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You know, This Trash is a f**king serial abuser. He is hate sink who abused children and sold them over.

Yes, this time with the villain from Penthouse: War In Life. Why would i put this guy on the PE Proposal and not Dan Tae Joo? Yes, Dan Tae Joo is Penthouse's main antagonist, and it's also true that he's very sadistic. But Dan Tae Joo has two BIG redeeming qualities. However, this man and Sang Heon Cho, are absolutely not. I'll write a proposal for Sang Heon Jo later, but. this time is this man first.

What's The Work?

The Penthouse: War in Life franchise is a 2020 ~ 2021 thriller drama that airs on SBS, a Korean TV station. This drama was directed by writer Soon-ok Kim and director Dong-min Joo.

This drama reveals the dirty side of the upper class and deals with dark topics such as school violence, the gap between the rich and the poor, the war for entrance exams, and domestic violence.

Who Is Hyung Sik Min?/What Has He Done?

Hyung Sik Min is A minor antagonist of the 2020 ~ 2021 South Korean television series The Penthouse : War in life. He is the former director of Somang Orphanage, where Seol A Min grew up, and the owner of the golf driving range.

He is Abuser who abused children including Seol A Min. Together with his boss, Sang-heon Cho (Another Possible PE in Penthouse), he harvested organs from orphanage children and sold them, including Seol A Min, who was adopted by Logan Lee's family. In addition, when Seol A Min was dismissed as a thief, it was learned that he broke his promise to Seol A Min and subjected the children to labor, starving, etc. When he did, he assaulted Seol A Min with a broomstick.

now, He later became the owner of a driving range, where he met Seol A Min's biological mother, Su Ryeon Shim, and when asked about Seol A Min's adoptive parents, he did not respond. Afterwards, he was found guilty of a crime he had committed and sent to prison, and he threatened Su Ryeon Shim with an expensive lawyer, or Dan Tae Joo that Seol A Min was her real daughter. Also, Su Ryeon Shim succeeded in burning up the revelations he wrote, but this time he threatened her with her release from prison.

However, this was Su Ryeon Shim's operation, who had Su Ryeon Shim tricked Dan Tae Joo into thinking he was a Hera club blackmailer, who deceived Dan Tae Joo and ordered his secretary, Ho Young Jo, to tell Ho Young Jo. He is murdered and his death is disguised as a suicide.

Mitigating Factors/Freudian Excuses

NO. Unlike Dan Tae Joo, he has no tragic background and no redeeming qualities. Dan Tae Joo despaired and regretted the fact that he had killed his childhood friend and first love, Ay Gyo Na, and despite abandoning his real name, Jun Ki Baek, to live as Dan Tae Joo, he still genuinely love his mother and younger sister. How much he still loves his mother and sister, he tried to commemorate his mother and sister by building Dan Tae Joo Village in the Cheonsu District where his mother and sister died. This is why Dan Tae Joo can't be a Pure Evil. But not this man. He had no affection for children, and he abused children and sold them to Cho Sang-heon, contributing greatly to the organ harvesting project of Congressman Sang Heon Cho.

Overall, he is the most irredeemable villain alongside Sang Heon Cho. Also, there is no description of him genuinely caring for Sang Heon Cho.

Heinous Standards

The Penthouse: War in Life franchise has a bit high standards. Here we will explain the villains who exceed this standard.

  • Dan Tae Joo (The Real Jun Ki Baek): He was the main antagonist of the Penthouse, who killed a total of 7 people, tortured Seol A Min along with Seojin Cheon, used a service thug to destroy a local supermarket, abused his children Seok Hoon Joo and Seok Kyung Joo, and Rona In addition to trying to kill Bae by stabbing a piece of the trophy in the head, he also launched a massive terrorism in Hera Palace.
  • Seojin Cheon: along with Dan Tae Joo, she tortured Seol A Min, and cut Yoon Hee Oh's throat with the blade of the trophy so that Yoon Hee Oh could never play soprano again, even though she truly loved her daughter Eun Byul Ha. Although she loved her, it is true that Seojin Cheon mentally abused her. And, crucially, she indirectly murdered her father.
  • Eun Byul Ha: She is now Redeemed, but judging by her evil deeds, she is the most heinous of the teenage characters. She attempted murder by slitting Rona Bae's neck with shards of a trophy, and considering that attempted murder or one murder is the most heinous crime in the Penthouse series, she's exceeded the heinous standards.
  • Sang Heon Cho: He traded children's organs with Hyung Sik Min, which is a very unique crime.

well, He's a minor antagonist, but he's used his resources to the fullest. He abused children and sold their organs with Sang Heon Cho. Even organ trading is a very unique crime that not even Dan Tae Joo has committed. Moreover, the child abuse he committed is a very heinous crime.

Final Verdict

Yes for this A**hole.