What is the work?

Total Drama is an animated reality show parody of Survivor where contestants are put in teams and compete in challenges where losing teams vote someone off. Around the halfway point of the season the teams merge and it is every contestant for themself, until only one contestant is left, that contestant wins 100,000 dollars or a million in the later seasons cases.

Despite being a parody, the show can get dark at times....and that brings to my candidate

Who is she? What MEHs has she crossed?

Scarlett is a contestant of the second half of the fifth season, Total Drama Pahiktew Islsnd. Starting out as a lowkey "smart girl". Scarlett is slowly revealed to be a much darker and eviler character than initially presented.

Although offscreen, it is stated that as a kid she had programmed her brother's toys to attack him every night for six years simply for pulling her hair. She apathetically claims that he's still in therapy from it.

In her final episode it is revealed that the island the comtestants are on is artificial and controlled by a super computer which happens to be going haywire and is set to self destruct in an hour.

Chris taskes the contestants with finding the computer and disarming it before it self destructs. Scarlett finds the computer first, hoqever rather than shutting it down Scarlett threatens to let it sekf destruct unless she is given the million dollars.

She is defeated when she is tricked into opening the door to the control room leaving her open to a beating at the hands of Sugar.

Heinous Standard?

She attempted to blow up Pahiktew Island which had five comtestants on it, and there is reason to believe interns were on it as well. While there are plenty of nasty antagonists most of them have either redeeming qualities or don't quite pass the baseline standard.

While Chris in the long run has possibly done worse. Chris is the main villain of the entire franchise and Scarlett was really only the villain of one episode but yet still manages to rack up a fair attempted body count tells me Scarlett may likely be worse if she was a host.

Even though she only has one really bad action, we have had villains that have counted with only one such action (Steele, Dr. Facilier, etc).

Redeeming Qualities?

None. She was only pretending to be nice to the contestants but was willing to sacrifice their lives once her true nature was revealed.

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