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Hello everyone ! First, I wanna thanks an admin for trusting me enough to put on the whitelist again. Like I said to him, this time is my last chance and if I mess again with users's vote, then I accept to be on the blacklist forever. Well that said, I'll make a proposal about a particulary vile criminal named Patrick Koster.

What's the work

Don't Say a Word is an 2001 movie made by Gary Fleder. It tells the story of a psychiatrist, Nathan Conrad, portrayed by Michael Douglas whose daughter is abducted by a gang of thieves led by Koster. Koster forces Patrick to interrogate a patient suffering from PTSD in order to discover a diamond searched by the gang.

What he is and what he has done

In 1991, Patrick Koster and his gang are waiting outside a building. They want to rob it in order to recuperate a gem whose value is estimated to $10,000,000. The robbing is successfully and made perfectly in time. However, Patrick gets betrayed by two of his men who keep the diamond for themselves. Angered by this betrayal and becoming obsessed to recuperate the diamond, Koster and his loyal henchmen find Russell, one of the traitor in a subway's station in New York City and brutally proceed to interrogate him about the diamond. During that, Koster pushes him in the rails and kicks him with his feet without giving him time for answer the question. Because of that, Russell can't get on the platform in time and get mortally hit by a subway. Unberknowst to the criminals, Russell had a daughter named Elisabeth who have seen all the scene. Elisabeth became traumatized by this event.

Following that, Patrick Koster are condemned to several years of prison. When he is released, he kidnapped the spouse of Dr. Sachs, a coworker of Conrad, forcing him to interrogate Elisabeth, who is interned in the hospital Conrad works. It is revealed during the course of the movie, that she was killed by Patrick even before the delay he gave to Dr. Sachs comes to end. He throws the body of his wife in the Hudson River.

After that, the gang rented an apartment below the one of Dr. Conrad. They kidnapped Dr. Conrad's little daughter Jesse and calls him after and explains him his "rules". He tells him to never contact anybody and to do exactly what he orders him to. Otherwise, Jesse will be killed. He orders Nathan to find Elisabeth and extracts a mysterious number from her. He gives him until 17h00 p.m. He calls then Nathan's wife, Aggie, and tells her to open the TV and watch HBO. This is because he doesn't want Aggie to hear they are just below her. Unfortunately, during this time, Aggie tricks one of the thugs, Max, by singing a western song, knowing the thug likes western. Patrick notices this, slaps the man and threatens the girl. He then goes to the surveillance' system controlled by another man. He deduces she heard Jesse' song because she stopped breathing. The gang then evacuates the apartment and the man who controlled the surveillance system is send to kill Aggie but Aggie sets him up into a trap and kills him.

Dr. Nathan Conrad, on his side, takes Elisabeth into the NYC subway, she then remembers the traumatic event who causes her illness. She also remembers that the number, 815508, is the number from her father's grave on Hart Island and his doll is next to him in the coffin.

Dr. Conrad calls the gang and orders them to retrieve him and Elisabeth on Hart Island and the rules have changed. Nathan and Elizabeth steal a boat to go to Hart Island. The gang members find them in a graveyard and ask Nathan to give them the number they want. Patrick, in his occasion, sadistically taunts Elisabeth about his father. After hitting Conrad and picking his gun he brought with him, he makes him see Jesse. They descends into a kind of bunker.  She explains that she hid in a boat that was carrying her father's coffin for burial at Potter's Field on Hart Island, and the gravediggers put a doll inside. She writes the number on a piece of broken glass. Patrick Koster go to the grave, digs into it but found only a skeleton inside. Angry, he returns to the bunker and threatens Elisabeth to put a ball in her knee if she doesn't give him the right number. However, Conrad tells him because of the cognitive distortion, she inversed the number. The real number is in fact 805518. They go again and they finally find the red ruby. Evidently, Koster orders Max to kill Conrad. But Conrad fights with Max. He eventually overpowers him but spares him. Patrick takes a gun and shoot Max simply for the thrill of it, saying to Nathan he would killed him if Max would take Koster' child. When he was about to kill the psychiatrist, a police officer arrives and they start shooting each others. Another Koster's thug is killed in the shooting. Koster and Nathan fights together and Nathan again overpowers him. Having him at gunpoint, Dr. Conrad asks Patrick if he's sure he's not like him. He shows him the ruby and asks him if this is worth his life. The criminal says yes without hesitation. Then Patrick throws it into the grave, tells him to search for it and kicks him with his feet into it. Patrick, still bent on killing the hero, takes Max's gun (whose body fell too into the grave) and tries to shoot Dr. Conrad. The doctor, noticing an excavation machine nearby, activates it. The machine buries Patrick alive in the grave.

Mitigaging factors

Apparently, at the beginning, he was a criminal with much more conscience and he treated his men better, seen when he spared the people in the building he robbed in order to get the gem. However, this is clearly not an excuse as while he wanted it for having $10,000,000 in a quick way, nothing in the movie suggested he did this out of desperation or need for something. So, he did that for selfish motives and nothing else.

Except that, none.

Heinous standards

He is the main villain in the movie and he sets the standards of the movie. For his men, one can argue than Max seemingly develop a bit of sympathy for Jesse, although this is debatable. For Dolen, the guy who takes care of the surveillance system, he's a bit funny although he tried to kill Aggie. But in short, while also ruthless criminals, his henchmen do not act independantly of him, acting directly out of his orders. They don't have much personality aside their roles. Also, Russell who betrayed Koster in the beginning is seen genuinely loving his daughter Elisabeth, protecting her by hiding her when they are chased by the gang at the subway's station. The other guy is never seen after the betrayal, so the worst he did was robbery.

Patrick is set apart from them because he is loyal to no one, in comparaison to them who are totally devoted to him. He is also more than a classic kidnapper because not only he planned to kill Nathan, Jesse and Elisabeth even after he got the ruby but he also disrespected his deal with Dr. Sachs by killing his wife by breaking her neck before the time comes to the end. And here's his most heinous act according to me : when he killed his own henchman Max after the latter was overpowered hy the hero, it was even not because he was enraged at his failure but just for the sadistic thrill of it, to taunt Nathan he is not like him. This is proof he is far above the others in term of evilness.

Final Verdict

For me, it's a yes full stop. What do you think about that?

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