Sppople Sppople 18 November 2017

Most evil villains in Fiction (In my opinion)

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Sppople Sppople 1 December 2016

Frank Grimes Page?

Do you think there should be a page for Frank Grimes, from The Simpsons​? I personally think he should be as, while he isn't evil, he did become a villain at the end of the episode, wanting to humiliate Homer, who he absolutely hated. He is likely a Tragic Villain, or a Villain by Proxy, or a True Neutral, so he is on par with other villains on the wiki. He even has an evil laugh and villainous breakdown. 

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Sppople Sppople 11 November 2016

Most Evil Comic Book Villains

Note: i'm mainly refering to Marvel and DC.

There are a huge roster of Comic Book Villains, and many of them are some of the greatest and most iconic and recognisable villains in all of fiction. Instead of listing the common "best comic villains list", I'll do a list on what, in my opinion, are the most evil Comic Book Villains.

10. Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker

9. Norman Osborn

8. Apocalypse

7. Dormammu

6. Thanos (At his worst)

5. Ultron

4. Red Skull

3. Darkseid

2. The Joker

1. Carnage

Tell me your list in the comments below.

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Sppople Sppople 13 July 2016

Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth Misconception

On the Yog-Sothoth page, it states that Yog-Sothoth is more powerful than Azathoth ("Equal and possibly superior to Azathoth himself").

I personally strongly think that Azathoth is more powerful as Yog-Sothoth is merely part of Azathoth's dream, Azathoth is the closest thing to a god in the Lovecraft Universe and Azathoth is truely Omnipotent.

In the comments can you give your thoughts on who is more powerful so we can edit the Yog-Sothoth page (which is a headlined article) to be of a better quality. 

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Sppople Sppople 13 January 2016

Most evil type of villain besides Complete Monster

Villains who are classed as Complete Monsters are considered to be the worst of villains. But what do you think is the second worst type of villain?

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