. A lecherous mobster, he has his goons scout out beautiful women for him to audition to be one of his "brides" that he forces himself onto before feeding them to the monster Abzu in the sewers once he was done with them or if they resisted him. Shinra cut a deal with him, willing to overlook his criminal lifestyle and offering him a piece of Neo Midgar should he provide them with slum knowledge.

What had he done?

Don Corneo is a serial rapist who enjoys choosing between a selection of beautiful women to be his "bride" so he can forcefully rape them and do anything he wants to them, whether they are willing or unwilling. He outright disregards anytime one of his victim's say "No" to anything and enjoys mentally breaking them. The women that don't suit his tastes as much as the chosen bride, he uncaringly leaves for his lackey's to rape. Once he grows tired of his bride, he drops them into the sewers for his pet monster Abzu to devour, and then decides to move onto another. He does this with Tifa, Aerith and Cloud (while disguised as a woman) where he chooses between the three of them and has done it countless times before.

He provided Shinra with information, so they wouldn't end his criminal activities and because they would give him a piece of Neo Midgar once it was created, and because he was fearful of Shinra.

He feeds his enemies to Abzu in the sewers.

Corneo was completely aware that Shinra was going to bomb and destroy all of Sector 7 and kill many lives and destroy homes in the process and was completely rooting for it as he would profit off of it. This shows he only cares himself and his own self-interests and is happy for countless innocents to die for it.

Even his own men despise him. Leslie Kyle, for example, despises him and seeks revenge against him for what he did to his fiancée. Corneo also attempts to murder him with no remorse. Even the loved ones of his henchmen are not

Moral Event Horizon

He crosses the MEH by:

  • Raping countless women and then feeding them to Abzu.
  • Leaving his rejected brides to be raped by his goons.
  • Supporting Shinra's bombing of Sector 7.
  • Feeding his enemies to Abzu.

Heinous Standard

He is far more evil than his original counterpart due to having more screen time and committing more crimes. When compared to the other antagonists of the Final Fantasy 7 verse:

  • Sephiroth - While Sephiroth's plan to destroy the entire planet using Meteor and rule the entire universe as a god was on a larger scale than anything Don Corneo could do, that's because Corneo had different goals, prioritising his own profit and rapist lusts and he didn't have the power to do that like Sephiroth did. Also, Don Corneo doesn't have a tragic past, like Sephiroth did.
  • President Shinra (Remake) - President Shinra's bombing of Sector 7 was something Don Corneo couldn't do due to lacking the resources of controlling all Shinra Inc. However, Corneo supported Shinra's bombing of Sector 7 due to profiting off of it, showing that he was just as evil as Shinra as they both supported that crime just for their own interest. Also Corneo's serial rape and then murder of women is an action unique to him.
  • Professor Hojo - Hojo's unethical experimentations and torturing of Aerith is comparable to Corneo's treatment of his "brides".

Mitigating factors

None. Don Corneo acknowledges he is a villain and doesn't care at all about his actions or the wrongdoings of anyone.