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"This time you'll have a chance to shoot me, but not in the back."

El Indio is a villain who is already in the pure evil category but he hasn't been conclusively approved as one, so here I will argue for why he is pure evil.

What's the Work

El Indio is the main antagonist of the 1965 film, For A Few Dollars More. For A Few Dollars More is the second instalment in the Dollars trilogy, which is a trilogy of spaghetti westerns directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood.

Who is he

El Indio is a leader of a gang of outlaws with a bounty of $10,000 on his head. He wanted to rob the bank of El Paso and steal the near $1 million from it. The Man with No Name (AKA Monco) and Colonel Mortimer were forced to join forces to take him down.

Heinous Factor

El Indio was considered to be the most evil criminal in the land. He was extremely sadistic and cruel, killing an innocent woman and a 18 month old child whilst their father/husband listened, out of spite. He also enjoyed torturing Monco and Mortimer (only keeping them alive as they had use to him). He also killed Mortimer's brother-in-law and raped his sister, driving her to suicide.

He was very treacherous and only cared about money and his ego, leaving only one man alive so they could spread his name. There are many examples of his treachery. Once he learned of the secret information about El Paso from a cellmate, he killed them so only he would know. He also planned on having all his gang and the bounty hunters kill each other leaving all the money for him. He would accomplish this by killing one of his own men and framing them (the bounty hunters) for it. Even his gun duels were dishonourable as he has his opponent listen to a pocket watch and picking up their gun when the tune ends. As he knew when the tune ended, he had an unfair advantage.

Mitigating factors

None. He never shows any remorse or tragedy. The closest excuse you could make is that he is a crazy drug-addict, but that would be a weak Freudian Excuse at best and irrelevant to his character worst, being merely a substance he enjoys.


He definitely qualifies and should be approved as PE.

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