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Judging by his smile, this guy is clearly a psycho for hire

It's been a while since I haven't done a proposal and a removal at the same time.

What’s the work

Jonah Hex is a 2010 movie based on the eponymous superhero of DC Comics. After being tied and forced to watch his family burned to death, Hex is about to die, but an Amerindian tribe takes and manages to save his life. However, he acquires supernatural powers allowing him to communicate with the undead. He becomes a bounty hunter and has the mission of stopping his archenemy Turnbull who wants to wreak havoc on the centenary of USA.

Who he is and what he has done

Burke is the right-hand of Turnbull and the one putting the fire on the house where Hex’s family was, putting a sadistic smile while doing so.

In the present, he puts dynamite on a railroad and after Turnbull detaches the train, Burke explodes the part containing the passengers.

Burke goes to Charleston with Turnbull to search for the equipment of the stolen cannon. He goes to the building containing orange bullets capable of reducing the world into dust, kills all the soldiers here, and takes a survivor with shoulder boards to Turnbull, who kills him after he asked to let go the innocent people.

He is after seen in Fort Resurrection with his boss who tells him a story about the cannon he stolen. After Hex appeared, Burke chases him with a group of men. They spread out to better search him. After a moment, Burke spots and tries to shoot him. Another man does the same but Burke prevents him to shoot more, as they are surrounded with boxes full of dynamites. Burke sees the weakened Hex and taunts him by saying he will “bring his balls to Turnbull in a snuffbox”. He humiliates him even more by telling her to get up. Hex tries to shoot Burke but misses and his bullet goes into a dynamite box. Burke laughs and goes to get some dynamite to blow up Jonah but Jonah runs away, much to his surprise.

The next day, he is ordered by Turnbull to search for him and bring back someone Hex loves. Burke accepts. He pays a visit to Lilah, Hex’s love interest. He enters her house and takes out his dagger, touching her throat, but Lilah snatches the weapon from his hands and slaps him. Burke, frustrated, slaps her back. He takes her and walks back to Turnbull's side.

Guarding the boat Turnbull is on, Burke sees Jonah and begins a fight against him. Incapacitating him for a moment, Burke lights a torch and goes to hit Hex with it. But Hex stands up, avoid Burke’ hits and pushes him against a wall. The evil man takes his knife and tries to stab Jonah, who avoids it, and they still fight a moment. Burke incapacitates Jonah again and taunts him about his scarred face. However, Hex uses his supernatural power to ignite his hand and hits Burke’s face with it, as a retaliation. Burke is grabbed and killed by the boats’ propeller by Hex in his ex-wife’s name. Oh, and to conclude everything, he revives him and burns him again in his son’s name.

Mitigating factors

None. He is under Turnbull’ orders, but his relation with him is purely professional.


Burke is not the main antagonist. This role belongs to Quentin Turnbull. He serves also Turnbull for the great part, if not the whole movie. Nevertheless, I think Burke may stand out because he is incredibly proud and sadistic about it. In addition, he is the one who put the fire on Hex’s house, fully knowing his wife and son are trapped inside and putting a sadistic smile in response. He is also the one who make explode a wagon full of passengers while humming as if it was a quiet day. Finally, he is the direct responsible for the death of the soldiers guarding the orange bullets. So, I think all these elements may match up against Turnbull’s more prominent role.

Except Turnbull who doesn’t count in my opinion because he still cares for his son Jeb, the others antagonist are Turnbull’ minions who don’t have enough personality given, and Adleman Rusk, a corrupt aristocrat who helps the villains in their scheme, but doesn’t do anything besides giving some information.