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Hi everyone. This is my first removal of the year. So let's see what is that about.

What's the work?

Harry Brown is a 2009 British movie starring Michael Caine. The movie is about an elderly retired Marine who has a sad life in London. Having lost his young daughter, his wife is dying. His only contact is an old friend named Larry, with whom he regularly plays chess in a local bar. Unfortunately for him, things get worse. His wife died and his friend is harassed by a gang of chavs. Leonard (Len) already reported this to the police but they did not follow it up. Deciding to take the matter into his own hands, Larry confronts the gang in their lair and ends up killed by them. Harry is devastated by that when cops announces him Larry's murder. The police arrests the criminals but unsccessfully interrogates them. Worst, the lab analyzed the murder's weapon and they relieved Len's fingerprints, suggesting the weapon belonged to him. With that, the gang can be acquitted because of self-defense. Harry, refusing to let this crime being unpunished and right after being agressed, becomes a vigilante man and goes to confront the thugs.

Who is he?

Noel Winters is the apparent leader of the chavs in the movie. He resides in the same estate Harry resides and he is frequently in the tunnel in front, misbehaving with his friends. He, along with the gang, harrasses Leonard simply for the sake of it. When Leonard decides to confront them, the gang severely beats him and Noel stabs him with the knife Leonard brought with to defend himself, killing him. And for good measure, Karl, the second of the gang, urinates on him. Noel is arrested in his home with the rest of his gang and interrogated by the police. Naturally, he is really uncooperative and provocative, denying the murder (calling even Leonard : "Freddy Kruger") and sexually harassing the female detective Alice Frampton, threatening to rape her.

Later, after torturing another gang's member Marky, Harry goes to the tunnel with Marky in front of him tied to a leash so the members cannot see him. Noel is there with Karl and after hesitation, Karl decides to shoot in the dark, accidentally killing Marky. Karl is shooted by Harry and Noel flees in fear. He goes to hide in the bar of his uncle Sid Rourke, the real gang's leader. But Harry also enters in the bar with Frampton and his assistant cop to escape riots outside. Sid owns indeed the local bar where Harry spends his free time. Frampton reveals to Harry that Sid is the uncle of Noel. Shocked by this revelation, Harry goes in the basement where Sid is, and confronts him about Leonard's cowardly murder, revealing the video Marky shoted (Harry took that from him during the interrogation). However, Harry has an emphysema attack, allowing Sid to slowly take his gun and hitting him. Then Noel goes upstairs, finds Frampton calling for help and proceeds to savagely beats her. Sid appears with Harry, throwing in the floor, and reprimands his nephew for taking reckless risks. Sid suggests to Noel they kill them both in the bar and throwing them outside so everybody will think they were killed in the riots. Seeing Frampton's assistant unconscious but alive, he kills him by cutting him the air. When the cop dies, Rourke orders Noel to kill Frampton, which he is about to do with sadistic glee but a wounded Harry proceeds to take a gun hidden in his shoe and shoots him in the neck, killing him instantly.

Is he extremely evil? Pretty much but...

Why I think he doesn't count

Two things I noticed that makes me doubt about him being Pure Evil. The first thing is the heinousness. The heinous standard of the movie is insanely high, Gran Torino looks like a Disney movie in comparison. Thereby all hideous acts Noel did was also commmited by at least another character in the movie. Like him, his uncle Sid also harms a senior by trying to kill Harry. But unlike Noel, he failed as he was killed by snipers. And his others acts particularly heinous, his attempted murder of a woman cop and his earlier rape's threat, is equalized by Stretch's treatment of his girlfriend. Stretch, a horrible drug and weapon dealer, drugs his girlfriend constantly, rapes her and films himself in the process. He even offers Harry, who had come to buy a gun, to have sex if he wants, all that while she is drugged and unconscious. So, Noel's acts are, I think, equalized by all these and this may make Noel not the worst of the work.

The second thing is more ambiguous but still is important according to me. In one scene, when Noel's hideout is revealed, Sid tells him to get out. Noel gets out and points a gun towards Harry. Sid tells him to put it down but Noel angrily refuses, telling Harry is the one who killed Marky and Karl. This implies he genuinely values them as his friends rather than just pawns or professionnal partner. This is further suggested during the shootout in the tunnel, when Karl and Marky are killed, Noel is visibly shocked and angrily tries to shoot the assailant (albeit he flees from the scene but only after his friends's deaths).

Final verdict

Without a doubt NPE, but because of these two elements, I would not say he is Pure Evil.

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