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"Behold the Real Dragon Warrior!"

Ke-Pa is pure evil.

What's the work

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is an animated tv series set in the Kung Fu Panda franchise, which is a comedy kung fu action series set in a version of ancient China populated by anthropomorphic talking animals and revolves around a bumbling panda named Po, a kung fu enthusiast, who is foretold to be a legendary warrior known as the Dragon Warrior and is trained by kung fu master Shifu into becoming said warrior.

Who is he

Ke-Pa is a dragon like demon who, alongside other demons, ruled over the Valley of Peace, until Oogway imprisoned the Demons in the Underworld using the Hero's Chi. Ke-Pa would have his power stripped by the Valley's Peach Tree and imprisoned in the mortal body of a pig. However, when the Peach Tree began to die, he would regain his former power and bring the demons back into the mortal world, using the Hero's Chi.

Heinous factor

  • Ruled over the Valley of Peace for many years and anyone who entered was driven off or killed.
  • Brutally attacked and beat up Oogway after he had exhausted himself, and nearly killed him.
  • Wished to unleash the demons from the Underworld so that as he would have an army to carry out his goals.
  • Needing the Hero's Chi to release the demons, he threatened to devour the villagers if he wasn't given it.
  • Threatened to kill Fung and his son if they didn't help him.
  • Tried to crush Shifu and kill him to obtain the Hero's Chi.
  • When he found out that Po had the Hero's Chi, he successfully killed him and obtained the Hero's Chi (Po would be revived by a new Peach Tree).
  • Once he unleashed the Demons, he unleashed them on the citizens of the Valley, ordering them to kill them all.
  • Wanted to conquer all of China and then the entire world.
  • Wanted to exterminate all mortals in the world.
  • Once Po re-imprisoned the Demons, he sadistically attacked and tortured Po and attempted to kill him, before being killed himself.

Mitigating factors

None. He didn't have an honour or tragedy. He certainly just wanted his Demon army as a means to an end so he could take over the world.

Comparison to other villains

  • Tai Lung - While Tai Lung did cause destruction to the Valley and was a threat to it, it wasn't on a global scale and he wasn't hegemonic or genocidal.
  • Lord Shen - Shen committed genocide on the Pandas and wished to China and possibly the world. However, Ke-Pa was also on this scale, wishing to conquer the world and commit genocide. The genocide he would commit was even larger, as he wanted to kill all mortals, not just Pandas. Also, unlike Shen, Ke-Pa had no honour or insecurity.
  • Kai - Kai wanted to wipe out the Pandas of the Panda village, like Shen. This is once again smaller than Ke-Pa's mortal genocide.
  • Jindiao - He wanted to wipe out the pandas of Panda Village, while Ke-Pa wanted to wipe out all mortals. Also, it is unclear if Jindiao wanted to rule the world, while Ke-Pa outright wanted to.


He is Pure Evil.

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