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You can see in his eyes he is ravaged by grief in the inside.

It's been a while since I haven't done a proposal and a removal at the same time.

What’s the work

Jonah Hex is a 2010 movie based on the eponymous superhero of DC Comics. After being tied and forced to watch his family burned to death, Hex is about to die, but an Amerindian tribe takes and manages to save his life. However, he acquires supernatural powers allowing him to communicate with the undead. He becomes a bounty hunter and has the mission of stopping his archenemy Turnbull who wants to wreak havoc on the centenary of USA.

Who he is and what he has done

Quentin Turnbull was a Southern general and boss of Jonah Hex. Together, they raided many places. One day, Turnbull ordered his son Jeb and Jonah to burn a hospital. Hex, revolted by the idea of killing innocents, rebels and kills Jeb. In retaliation, Turnbull ties Hex to a post and forced him to watch his wife and children burn to death in his house. To add more, Turnbull marks Hex to have him remember of the man who took everything he has.

Turnbull, knowing Hex will eventually search for him, played a trick against him and apparently died in a hotel fire.

Needless to say, his death was faked and in the present, he broke into the U.S Armory in Virginia and a week later, attacked a train to steal a cannon which was on one wagon. He orders his men to burn everything and to give an honorable burial to his two men dead in the operation.

Turnbull then goes to Charleston to get the trigger devices for the cannon he stole. Adleman Lusk, the man in charge is hesitant at first and says he has helped him enough. But Turnbull knocks over the glasses and the decanter of liquor and he threatens the man that the United States will not cross the centennial and that he will suffer severe consequences if he does not do as he says. The man gives in to the threat.

Turnbull goes with Burke and his other men into the armory after killing all the soldiers guarding it. A survivor is brought before Turnbull and he begs Turnbull to spare the innocents. Turnbull coldly tells him that there are no innocents and kills him at close range.

In Fort Resurrection, Turnbull tells to Burke the story of the cannon, revealed to be called “the Nation Killer”. He affirms he will use it against the USA the 4th July so the country will be burned to ashes. Soon later, he sees his enemy Hex coming for me and orders his men to kill him. He then flees with his horse.

The next day, Burke announces him Hex escaped. Turnbull immediately orders his men to leave Fort Resurrection and Burke to find someone Hex loves and bring this person before him.

From the top of a mountain, Turnbull fires cannonballs at a small village on the flank. He then fires an orange ball, blowing up the whole village and killing all his inhabitants.

On the night of the Independence Day, Turnbull embarks onto a boat with Lusk and they celebrate their achievement and the fact that soon, Washington DC will be reduced to ashes. Lusk says he will hang if Turnbull doesn’t succeed and he wants to avoid it, but Turnbull shoots him in the head, telling him to consider it avoided.

He then meets his men and announces them Washington will burn and the war will be made against the USA. However, he sees his old enemy Hex starring at him. To dissuade him, Turnbull grabs Lilah, who was brought on the boat by Burke, and puts a knife on her throat. Insulting Jonah by calling him a soft and a coward, he gives him the choice to either surrender himself or to watch Lilah die. Hex reluctantly concedes and says to Turnbull that “Jed says hi.” A man points his gun at Hex, but Turnbull orders to keep him alive to watch the USA burn.

The boat gets underway and sails on the Potomac. The coast guards came to meet him and arrested Turnbull and his men for high treason. Not perturbed in the slightest, Turnbull bombs the boat with the Nation Killer, before exploding it with an orange bullet. He heads to Washington to bomb the city. Hex, who was tied with Lilah (in fact a nickname of her, as her real name is Tallulah), escapes with her help. Hex fights the men in charge of the cannon. Turnbull attacks him from behind and they both fall down to the machine room. Hex is wounded by Turnbull hitting him several times with his cane, but with the help of memories of Turnbull taunting him, manages to stand up and stuck Turnbull’s neck in the cannon’s machine. Hex intercepts the orange bullet aimed for Washington and throws him on Turnbull’s boat, destroying it and killing Turnbull in the process.

Why he doesn’t count in my opinion

It is because of his first scene. He flats out tells that Jonah killed his son Jed, thus destroying everything Quentin loves. So, Turnbull has Hex’s family burned to do the same Hex did to him. In the middle of the film, Hex resuscitates Jeb to have Turnbull’ whereabouts. During this, Jeb informs he and Turnbull share the same trait to pay the world for their own pain. This strongly suggests Turnbull is still affected by Jeb’s death.

Now, some may think Turnbull subverts this redeeming quality when Hex taunts him about his son 2 times.  The first one is when he holds Turnbull at gunpoint at a certain distance when he goes away on his horse and says “Sorry Jeb”. Turnbull doesn’t answer and just leaves. The second time is when Jonah taunts Turnbull by saying “Jeb says hi” because he doesn’t react angrily.

I think, however, these 2 scenes are too vague to say he outright subverts it. He could also have just not heard anything in the first scene. Indeed, Hex was a bit far from Turnbull when he said these words. For the second scene, he could as well ignoring Hex’ taunts no not play into his game.  If he would’ve said something like “I don’t care about Jeb anymore”, it would be one thing, but just ignoring him and stopping his man to shoot Hex so he will have to watch Turnbull destroying USA isn’t enough for me to say he completely forgets about Jeb.