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  • The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Anton Bartok from The Fly 2.

    Anton Bartok is the CEO of Bartok Industries and the benefactor of Brundlefly's experiments. He's a mad scientist who's responsible for motivating Martin Bundle into doing what he wants and then turn him into a fly monster like his father.

    When Seth mutated into a fly monster and died, Bartok tried to benefit from his experiments and take in the last two people who saw Seth alive, his pregnant girlfriend Veronica Quaife and Stathis Borans. Knowing she's pregnant with a mutant, Bartok lies to her convincing her that her baby will be normal. 

    At the time of the birth, which Bartok oversaw, Veronica dies of a cardiac arrest. The child was seemingly normal but had fly genes deep with in him. Naming the c…

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  • The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about President Koopa from the 1993 live-action film Super Mario Bros..

    President Bowser Koopa is a evil dictator and a ruler of Dinohattan, as well as the archenemy of Mario and Luigi, who wanted to retrieve the meteorite to travel dimensions and wipe out all the mammals extinct so he can rule the dimension.

    When Daisy's mother goes under the sewers of Brooklyn, Koopa appears behind her and interrogates her "where's the rock". She knocks a large piece of wood on him, then rocks fall on her, killing her whilst Koopa survives.

    In Dinohattan, a parallel universe whose inhabitants evolved from dinosaurs, Koopa talks about how the place gets worse everyday and how our dimension is better compared to Dinohattan. He talks about how 65 milli…

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  • The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Chester from Codename: Kids Next Door.

    Chester is a greedy villain who forms a variety of elaborate money-making schemes which all involve killing children.

    He first appeared in "Operation: C.A.M.P.", in which he is the councilor of "Camp Lemmeouttaheah", where kids are brainwashed into making wallets and lanyards for Chester to sell. With the help from their new teammate Bradley and his parents, the KND defeated Chester and set the campers free.

    In "Operation: F.A.S.T.-F.O.O.D.", Chester enacts what is undoubtedly his most despicable plan ever (and possibly the most gruesome operation of any villain in the entire series, and obviously crossed the Moral Event Horizon): opening a fast food restaurant called Burger Frenzy, where k…

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  • The Crazy Terror

    PE Proposal: Dr. Wily

    September 16, 2019 by The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Dr. Wily from Mega Man series.

    Dr. Wily is the main antagonist of the classic Mega Man series. He is a knowledgeable and intellectual scientist and the former college friend and rival of Dr. Light, who strives to conquer the world. In almost all of his appearances, he does this through enlisting an army of Robot Masters to assist with his plans, which are always foiled by his nemesis and Dr. Light's creation, Mega Man.

    Dr. Wily is an archetypal villain who is as cruel and as he is incredibly cunning. He is a skilled liar and manipulator, shown in him convincing a group of Dr. Light's own robots to work for him in Mega Man 9, and having persuaded his enemies into thinking that he has reformed or is on their side multiple times, only…

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  • The Crazy Terror

    A proposal about Ares from DC Extended Universe.

    Ares is the main antagonist of the 2017 DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman. He is the fearsome, manipulative and notorious Greek God of War, son of Zeus and Wonder Woman/Diana Prince's arch-nemesis as well as her half-brother. He is bent on wiping out humanity at any cost via World War I. As the God of War, Ares is an extremely megalomaniacal, egotistical, bloodthirsty, and manipulative mastermind of terrorism and war from the most diabolical kind ever imagined. Actually, Ares represents the ultimate personification of destruction, war, anarchy, chaos and death, and sees nothing more or less than wiping out humanity at any cost with the usage of World War I.

    Ares was born millions of years ago t…

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