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Grim Reaper is visiting with you Today, let's see why this guy counts in this category according to me.

What's the work

Heat is a 1995 crime movie directed by Michael Mann and starring Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. The film is about a group of professional thieves who are investigated by a disillusioned cop after they fails an armed heist. It is based on a telefilm named L.A Takedown done by the same director.

What he has done

Needing an additional man to realize the heist, the team led by Neil McCauley hires a new partner, Waingro, an individual who turns out to be endowed with a "mad dog" temperament.

During the robbery planned in great detail by McCauley and his men, Waingro loses control and kills one of the van guards. The robbery ends in a bloodbath, the other guards are also killed. The thieves, who did not touch the money in the van, stole an envelope containing bearer bills worth $ 1.6 million belonging to a crooked financier, Roger van Zant.

Following this heist which ended badly, McCauley and his team decide to eliminate Waingro, because of his responsibility in the carnage as well as for his blatant lack of reliability. As they prepare to shoot him down in a parking lot, a police patrol distracts then and thereby allows Waingro to escape. Looking for him, the robbers cannot find him.

Moving on, McCauley - on the advice of his receiver Nate - contacts Roger Van Zant in order to sell him his own bearer bonds which, being insured, will still earn him a profit if he buys them back. Van Zant accepts the deal and gives him a date, but only sends a team of killers to take out McCauley. The latter, on his guard, comes to the rendezvous protected by his men, and Van Zant's operation fails. McCauley then recontacts Van Zant by phone and tells him that he is a dead man.

After that, he is seen with a prostitute with whom he had sex with. He kills her in cold-blood under the pretext she had not tell the truth about the sex. He then goes in a bar and offers his services to the barman, who recommend him Van Zant scared by the death threats. Waingro happily accepts, seeing a perfect occasion of take revenge on McCauley.

Waingro goes to the house of Trejo, one of McCauley' complices, and forces him to reveal his whereabouts by holding his wife at gunpoint. When the latter does so, he kills the wife and mortally wounds Trejo. Learning that the crew are preparing a bank robbery, he informs them to the police.

After, he hides in a hotel, where he is found and killed by a vengeful McCauley.

Mitigating factors

He works and seems loyal to Van Zant but it is pretty clear he does this to take his revenge on McCauley because his crew and himself wanted to kill him...because Waingro killed a van guard for absolutely no reason, forced them to kill the rest and made them indirectly responsible for murder.

Without that, none.

Heinous standards

Being a gangster movie, the heinous standards is high. However, I feel Waingro goes easily beyond that. I will compare him to the others characters.

  • Neil McCauley, despite being a professional thief, is genuinely polite towards others when he is off, has a code of honor consisting of never harming innocents peoples and truly cares for his fellows. He also fell in love with a woman named Eddy altough he reluctantly abandonned her he sees Hannah pursuing him
  • Neil crew may be ruthless gangsters but they care for each others, have wives which they love and was legitimely disgusted when Waingro shooted the guard just for the pleasure.
  • Roger Van Zant is a corrupt businessman who wanted to kill McCauley and his team to send a message to the criminals to not steal any money from him but that was his worst act.

Waingro goes beyond them in term of heinousness because not only he did not have a reason to kill the guard but it is revealed at some point in the movie that beside being a thief and murderer, he is a serial killer targeting prostitutes for no reason. A coroner accompaning Hannah when they discovered the dead prostitute say the killing was seen before (her skull was crushed).

Final Verdict

Definitely yes for me.

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