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Just one glance at this guy and it's pretty obvious he is an evil foe. Seriously, look at him. He's probably the worst villain Ninjago has to offer. Doesn't help he literally introduces himself as "The Destructor" and "Bringer of Doom".

Okay, one other Ninjago candidate from me, and at the moment, he seems to be the last one.

Out of the three candidates so far, he’s arguably the worst, which really is saying a lot considering the first candidate was a genocidal maniac who killed his own father and wanted to exterminate the human race since he was even a child, and the other was a manipulative psychopath who manipulated one of the series's most admirable characters into becoming a total monster who took over an entire realm, froze a bunch of people, and committed genocide on the yetis. Ladies, gentlemen, and anyone else, allow me to introduce you all to the evil leader of the Oni, the Omega.

You know, it honestly shocks me that a show clearly made to market LEGOs can have such a massive lore and some really dark and vile villains. The Omega… oh boy. He makes both Vex, Kalmaar, and even the Overlord look like nothing if I am going to be honest, which really should be saying a lot considering that those three are EVIL.

Well, shall we begin this proposal for Ninjago's possibly most heinous villain to this date?

What's the work?

Like I said last time, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is an ongoing Canadian animated series based on the popular LEGO brand of the same name. The show mainly focuses on six Ninja who all have elemental powers (though mainly Lloyd, the Green Ninja) who protect Ninjago from multiple evil forces. The series has fourteen seasons and a fifteenth is on the way.

The season I will be talking about today, however, will be season 10, which was the final part of The Oni Trilogy. Season 10 mainly focuses on the Ninja with the help of Garmadon fighting the Oni, who ultimately plan on destroying each of the sixteen realms. The season has… strangely, only four episodes, and in my opinion, the season (while not awful) felt a little rushed and disappointing, especially considering the Omega is kinda forgettable despite the fact that he has probably the worst goal within the entire series. Probably would have worked better if it was a normal-sized season.

Who is the Omega and what did he do/Moral Event Horizon?

The Omega is the ruthless and evil leader of the Oni race, a race of demonic beings destined to take over and destroy all realms and supposedly one of the first evils in all of existence. He plans on destroying each of the sixteen realms and ruling over what remains of them, that being a lifeless, dark land. He is also the main antagonist of The Oni Trilogy.

Alongside the rest of his Oni, he would begin his reign of terror by invading and attacking the First Realm, turning countless people and dragons into statues by spreading their darkness. Only one person and one dragon were able to escape, that being Faith and Firstbourne. Soon, the Omega would tap into the Realm Crystal, being held inside of the Borg Tower, and spread his darkness once more. His darkness spread throughout the entire Borg Tower, leading to everyone inside evacuating, though before it could spread anymore, the tower would be completely sealed… until he broke out.

Countless innocent people turned into lifeless statues... I shall forever question how this show got the TV-Y7 rating. Seriously this is nightmare fuel.

His clouds of darkness would soon begin to go through Ninjago City and terrorize the citzens, pulling countless people into clouds of darkness so they could be turned into frozen, lifeless statues. Pretty much EVERYONE who spent their last moments before being turned into something devoid of life in terror, as we hear the people screaming when they are turned, also implying that it may have been painful. This idea later seems to be supported by Cole who states that the clouds felt colder than anything he had ever touched.

Soon, the Omga’s clouds would engulf the entire city, turning presumably thousands of innocent people into stone. The only thing the Ninja knew they could was free Garmadon from his prison in order to defeat him. Garmadon would then reveal to the Ninja that the only way to stop the dark clouds from spreading would be destroying the Realm Crystal, and alongside his son, Lloyd, he would go on a mission to destroy the crystal in the Borg Tower.

The two Garmadons would soon find the crystal, but before Garmadon could destroy it, his attack would be blocked and he would be thrown against the wall. The Omega would then emerge from the darkness and attack the two, introducing himself as a destructor and bringer of doom.

After realizing that Garmadon is an Oni, he would immediately begin to question him why he was trying to save the realm from him. After Garmadon told him that he would not allow the Omega to destroy Ninjago, the Omega would then tell him to “perish with them”, and immediately after, he would make it clear to Lloyd and Garmadon that he would destroy the power of Creation, confirming his omnicidal goals of destroying each of the sixteen realms, and all that would remain is destruction.

The Omega would then question Garmadon for not attempting to conquer Ninjago, despite being an Oni himself and then attack both he and Lloyd. During their fight, Lloyd would destroy the Realm Crystal, thinking that would stop him and the Oni. However, the Omega would then confirm to Lloyd and Garmadon that would not be enough to stop him. The Omega would then summon his Oni to come in and kill them, causing Lloyd and Garmadon to flee, until they found the Golden Master’s armor which the Oni would not attack as they feared it.

Before Lloyd and Garmadon escaped the tower, he made it clear to them that there would be more Oni coming for them and that they would all be destroyed. He and his Oni would begin to chase the two until they were saved by Pixel.

Sometime later, the Omega would lead his Oni to the monastery for another attack on the Ninja, getting ready to achieve his ultimate goal and planning to kill everyone there, including the remaining people in Ninjago. Soon, a battle would ensue between the Ninja (with Garmadon) and the Oni, determining the fate of Ninjago and the rest of the sixteen realms.

Always have to hate the villains who taunt others over insecurities.

During the fight, the Omega fought Garmadon. During their fight, the Omega would toy with Garmadon, telling him he was only an Oni by form and taunted him about his insecurities of how he wants to understand human emotion and be like them. He would then take him down, and right here, the Ninja would begin to retreat due to the overwhelming amount of Oni and Garmadon being beaten.

The Ninja would barricade themselves within the monastery, trying to prevent the Omega from coming in. Alongside his Oni, he would begin to break down the door to finally kill them, once and for all, with the darkness beginning to come in to turn them to stone. Once they finally broke in, however, the Ninja (alongside Garmadon) formed the tornado of creation to finally defeat the Omega and the rest of the Oni by consuming them, ending the Omega’s reign of terror once and for all and freeing all of those who were petrified during his invasion.

What happened to the Omega is completely unknown, but it doesn’t seem like he will be returning anytime soon.

Mitigating Factors/Freudian Excuse?

Mistaké, an actually good Oni. Evidence not all Oni are evil and likely do have some sense of what is right and wrong.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking; does he have moral agency issues? Now, most of the Oni seem to be evil to say the least as they live to destroy, but it is worth noting that in the previous season, we learn that an elderly woman named Mistaké is indeed an Oni, and she was actually good. This further indicates that the Oni can know what is good and evil and choose between the two. This also applies to the Omega. So really, moral agency shouldn’t be too much of an issue for him.

Other than that, the Omega has none at all. While he may be hard to understand at times, he has a defined personality of a ruthless omnicidal maniac who wants to reset all of life in Ninjago and the other realms, and is shown to be hostile to those who stand in his way, such as Garmadon. He has absolutely no redeeming traits, not even seeming to care about his fellow Oni.

The Work's Heinous Standards?

Like I said last time, the heinous standard of Ninjago is VERY HIGH for a kids show, especially for one that is made to market LEGOs. It basically puts the Tales of Arcadia heinous standard to shame, which really should say a lot considering that series also had a bunch of seriously bad villains. For example:

  • General Vex - Ah yes, my previous candidate and one of the two Pure Evils from Ninjago. He manipulated Zane (one of the series’s most admirable protagonists) for decades, using him to steal the throne from Emperor Grimfax and take over the Never-Realm. He would then use the guy to commit genocide on all yetis and he froze countless innocent people, including his own tribe and one entire village. He’s most certainly the biggest hate sink the series has to offer.
  • Kalmaar - The series’s only other Pure Evil from the latest season as of writing. Like I said last time, he killed his own father to take over Merlopia and used Wojira to attempt to wipe out the human race.
  • The Overlord - Again, where to begin? He attempted to remake Ninjago in his own horrific image, and possessed Garmadon and tried to make him kill Lloyd, his own son, and he brainwashed countless citizens of Ninjago to help benefit with his plans.
  • Pythor - He released the Great Devourer onto Ninjago, which attempted to consume everything in its way and attacked the city, resulting in a lot of damage and the deaths of Harumi’s parents and presumably many others as well.
  • Lord Garmadon - Attempted to take over Ninjago and ultimately planned on rebuilding it, killed a robotic henchmen of his, and brutally attacked his son. He also assisted the Overlord in some of his crimes.
  • Master Chen - Literally started a war just because he was bored, resulting in countless deaths.

As I have said, the Ninjago heinous standard is high, but I think the Omega easily passes.

First off, he has ultimately the worst goal in the entire series, as he planned on destroying EACH of the sixteen realms in order to rule over a dark wasteland, meaning he attempted omnicide (the crime of destroying all of existence) on a mass scale. Any other omnicide attempt in the series prior was just simply on one realm, not multiple.

Had the Omega also succeeded in his goals, he would have ultimately had the highest kill count within the entire series as he would have destroyed a total of sixteen realms, filled with countless people in it. His count would have surpassed the Overlord's, Chen's, Vex's, and many others. His act of turning countless innocent people into lifeless statues is also quite unique for the Ninjago series, as no one else had done it before. The closest we got after that was Vex freezing a bunch of people, but still, he didn't turn them into these lifeless stone things. So yeah… he stands out quite easily.

Final Verdict?

For me, he's an easy yes. I'll let you all decide though.