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From top to bottom: Fecto Forgo in their larva form, Fecto Forgo in their messy "chimera form", and Fecto Elfilis, their complete form. And this is only half of the main forms they end up taking.

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"You... You dare... Plan ruined. Important plan. Needed labor. Opened vortex. Found workforce. Brought here. And yet? Error made. Irksome, pink contaminant... Careful planning. Now wasted. No more planning. No more patience. Instead... EVERYTHING. SHALL BE. CONSUMED."

Hi VW Community! I haven’t done one of these in.... over 3 months? Well, what can I say, er, type? By now, I’ve simply covered most of the characters I intended to propose and was positive fit the PE criteria, so there’s not a whole lot of characters left I’m eager to make a case for. However, having played through this great new game, including the extra material beyond the main story/campaign, and giving this a lot of thought, I really think we might have a first on our hands; a legitimate PE candidate from the mainline Kirby series. Granted, I feel like if others in the community were as sure as me, someone else would have done this by now since it’s far from an obscure game and has been out for over a month and half now, so evidently there's at least some uncertainty amongst those who know them, and I think I understand why. However, I believe I can make a strong argument for their case, and besides, I’ve covered some potentially subjective characters before, so why should I be scared to do that now? At worst, they’re rejected, and I still helped us get a verdict on a character I think really deserves one. Anyway, read on if you’re interested, but beware if you haven’t played it yet and are averse to spoilers since the subject’s very existence and their role in the plot is the game’s primary plot twist, meaning out of necessity, this blog will cover almost everything spoiler-related to the game.

What’s the work?

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the latest mainline installment in the Kirby video game series starring the famous pink puffball himself, which has been around for roughly 30 years now. Like all the other ones, it’s developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo, but conversely, it has the unique distinction of being the first installment, excluding spin-offs, to be a 3D platformer rather than follow the usual 2D structure. Anyway, the story appears very simple; one day, Kirby’s taking a leisurely stroll through Dream Land on Planet Popstar when suddenly, a dark vortex appears, sucking in many of its residents, including Kirby himself. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a strange, abandoned civilization and learns from a friendly and helpful critter named Elfilin that the native wildlife, collectively known as the Beast Pack, are kidnapping the Waddle Dees for reasons that are not apparent. Naturally, Kirby, being Kirby, ventures out to rescue them, bring them back to the destroyed Waddle Dee Town and get back home safely. Going by the trailers, and even within most of the game’s main story itself, that seems to be all there is to it… until you reach the end, when it becomes clear there’s a far more sinister and dangerous enemy pulling the strings from behind the scenes. And to the surprise of no one, that’s who this is about.

Who are they and what do they do?

Fecto Elfilis, also known as Fecto Forgo and Specimen ID-F86 among other names in its incomplete state, is the true antagonist of the game and the source behind all of its conflict. They’re a malevolent and powerful alien entity that has the power to create dimensional riffs. A long time before the game takes place, it travelled to the titular Forgotten Land back when it was still populated and embarked on a campaign of destruction that threatened all life on the planet, or at least, all of the wildlife on it. However, before it could complete its invasion, it was thankfully thwarted and captured by the research team working at Lab Discovera. After that, they would label them as Specimen ID-F86 and proceeded to study and experiment on it. Thanks to its teleportation abilities, they were able to create technology that allowed them to eventually leave their planet and discover other worlds. Therefore, they got left behind in their capsule at Lab Discovera with only the wildlife of the planet left along with them, hence why it’s in the state it is currently.

However, something else important happened; 30 years after they were initially captured, a “warp-experiment incident” occurred where part of them split off, became a separate being and escaped from the lab. This being was none other than Elfilin, the compassionate and kind being who acts as Kirby’s companion. Meanwhile, the original being, now dubbed Fecto Forgo, sought to rejoin with them at any cost so they could regain their original form and power and resume what they started. To this end, they corrupted the minds of Leon, who was now dubbed Leongar, and the rest of the wildlife on the planet to find a workforce for them, and more importantly, track down Elfilin so they could assimilate him and become complete again. Collectively, the animals of the planet became known as “the Beast Pack”. Using their ability to create dimensional rifts, Fecto Forgo created the vortex that occurs at the beginning of the game and brought many of its residents to the Forgotten Land. They then had the Beast Pack capture hundreds of Waddle Dees and brought to Lab Discovera, and when Kirby arrives there, despite saving many of them by then, hundreds more are shown being forced to constantly run on wheels to power the lab without a break. They also managed to corrupt/brainwash King Dedede into joining the Beast Pack’s ranks, who after initially being encountered and defeated by Kirby, still manages to capture Elfilin and bring him to them.

When Kirby finally makes it to Lab Discovera and is suddenly made aware of this creature’s existence and what it did in the past thanks to an automated message system, he confronts the Beast Pack’s leader, Leongar, who claims that he serves “the Great One”, because he believes they’ll be able to travel to a “land of dreams” just like the people of that planet did once they help them become complete again. After Kirby defeats him in combat, Fecto Forgo, having lost patience with Kirby’s meddling, directly possesses Leongar and announces that they’re abandoning all their careful planning and just flat-out going to consume everything. It then summons a bunch of the Beast Pack members and forcefully assimilates Leongar and all of them into itself so it can take the form of a hideous abomination and give chase to Kirby and Elfilin. Fortunately, they’re still quite unstable and not very powerful in this form, so Kirby defeats them during the ensuing chase without much difficulty; unfortunately, they still manage to snatch up Elfilin and become Fecto Elfilis again, after which they go to the rooftop to engage Kirby in a climactic battle. Kirby still manages to defeat them, however, and Elfilin is freed from their grasp, causing their body to start disintegrating. Furious at being denied again after having just temporarily become whole again, Fecto opens a portal to Planet Popstar so that it and the Forgotten Land will collide into one another purely out of spite. Thankfully, Kirby uses his new Mouthful Mode ability to take control of a large truck, and after dodging or plowing right through a number of obstacles they send their way, he manages to plow right through Fecto, seemingly destroying them.

Unfortunately, the destruction of their body wasn’t enough to destroy them for good. Though both planets are seemingly saved and the majority of the Beast Pack, including Clawroline, are now freed from their control, it is revealed afterwards (at which point, we are now past the main story and into the extra material) that Fecto Forgo’s soul survived and retreated to Isolated Isles: Forgo Dreams, a dream world of their own creation. Still set on resuming its invasion, but changing tactics to do so, they brought Leongar with them and shattered his soul into 300 pieces so that they could use his empty, lifeless body as a vessel to return with, as well as created an army of powerful phantom clones of the Beast Pack to lead. Thankfully, after Kirby and Elfilin notice a strange dimensional rift in Waddle Dee Town that Clawroline found, they’re able to travel there, Kirby defeats their army, and they gather all the pieces of Leongar’s soul and give them back to him. Just as Leongar seems like he’s finally free though, the newly dubbed Soul Forgo comes along and takes direct control of his body to fight them again. Kirby beats them again, after which Soul Forgo tries to take them on directly, only to be absorbed by a butterfly that turns out to be Morpho Knight. Thankfully Kirby defeats them too, and in the aftermath, the Beast Pack returns the pieces of Leongar’s soul to him for good, finally bringing their leader back for real, with Kirby and Elfilin going on to celebrate in Waddle Dee Town with their new friends.

Believe it or not, that’s still not the end of Fecto, or rather, Soul Forgo. After Morpho Knight was defeated, they managed to absorb their power and give themselves a new body, dubbed Chaos Elfilis. More powerful than ever, they confront Kirby at the end of the Ultimate Cup Z, a tough boss rush tournament being held at the Colosseum in Waddle Dee Town, in one last attempt to enact revenge on Kirby (seriously, is this thing persistent or what?). Despite the battle being challenging, Kirby manages to come out on top yet again, and this time, they are destroyed for good, with their soul itself dissolving into particles of light and Elfilin absorbing the last particle of life remaining to become whole again, only now, he’s in control.

Mitigating Factors

At least in the conventional sense, this thing has zilch. It’s a malevolent alien entity that only sought to conquer and/or assimilate any worlds it could simply because it could for power and control, and doesn’t show any care or concern for anyone else. They viewed and treated the Beast Pack as nothing more than pawns to use to become complete again so they could resume what they started, and they didn’t even show any real care for Elfilin, their other half, only wanting to assimilate him to become whole and regain their former power. Also, they may have been captured and experimented on by the Lab Discovera team, as well as left behind by them when they and the rest of the planet’s population left, but in no way is this played for sympathy; they brought in on themselves by attacking their world first and endangering all life on it. And of course, in the usual Kirby tradition, they’re played dead seriously and stand in sharp contrast with most of the rest of this otherwise lighthearted entry as a very dark and dangerous threat.

As much as I’d like to leave it at that, there’s still a couple of other important factors to take into consideration that make this not so straightforward, the first being moral agency, which is especially appropriate since issues with this is one of the, if not the main reason other major threats from this series like Star Dream and Void Termina don’t count. In this specific case, the issue stems from the fact they spend most of the present story separated from Elfilin, who’s basically their capacity for good, meaning an argument can be made for them not literally being able to be empathetic, compassionate, etc. However, here’s why in Fecto Forgo/Elfilis’ case, I don’t think that holds up; first of all, while Elfilin is described as being their “soul”, that’s really not an accurate description. After all, it was because of their actual soul that they survived the destruction of their body at the end of the main story and were able to plot a comeback in the extra segment of the game. Heck, they’re even called Soul Forgo in that form. Therefore, a much more accurate way to describe Elfilin would be that he’s essentially their conscience given a life of their own.

And that’s the thing; even when they were one being as Fecto Elfilis, they acted just as maliciously as they do on their own as Fecto Forgo, like when they initially invaded the Forgotten Land and when they temporarily become whole again at the end of the main story and fight Kirby. So it’s very apparent that they understand the immoral nature of their actions and just don’t care, because even when they literally have a conscience, they completely ignore it. If they only acted maliciously as Fecto Forgo when they don’t have one, I could definitely see that being a prevention, but that’s not the case. If anything, that just drives the point home of how truly malicious and downright evil they truly are; even as one complete being with the capability for compassion and empathy, they’re still just as ruthless and cruel. And that’s not even going into how much personality they show both for a supposedly incomplete being and compared to many of the other more serious, but generic threats Kirby has faced; they’re smart enough to be as manipulative and scheming as the likes of Magolor (pre-redemption, of course) and Marx, show a very strong determination to succeed to the point they continue to plot even after their body’s destroyed, and they tried to destroy two planets of inhabitants at the end of the main story out of what can only be described as spite. Therefore, I really don’t see how the moral agency issues hold up.

The other point I feel I need to address, if only because others seem to have interpreted this in a way that seems rather skewed to me, is what happens at the end of the Ultimate Cup Z upon its final, definitive defeat; according to Chaos Elfilis’ collectible figurine description, the last bit of life remaining willingly returned to Elfilin, which some people seem to have gone out of their way to interpret as it giving up and “graciously accepting defeat”, if not a redemption. I did not get this impression whatsoever; at that point, even their very soul had been destroyed and literally reduced to particles of light. In other words, unlike their first defeat, where their soul was still intact, only a fragment of their bare essence was left, which, as one would expect, still had the primal instinct to reunite with Elfilin since they were still two parts of the same being; it just no longer possessed the malicious intent of the being it previously belonged to. To me, at least, it’s pretty clear the being known as Fecto Forgo, Specimen ID-F86, Soul Forgo, etc. was quite thoroughly destroyed, and at that point, the barest essence of their life was simply liberated and returning where it belonged. The idea that they were still sapient enough to make a conscious decision even after their soul itself was shattered just seems way too farfetched. Besides, I’ve also read that in the original Japanese version, they outright confirm that this particle of light was a reincarnation/rebirth of sorts, meaning they weren’t even the same being anymore; the English version might not be as clear on that, but it doesn’t outright contradict it either. If anything, the fact that it takes the form of a light particle seems pretty telling to me when even as a soul/core, they never looked like that. Anyway, the point is even if you don’t believe the reincarnation explanation, for all the reasons I listed in this paragraph, I just can’t see that as a surrender, let alone a redemption on its part, nor can I see them possibly coming back in the future.


It might not be new for the Kirby series to feature surprisingly dark and vile villains that are threats of some sort to multiple planets, if not the universe, but despite that and its existence only suddenly being revealed near the end of the main campaign, I think Fecto Forgo/Elfilis easily stands out as one of Kirby’s nastiest enemies ever. For starters, most of Kirby’s other most dangerous enemies like Nightmare, Zero/Zero Two, Star Dream, Hyness and Void Termina were all either “generic doomsday villains” with no real personality or motives, had large scale, but likewise, fairly generic goals, or had serious moral agency issues because of genuine insanity (Hyness), faulty programming (Star Dream), or were literally resurrected with dark energy (Void Termina). Because Fecto doesn’t really have any of those issues, the things they do come off as far more intentionally malicious than many of the others. Another important factor is that while they’re a very powerful alien entity in their own right, they’re still not a literal god-like being like some of the others. In particular, the fact they were stopped and captured by the people who used to live in the Forbidden Land without help from someone like Kirby tells me they're almost certainly not as powerful as the likes of some of the Dark Matter villains and Void Termina. So I think the fact they’re a comparably large threat to some of those characters stands out quite a bit; after all, Fecto Elfilis’ collectable figurine states that once they were whole again, they were immediately planning for their next invasion, proving that their attempt to conquer and/or assimilate the Forgotten Land, which we’re explicitly told threatened all the native wildlife on the planet, is a recurring pattern for them, not just a one-time thing.

So as it is, we’ve already got a being that has an MO of conquering and/or assimilating other worlds in a way that we know endangers all life on them. However, there’s also the nature of its methods and personal cruelty, which are practically in a league of its own. This includes forcefully corrupting/brainwashing an entire species of otherwise benevolent creatures into acting on its behalf, enslaving hundreds of Waddle Dees to do manual labor for it, and devouring many of the Beast Pack members when it became angry with Kirby’s interference to take a horrifying physical form and chase after Kirby and Elfilin, complete with the “lovely” imagery of them stuck together within it (even most other Kirby villains have never done anything that awful to their own minions). Then of course, there’s its attempt to collide the Forgotten Land and Planet Popstar together, which obviously would have wiped out everyone on both planets if Kirby and Elfilin hadn’t stopped them; again, they may not be the first Kirby villain to endanger entire planets worth of inhabitants, but I’m pretty sure it’s unique for them to do it solely for a reason as spiteful and petty as trying to get back at Kirby for ruining their plans. The cherry on top is what they do to Leongar; on top of the brainwashing, possessing and assimilating, they literally shattered his soul into hundreds of pieces so they could use his empty body as a vessel. If he hadn’t been saved, he probably would have been condemned to a fate worse than death. So to conclude this section, I think Fecto is easily bad enough in terms of the scale of their actions, as well as the uniquely vile and malicious nature of some of the things they do to accomplish their goals.

Final Verdict

For all these reasons, I’m genuinely convinced the main Kirby series has a real keeper on its hands; unlike many of the others, I really don’t feel like they have any preventions that hold up, they’re easily one of the most actively malicious antagonists in the whole series, a number of their actions are uniquely heinous and make them at least comparable to many of the other worst ones... I don’t think I’m missing anything important. Nonetheless, I’m open to other opinions as long as they’re based on facts and other plausible interpretations; I just hope my opinion is an understandable one. Thanks a lot for reading all the way through and best wishes!