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No wonder why Stewart was afraid of this character

I get another Patrick Stewart's candidate to discuss.

What's the work

Green Room is a 2015 thriller borderline horror movie starring the late Anton Yelchin in one of his last performances and Patrick Stewart. The movie is about the misadventures of a punk rock group called The Ain’t Rights. The group tries to pierce in the music field but unfortunately fails. After a concert in Portland, the music group accepts another contract in a remote bar in the forest. They quickly find out it is a skinhead bar. However, they perform rather well. After this, one of the group’ members goes in the backstage because he has forgotten his cellphone. He sees a girl, Emily, who was just murdered by a Werm, a skinhead from the Cowcatchers, a skinhead group. And the problem begins. All the members are locked into the backstage. Worst, the bar’s owner, Darcy Banker, is determined to do whatever it takes to get rid of the witnesses.

Who is he and what he has done

Informed of the incident, he arrives at his bar by his truck. Two loyal volunteers fake a fight with a knife to wound themselves and surrender to the arriving policeman. After the cops leave, Darcy informs his gang that the musicians cannot be left alive because there are too many people who meet the murderer. The Cowcatchers had a concert just before the Ain't Rights and Darcy suspects that some spectators could have filmed Werm with their phones, and because of that, the cops’ investigation will lead to them. Indeed, Darcy is also a local drug dealer and doesn’t want his business to be discovered.

He goes behind the door of the backstage and tells the Ain’t Rights that he is the owner. The musicians manage to take the gun from Big Justin, the neo-Nazi who is holding them back. When the girl in the group, Sam, asks him why the police aren't there, Darcy assures us that he just wants to see if no one else is hurt. Big Justin is attacked by the group and overpowered. Pat, the group leader, tells Darcy that they prefer to wait for the police. Darcy pretends to agree. He announces to his men that they will kill them in the bar and that afterwards, they will make up the scene.

He asks Clark, another member, who is a breeder to bring his pit bull dogs. Searching for another skinhead, Daniel, to help him take down the troublesome band, he finds him in his car. He orders him to take four Red Laces (loyal skinheads) with him to do the dirty work.

Darcy goes in the stage of his bar and explains to the spectators that his meter broke off and the party is over. He proposes them to come back the next week with free entrance, who makes rejoice the skinhead people there and they leave the bar.

Werm, along with his whole group, is sent to a shelter while the gang tries to settle the case. Darcy offers them free drugs, but in reality, it is poisoned.

Darcy returns to the backstage and negotiates with the group band to convince them that the only reason for their detention is this gun, which should not be in the possession of the police. He warns them that if they don’t give up the gun, the situation could get tenser.  He assures them that he is alone. Pat accepts by giving the balls first, opens the door and prepares to hand the gun to Darcy when he sees the feet of another gang member. They close the door just in time but Pat is severely injured in the arm. The Neo-Nazi tells them coldly that it will be finished soon.

The night falls and Darcy goes outside with his companions and orders Clark to release his attack dogs. Ordering the renovator to come tomorrow to replace pieces in contact with the dead, he says to Francis that a brawl happened and that Emily is seriously injured. Inside the bar, the members of the group are attacked by the dog. Amber, a skinhead who joined the group, manages to make it flee thanks to the sounds of a micro. Unfortunately, one of the members of the group, Tiger, is fatally injured because the dog bite him to the throat. Another member of the group, Sleece, manages to escape through a window but is spotted and killed with a machete by the supremacists. When Darcy sees that he is still alive, he orders his second Gabe to let him bleed because the later he dies, better it is. Big Justin is stabbed in the stomach by Amber.

Darcy wants Clark to send other dogs but Francis proposes himself to finish them. He bursts into the locker room, but Amber tells him the truth about the real killers and the motive. Emily was killed because she wanted to leave the group with Daniel. He agrees to help the hostages and together they try to break through again. Daniel and Sam are killed by a bartender in ambush who is immediately killed after by Pat, Amber is hit in the leg and Sam is killed by another dog.

Meanwhile, searching in Daniel’s car, Darcy finds a baseball bat in the trunk, who apparently was used to commit a crime. He kisses Gabe and proclaims that Werm’s crime saved the whole band because by murdering Emily, he prevented her and Francis leaving with incriminating evidence who could get him and the Neo-Nazi exposed.

The dawn rises and Darcy sends two skinheads to finish off Pat and Amber, leaves Gabe to cover his tracks and promotes him Red Laces, saying that he deserved them. He suggests to find another band for the future because he “fears for the dependence of the members of Werm’s band” and with the others goes to his home to stage a version of the Musicians' death for the police: the alleged victims broke into Darcy's house to steal and have been attacked by guard dogs.

Much to his surprise, Pat and Amber are alive and arrive in his property while he is making the scene with one of his minions. The duo are holding Clark and another skinhead at gunpoint. Clark and the other Neo-Nazi are killed, Darcy tries to flee while his minion grabs his gun. Darcy and his man are killed right after.

Mitigating factors

Of course, Darcy tries to get rid of witnesses to a crime committed in his bar, and therefore to protect his business. Some will think he's just pragmatic. However, I believe he does this in a much more cruel way than needed. I think he could have just accused Werm of murder, sent him to jail, and moved his stock to a safe place to hide the drug from the police while they get a search warrant for his bar. Instead, he tries to kill all the Cowcatchers’ members and the Ain’t Right members.

He has a tendency to be act in a fatherly way with his minions, suggesting he cares about them but this is only a façade, as he does not battle an eyelid when his minions are killed by the heroes.


He is the main antagonist of the movie and nobody reaches his level of heinousness. All the Neo-Nazis seen in the movie are acting under his orders. Gabe eventually joins with Pat, having enough of Darcy. Werm, who is the closest to Darcy according to me, has only one murder. This is not a big thing compared to Darcy’s high bodycount, who is seven, plus 2 more attempted.

This and his way is more cruel than necessary to cover his tracks by murdering friends and foe alike when he could do this in a more bloodless manner, which is send Werm and his band to prison and moving his business in a safer place. Even then, the way of murder are with dogs combat and machetes, which is, I’d say, a barbaric way of murder.

Final verdict

Not the worst ever but I think he counts. What do you think about this?