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Since TV Tropes apparently thinks he’s the worst of the worst, I wanted to hear what you thought.Since not everyone here is a troper, I’ll explain. He’s a one-shot villain from Archie’s Weird Mysteries.

Who Is He?

Mr. Avericci is a human man, or at least was. Nowadays he’s a demonic creature who collects souls. He’s got a debt to repay and he’ll do anything to do so.

What Has He Done?

Mr. Avericci sold his soul to the devil (at least, he’s implied to be the devil) to satiate his incredible greed. Back when he was human, he was an enormous shopaholic. So the devil wouldn’t take his soul, he planned to give him other people’s souls instead. So he opened up a mall in order to do so. Soon after the mall opens, it has a negative impact on small businesses. But this isn’t the worst part, oh no.

Archie and his friends arrive only to discover they don’t have money for shopping with. Fortunately, Mr. Avericci is willing to help them.

However, it’s actually a trap, as Mr. Avericci turns people into mannequins once they use up the money on their cards. Presumably when he closes up shop he’ll sell their souls to pay back El Diablo. They are aware of what has happened to them but there’s nothing they can do.

Due to the hypnotic music playing at his store, nobody realizes what is going on, though Archie DOES realize that people are missing at his school. Eventually, only Jughead is left. However, after he realizes his favorite restaurant is going out of business, he rips up his card, causing Mr. Avericci’s illusion to shatter. He then rescues everyone, because status quo is god. However, one could only imagine what would happen to Archie and his friends if he succeeded.

Redeeming Qualities?

He may seem polite, but it’s all just an act. He’s desperate to pay off his debt, but he’s willing to sacrifice others to save his own skin.

Plus, it’s his fault for selling his soul in the first place. And of course, he didn’t need to turn people into mannequins. That wasn’t part of the deal.

Heinous Standard

Compared to other villains on this show, he isn’t generic. He does have comedic moments, but they don’t humanize him. Besides, he renounced his humanity some time ago. And Archie is generally a light-hearted work, though this series is slightly darker. Many villains of the show are comedic, but the show takes him very seriously.

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