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I wish you a very happy Christmas to you all folks. Today, I want to present a villain I'm wondering if he truly counts or no as Pure Evil. I'm not sure myself hence why I do a removal instead of a usual proposal.

Who is the villain?

Miles Jackson is an Irish professional terrorist and ruthless criminal. When the movie begins, he already has a long rapsheet such as exploding a flight and beheading his own brother because of his failure. First, he meets with a FBI's informant to make an exchange of weapons, Miles holding the informant's brother in hostage. However, the informant betrays the FBI and takes Miles away in order to recuperate his brother. Miles, fearing the informant would later turn on him, tricks him by giving a fake number to call his brother. He reveals he already took care of his brother and kills the mole. Later, he joins his girlfriend Erica and plans to flee with her to start a new life in New Caledonia but the two are spotted and chased by the movie's hero the cop Danny Fisher and his partner. The duo are eventually caught and surrenders to the cops. Erica, trying to escape are hit by a truck. Miles, seeing this and affected, swears revenge to Danny, holding responsible for all this.

A year later, Danny is in his home, arranging a pipe who is broken and receives a mysterious call. The caller is Miles, revealing he managed to escape from prison and he kidnapped Danny's girlfriend Molly. Fisher must succeeds at 12 rounds or Molly will die. The first and second rounds are already done, being exploding Fisher and Molly's house and holding Molly in hostage. In the third round, Danny is supposed to find a cell phone. He succeeds and is instructed to go to a locker at a certain time in New Orleans Savings and Loan (in fire), which he must inquire about. He must pick up two deposit boxes. The fifth round consists of ridding of one of the boxes which was a bomb and open the other which contains clue about the next round. It leads to Monteleone hotel, in which Danny finds photos of Molly and hints that Miles is still at the hotel. Danny approaches Willie; a hotel employee who knew about the whereabouts of Miles. However, they are on a evelator and it suddenly doesn't work anymore. Shortly thereafter, he receives the message that he must decide in the sixth round whether he or Willie will survive this round because in 60 seconds, the elevator will fall. Fisher has the choice of saving himself or let Willie go. But Danny climbs to the top of the elevator and succeeds making Willie clim with him. But when Fisher jumps ona windows nearby, the elevator falls 5 seconds earlier than planned. Besides Danny, the FBI is also hot on Miles. So they comb through the hotel, but only find the clue for the seventh round, after which Danny finds Molly, who was armed with an explosive device by Miles in a New Orleans's city bus. Despite the support of the FBI and a command of snipers, Miles and Molly manage to escape again after a sniper tries to shoot Miles without success. For the next round, Miles distributed several explosive devices around town that Danny should find before they explode. Jackson responds and tells him that his call has disabled the brakes on tram 907. In "Round 9" Fisher and Santiago run their car into the transformer, cutting off power to the entire neighborhood. They put the car in front of the tram, pushing people back until the tram finally stops.

In the meantime, Danny's partner Hank can track down Miles' cellmate who helped him to escape, who has since been released. When he visits him, they are both killed by a bomb planted by Miles.

Danny has seventeen minutes for the final round, as that would be when Miles' girlfriend died. However, as the detective couldn't have won every round, he realizes that Miles has a very different plan than getting revenge. All of the numbers in the Round 8 was linked to the tram and they find out that Jackson tricked them into shutting off the power because Homewood Security, a company which Willie had a second job transfers federally unprotected money from the United States Mint to New Orleans. He planned and does a robbery of money, disguised as a security guard and using Willie's alias. He even hijacked a rescue helicopter, planning to take Molly with him as he needs a health's professional to escape. Danny climbs aboard with a daring jump, overwhelms Miles and jumps out of the helicopter with Molly, which then blows up with Miles.

Possible mitigating factors

What makes me doubt about Miles is his relationship with Erica. Their rapports in the car are one of a genuine loving pair and one can see he is genuinely distraught by her death when she is hit by a truck. While it is true he is using revenge as a cover to steal money, he seems still affected by Erica's death. This is shown when Fisher tells Miles he regrets what happened to her, he emotionnally tells him to see her in the graveyard and telling her that in person. Although I admit this could be interpreted as faking from his part, trying to manipulate Danny while he does his own nefarious plan. But still, the fact he chose Danny and not another random cop to do his "12 rounds" implies deep down he wanted (at least partially) to avenge his girlfriend. Sure one can say he just wanted to cover his true intentions by choosing him but I doubt he would give himself all this trouble only for his greed, especially given how intelligent he is. Otherwise, he would just complicate himself life for nothing.

Final verdict

I am undecided personally. I can see him in both way. This is more of a survey rather than a convinced removal of my part.

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